Sunday, January 14, 2018

 Before I start to post about my Macau Family Trip,
I wanted to share my newly added Hello Kitty stuff first.
After my holiday trip to Macau,celebrated X'mas there, back to Malaysia
and preparing to enter year 2018, I had been super BUSY! Not sure why,
busy with my 2nd daughter's entering Form 1 :)
My youngest daughter entering primary school. School orientation and back to work life.
OMG!! Feeling so exhausted, actually.

Before 2018, the last Friday of year 2017, we had went to my little girl's school.
Year 1 orientation. My daughter not that slim like in the pic, somehow the angle made her looks slim and school uniform kind of big. After the little one, the following Sunday was my 2nd daughter's school orientation. 

Taken early morning before heading to her school.
Oh my!! Is it keep on eating so many nice foods & no exercise that makes me looks fat?? 
I need to start exercise back after all the resting & travelling.

My new 2018 desk calendar for my office table :) 
Something new to make me looking forward to work,hahaha!!!

Also changed my laptop skin. Couldn't manage to get the Acer Hello Kitty Laptop,
so kitty-fied my pink Asus laptop. Got the 1 set Hello Kitty Laptop Sticker from my supplier,
that means I got do pre-order. 1 set for RM49 only, front cover, screen part & keyboard part.
Not included the Hello Kitty Keyboard Sticker.
You need to cut it yourself & stick it :) 

Fyi, the keyboard sticker, I'm selling READY STOCK. 
Hello Kitty Keyboard Sticker RM8 
Suitable for any laptops' keyboard & computers' keyboard.

My new kind of lacey floral Hello Kitty Pyjamas.
The pants is lace type. Sexy :P
And the shirt has a 3D big pink bow. Very cute!
I wore it during my stay at Macau last year, so comfortable to wear at cold place.

Call me #caseholic #teamiphone
My iphone X covers.
I'm thinking to sell my Iphone 6+ covers as pre-loved items.
They are still very new, some only use not more than twice.
Anybody wants??

New year, try new fruit.
My first time eating flat peach. It is so tasty! I like it.

New year, my washing machine got new 'shirt'. Haha!!
Finally found a suitable Hello Kitty washing machine cover for my 8.5kg washing machine.
I sell that type only fits smaller washing machine & it is cheaper than this.
Anyway, now my washing machine is super cute! Worth it :)

Thanks to a dear sweet friend for buying & even sending over to me these Hello Kitty biscuits & chocolate, souvenir from Japan.

Blessed right? Haha :)
Friendly people like me, a lot of people love haha...
The biscuits is yummy. All finish in our tummy already.

#throwback to last last month (November'17)
Sweat it out kinda day.
Now everyday raining. How to sweat it out? :(
Please give me back sunny day!

Sunday, December 17, 2017


Thanks to my only man, Mr Hubby ♥
For spoiling me again!!! Didn't expect he will buy for me.
I really thought Iphone 6+ is my last Iphone because the Iphone now selling way too expensive!!

And once again, Mr Hubby pampered me with this. I'm so so excited when I got hold of it.
I super like the new design of Iphone X which doesn't have the home button. 
Quitting app now has become an easy job. And switching from 1 app to another also extremely fast! I like it.. And the Animoji. Very fun playing. I kept on playing it with my sis. She also using Iphone X now hehe.... 

Grab this last month but now only reach me 😌 because I didn't back to Kuantan and so,
my brother brought to me when he outstation at Temerloh.
My living town doesn’t even has Sasa, find my bro’s help buy this at Sasa ECM,Kuantan. 

I like the spray bottle design actually, that’s the reason I buy this. 
I like collecting cute stuff. My hobby haha!!

Yesterday attend my secondary classmate's wedding dinner at KL.
Before going, took a photo at home first hehe...Mr Hubby had slim down a lot after sick.
And I kind of happy because he is no longer fat fat, just like the one I met when I young.
Slim & handsome haha...

The very first photo took using my Iphone X.
Portrait mode. The lighting there was very very poor.
But, luckily this photo came out nice.
She is my best friend when I moved to Temerloh school, studying Form 3 that time.
We always hang out together. My school friend, my hangout friend too. Finally, she got married and I'm happy for her to find her true love. 
"Wishing her joy, love and happiness on her wedding day and 
as she begins her new life together, my dear friend.”

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