Thursday, November 16, 2017

Little Gift

I also celebrated my birthday last month with my Hello Kitty friends.

This time gathering just a few of us. Recently hard to adjust our schedule.
There is always a few who can't attend. Maybe it is year end and everyone is busy with home tidying, shopping for X'mas gift & CNY new apparels. But I was happy and excited to meet even just the 4 of them. Because Ariel (beside me in the pic) is back from Australia. SURPRISE!!!

And there is a new mommy-to-be, Angel(sitting front right side) and a new bride-to-be, Valerie(standing beside Ariel)  

As usual, my Kitty friends spoiled me with Hello Kitty stuff all over the world :P
Of course I spoiled them too. We mustn't only take, but no give,right?

Let us see 1 by 1 what I got from them ♥
Hello Kitty X Shiseido Collagen keychain plush from Japan.
A sweet gift from Angel, my online BFF. I super like this!!
Even I didn't get the pink colour dress kitty, but still cute in mint colour.

Hello Kitty Kangaroo Mechanical Pencil, all the way from Australia.
Souvenir from Ariel. So thoughtful of her to get signature stuff from Australia.
By seeing kangaroo, we know it is from Australia ♥

This one also from Ariel which I got from lucky draw. There is a few different items,
I managed to get this 3D pop up card.
Kind of vintage feel :) Some of them got Hello Kitty stickers sheet.

Hello Kitty Card Holder from Eva.
Souvenir from Thailand.
We can choose which designs for ourselves. And I was the fastest to grab this pink one.
Without second thought, surely go for pink one.

Recently, I have a new goal :P
To eat at least once of this every month.

Thanks Mr Hubby for the effort in cleaning & plucking out feathers or debris from the bird nest for me. Bird nest soup is 1 of my favourite from childhood and now it is grateful to have a husband who is in swiftlet farming business ♥ 

By the way, if you interested in buying bird nest,whether after or before clean, welcome to contact me. Buying bulk or little, you are welcome too. Just contact me for the price.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Varnesse 16, detox drink

Nowadays, there is a lot of supplements selling online. Various brands.
Today I'm going to share with all of you this greatness, Varnesse 16 detox fiber drink.
For me, buying food or drink online is quite dangerous. Some of this products don't even get approved, and needless to say, you know how bad it is for our body.

I'm a regular user of detox drink. And I highly recommend this Varnesse 16.
Most important, it is a product certified by KKM(Ministry of Health Malaysia) and therefore,
it is assured safe for comsumption without side effects.
The lab report for Varnesse 16:

How to know you need to detox? I will list out this few.
- You have dull skin & pimples keep on growing even you have take good care of your skin.
- Constipation
-Bloating, Gas
-Heartburn & Sleep problem
-Puffy dark circles under your eyes
-Bad breath
-Food cravings especially for sweet food
-Trouble losing weight. Even you don't eat to diet, & you exercise like no tomorrow, 
but 'love handles' is still there. 
It is actually toxins that accumulated for a long time.
You will need a detox drink if you have get 2-3 of the list checked :)

Start detox in just as easy as 123.

1 box contains 15 sachets.

Ingredients as follows: Berry Powder, Fructose, Oat Fiber, Apple Fiber, Soluble Fiber, Fructooligosaccharides, Guar Gum, Citric Acid, Green Tea Extract & Aloe Vera.
As for each of the ingredients benefits, you can refer here for more details,

Step 1: Cut off the top of sachet.
It is powder in beige colour with tiny red dots. 
So it is normal to notice tiny red dots in it.
Step 2: Mix with 250ml of drinking water.
Step 3: Stir well and drink immediately.

The colour of the detox drink like tomato juice. I like the flavour of the drink.
Not like those detox drink which is hard to drink with very odd flavour.
The flavour of Varnesse 16 detox drink is sweet & a bit sour,kind of like fruit juice.

You can also refer here for more info about Varnesse 16,

I drink every night after my dinner. And tomorrow morning, after eat my breakfast, will go to toilet. It is not the feeling of diarrhea, but smooth feeling to go to toilet. I once drank before a detox drink from another brand. I'm quite phobia since then because after I drank it, the next day, I will have stomachache which is quite suffering. 

The benefits of drinking Varnesse 16 detox fiber drink which I feel is detoxification, stimulate bowel movement, skin became smooth, less pimple, tummy slim down, no more constipation & promote digestive function. 
My review: After I consume this, I feel the results in just a week. My tummy is now even flatter than before. It is now 26.5inch, weigh 46.5kg (FYI, I’m a mother of 3).

For faster result in slimming down, you need a detox drink & exercise. 
Combination of Varnessé 16 & easy shaper fitness machine is the effective method to have a flat tummy. Why I’m sharing now about this detox drink & not early? 
That’s because I need time to try this brand myself and see the results first.
Contact me if you interested to slim down just like me.
(Click CONTACT located on top of my blog to find me)
Everyone can now slim down easily with the safe & easy way :)

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