Friday, October 20, 2017

Hello Kitty Home (SOON)

Finally! Finally I found the carpet I want for my home living room.
A sweet in pink one, and must be Hello Kitty.

Very nice right?? OMG!! I cannot stand the cuteness. *faint*

Brighten up my living room after putting the carpet. Replace the My Melody carpet.
So, if wanna sell my pre-loved My Melody carpet, anyone wants? Still new, use not more than 6 months. If anyone interested, you may contact me for price & details.

This Hello Kitty carpet comes with a bag. It is original from Shanghai.
And I can assure you that the quality is super good. I have bring in a few as ready stock and now left last 1pc on hand. Faster contact me if you want to buy this carpet.

New added to my kitchen. Hello Kitty Shower Head Water Tap.
The 1st version of this Hello Kitty faucet cannot fit in the water tap faucet that has larger hole(like the one shown in above pic). As you know, there is filter connected to the water tap in your kitchen. And now, the newest version from Japan can fit water tap faucet up to 25mm diameter. Finally my sink water tap is kitty-fied ♥

New Hello Kitty Water Heater Shower Head to replace the old one in my daughters' bathroom. The Hello Kitty got a bit out of shape, but never mind, still can use for my daughters.
The only thing I feel not nice is it is in white colour(easy to dirty). If in pink, cuter! 

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Hotel on the Park,Genting Highlands

Took me 1 month time to write this post. Keep on travelling recently on weekend :P while weekdays I need to work. That's what makes me took so long time to write this post. Beware! This gonna be a long post :P 
Went to Genting Highlands on last month, 16/9/17 which is Malaysia Day (public holiday). 
Brought my parents to Genting as they already long time haven't been to Genting.
When we were kids, they used to bring us to Genting. And now, we brought them.

Just realised that my daughters never sit before a cable car, so we tried the new cable car at Awana Skyway. So, there is 2 members in our group who have acrophobia, guess who? Both of them brave themselves to join this ride.

We took cable car to GPO (Genting Premium Outlet) 
I always like shopping for branded handbags. Handbag addicts!

The happiest in this trip? I think is me & my bro's wife.
My birthday gift from Mr Hubby. The 1st present.
(Why I said the 1st present? Because I got 3 birthday presents this year)

They had a 'lucky scratch' when I bought this handbag. I know I'm not that lucky so I had asked my youngest daughter to scratch the card for me. If you get 3 pics, you get a FREE Coach badge. 2 pics entitle you to have a 10% discount for your next purchase. She is a lucky girl. Got 3 pics and I got the Coach badge.

It is way cheaper to buy branded stuff at GPO or any premium outlet.
I think they are not new arrivals but old stocks which need to be clear out.
Is fine for me as long as I like the design of the handbag.

We stayed at the new hotel: Hotel on the Park.
Purposely went to Genting just to stay at this hotel haha!!
Yeah,our outfit theme this time is JEANS. All wearing jeans shirt/dress.

I should have taken photos first before letting them in. So, tolerate with my photos with some of my family members in it :P

Bunk bed :) My daughters' favourite. All 3 of them wanna sleep at the top bed.

The toilet & bathroom. Super nice!!

Hotel room full of 3D wall art.

3D cupboard hahaha!!!

Do you notice almost all the items in the hotel room has this signature colour?
Purple,pink,green & grey.

Even the mini fridge has the signature colours too.

When I opened the fridge, I really thought they provide Vitagen & the cheese for us. Funny me, my mom put it in earlier which I didn't notice.

The room slipper is cute too. Not 1 pair but 6 pairs.
As this is the sixers room.

Cute kettle ♥ And can you see the corner right side in the photo? 
That's a telephone. At first,my dad thought it is a scale. The design kind of like a scale.

I super like this photo. Got 'feel' right? Very nice taken. Thanks to my brother. Mr Hubby was having headache at that time. Pity him. 

As usual, group photo must have :)

I like this group photo too. Very very natural. Like we were talking to each other. We really were talking and the one who took this photo apologized because he took it too fast before we get ready. But the outcome is nice,we like it :)

There is this 3D floor art and on side top of the floor,there is a mirror.
So,what we do at the floor art will reflect in the mirror. Camera shot at the mirror to see the effect.

Amazing,right? Looks like my youngest daughter & me fall from the balcony and dad was saving us.
Now you know my dad, 64 years old but young in heart, open-minded & sporting. 
Can join the young ones.

And I'm satisfied with all the photos taken. Very nice ♥

Dinner at Malaysian Food Street.
The design in here is like 'old city'. 
Just like back to past time.

After dinner, nothing to do selfie with my elder daughter. Grown up a lot,my dear.
Look alike me? Or Mr Hubby? :) A lot said we look like sisters. I'm so happy to hear that. Hahaha...
That means I look young haha...

Sky Avenue Instagram worth photo. Everyone will take photo here.
So are we :) I need to do photo collage,if not the post is super long with a lot of photos.

Funny posing haha!!

There is a quote for this photo :P
"If you ever feel like giving up, just remember there is a little girl watching who wants to be just like you...don't disappoint her."

My sweet family ♥ My 3 beautiful daughters ♥

My parents want to imitate my brother's & his wife's posing. But failed lol..
My mom kept on laughing when my dad looked at her. What's so funny with my dad's face that my mom laugh so happy? They are so romantic,isn't it?

Overall, it is a short trip, stay 1 night at Hotel on the Park. We enjoyed ourselves so much. To be able to go anywhere is already enjoyable as long as you go with your loved ones. The destination is not what matters most. 

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