Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Hello Kitty Cute Kitchen Stuff

Today's post is all about Hello Kitty kitchen stuff.
I have a very small kitchen room only,very very simple without any renovation or installed cupboards. Therefore, I seldom(or never) take picture of my house to upload to social media. Besides this reason,another reason is because house is kind of personal thing, I think. So,won't reveal my house too much in social media. Privacy :)

Thanks to Mr Hubby for always supporting me financially. This time sponsor me a few Hello Kitty kitchen stuff. There is still a few Hello Kitty racks for my kitchen,on its way to Malaysia. I'm so so so happy that I'm able to decorate my kitchen Hello Kitty.

Had always wanted nice cute Hello Kitty container and found it! This Hello Kitty Interlock Storage Containers is 1 set, 2 small,2 medium & 1 long. I'm selling this,I have ready stock. It is restocked back as 1st batch selling way too fast. 

Original from Korea.But with an affordable price. RM80/set only.
Fyi, I don't use fake thing ok..Especially Hello Kitty stuff.
I don't sell out of shape so-called Hello Kitty :P

Even the box packaging is so sweet in pink.

Each container can be easily stacked too. And you can turn left to lock 1 container to another. Space saving concept. Interested may contact me to get yours :) Don't be late till sold out.

My new Hello Kitty kitchen tissue roll holder. Suitable for kitchen long tissue. This one is to replace my old red one. I had sold it out as pre-loved item. Gonna got all kitchen stuff in pink & Hello Kitty now. Trying my best. Bless me!

Hello Kitty hanging cups holder. Too bad not all my cups are Hello Kitty.
Maybe will try buy in the future.

If you are interested,I'm doing pre-order for both of this. Didn't bring in ready stock because the price not cheap, and with nowadays Malaysia's economic, not many will buy it. People is searching for cheap stuff >.< 

 I normally shopping with my supplier. Only if I can't find the supplier for the item I want,then I'm force to buy from other online seller or shop. Therefore, you may contact me if you interested at any Hello Kitty items. Just send me pics and I can help find for you. Sure give you a very reasonable price. 

Monday, August 21, 2017

Hello Kitty from Japan

Okay,so this post had been postponed near 1 month.
That's because I had been going out recently :P or back to Kuantan,
finally I managed to stay at home on weekend and took photo of the Hello Kitty I got from Japan.
There is a Japan personal shopper who is Malaysian, but staying in Japan.
If you interested to buy anything from Japan, you may find her. You may contact her via
She ships worldwide,not only to Malaysia.
This time I bought 3 items only. I madly in love with this Hello Kitty, they called it roombox. That's the comparison of the Hello Kitty roombox with my youngest daughter. So big,right!! 

Before buying, I was struggling whether to buy Hello Kitty or My Melody. I hope to get both of them as My Melody also cute! Especially it is in fully pink. Lastly I chose Hello Kitty as I think I should get Kitty. I'm still thinking what to put in this roombox. Do you have any suggestion?

The 2nd item I got for myself is Schick Intuition X Hello Kitty shaver from Japan. The one selling in Malaysia is not Hello Kitty. Just a normal one. I still haven't use this,still using the old one. Kind of like not willing to use it,too love it. Oh,yes! I'm a Schick Intuition user. Frankly saying, I have quite thick hair on my legs. :( Therefore, I use this shaver. You must have heard this saying,
"No ugly girl in this world but only lazy girl."

3rd item I got is this big Hello Kitty shampoo bottle which is big enough to put the whole shampoo bag into it without pouring out the shampoo into the bottle. Had been finding a big shampoo bottle like this. Found it now!

You get what I mean? Like this,the shampoo won't stain the bottle.
And the inside of the bottle forever clean! Hehe...

Fyi, I'm using bar soap. This is to keep Mr Hubby's body shampoo :P
I'm a good wife lol..;)

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