Friday, September 18, 2020



This is my first time trying out jumpsuit from FEELINGIRLDRESS. The service is great with friendly staff and the parcel arrived just in time for the special occasion. I decided on this black white stripes design wholesale jumpsuits as it is sleeveless, wide leg and comes with a self-tie belt. The material is very comfortable to wear since its 95% Polyester with 5% Spandex. This jumpsuit is suitable for casual wear, beach wear or any special occasion. Thus, I would highly recommend this super comfy jumpsuit and this website if you are looking for any jumpsuit.

The second item I bought is this Pinkish Highest Compression Double belts Waist Cincher Rubber. This belt features a front zipper that keeps a tight fit around your waist to achieve the long-lasting waist-cinching effect as you lose weight with elastic sticker straps for easy adjustment and secure closure around the abs. Its zipper is of smooth design which is easy to wear and take off. Besides that, it also comes in adjustable Double Belts Velcro design that allows flexible tight fitting and 7 steel bones which provides high compression. This cheap waist trainer stimulates thermal activity in your core which increases perspiration, allowing toxins to escape. There is a layer of belt attached for waist firming control, flattening the stomach and tummy slimming. Its core is made of elastic thick fabric latex which helps with weight loss, waist sculpturing and shaping. For those who are looking for postpartum recovery, back support and reduce waistline, this Compression Double Belt is the one for you. Combined with pink colour, this will give the wearer the ummpphh motivated feeling.


 This Red Hot One Shoulder Ruffles Dress is the ideal piece that one should have in wardrobe. Paired it up with bright-coloured high pump with statement accessories and you will be the centre of attraction. Or keep it simple with sleek heels and you still look elegant and chic. With its polyester and spandex material, this will show off the body curve yet still giving stylish appearance. For this, you can get from at valueable price with great service.


Friday, March 6, 2020

Hello Kitty All Around The World

Hi, I'm back!! I miss my blog so much,
gone for almost a year. 
Finally took some time to update my dusty blog.

Almost 2 years! These was brought back to me from Singapore.
Thanks to my beloved sister ♥
I think I left out some items for individual photo shooting.
I just wanna clean up my photo gallery in my phone, so I will upload here
and then I can delete the photos in my phone.

Hello Kitty Bath Sponge from Singapore.

Hello Kitty Food Tong from Singapore.
If I'm not wrong,this is from Kai Kai shop in Singapore.
It is a Sanrio licensed shop in Singapore.

Hello Kitty Hand Sanitiser from Taiwan.
My sis grabbed for me during her trip to Taiwan.

Hello Kitty Disposable Face Mask from Taiwan too.

Hello Kitty Butter & Chocolate Cookies, Baker Brothers X Hello Kitty Classic Egg Rolls,
Phoenix Egg Rolls with Seaweed all from Singapore.

Darlie X Hello Kitty Ceramic Bowl(complete set) from Singapore.

Got this 醉月 X Hello Kitty Cherry Blossom Wine from my sister last last year :P
She went to Taiwan holiday adn happened to saw this.

The wine glass,wine bottle and the packaging box all also 
very sweet & nice!

Especially when it is in my favourite color ♥

Hello Kitty Screwdriver Set.
How can a mechanic be so cute!! Haha!!

Hello Kitty 45th Anniversary Collectible Bucket and Tumbler Cup
from Golden Village Singapore.

Hello Kitty Carrier from McDonald's Singapore.
But also launched later in McDonald's Malaysia.

Melissa X Hello Kitty Limited Edition shoes which I got from
Melissa store in Singapore. As always, my sis is a great helper!

And then later on last year, I grab the sandal too.
Melissa Ad Hello Kitty Sandal. This is a birthday gift from myself to myself :P

Hello Kitty & My Melody X KissHop Moisturising Lipbalm from Singapore.

Hello Kitty Chocolate Tin from Singapore.

Hello Kitty Wooden Clip & Container from Singapore.
Sorry for not sharing the exact location, as I didn't asked my sister 
the shop name or the location in Singapore.
Normally during her rest day, she went out window shopping
and once she saw Hello Kitty, she took picture and sent to me
 asking me wanna buy or not.

I was always too excited and didn't even think of asking her from which shop.

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