Tuesday, January 29, 2019


Elephant Parade is an organization that create awareness and funds 
for elephant conservation. 20% of Elephant Parade net profits are donated to 
elephant welfare and conservation projects. If you are a Hello Kitty fans, 
you should add 1 of this to your collection that can helps endangered elephants too. 
The products is available online:

I feel very honoured to own this Hello Kitty Pastel Scandinavian
 which is from Hello Kitty X Elephant Parade premiere collection. 

Thanks Elephant Parade for sending such a lovely 🎁 to me. 
It comes with certificate of authenticity and numbered as part of a limited edition. 
Mine is 50/3000 😇

I super like the pink elephant with Hello Kitty sitting on it.
And so, I had asked my sister's help to buy it from Elephant Parade outlet in Singapore.
As their site doesn't support shipping to Malaysia :(

My 2nd Hello Kitty X Elephant Parade premiere collection: Hello Kitty Sitting.
 It comes with certificate of authenticity and numbered 
as part of a limited edition. Mine is 490/3500 😇

Fyi, I got this last year. To be exact, my sis bought it earlier last year and only 
gave it to me last December. That's when she came back Malaysia.
And now, this pink one already sold out.

Ok lah...so I had 2 precious valuable Hello Kitty added into my collections.


Our Sanrio Times event that was held starting 24 November 2018, should be end on 
6 January 2019. But now extended till 17 February. It was held in Quill City Mall, Hall 5 Level 5.

I went there on 24th November 2018 with my Hello Kitty gangs. And we managed to 
take some photos with Hello Kitty ♥

We stalked Hello Kitty at 2pm. Thanks so much to my Kitty friends who suggested
to wait at the front entrance for Hello Kitty. I'm quite satisfied that I can take quite a lot of photos with Hello Kitty.

This is my first ever photo with Hello Kitty.
Thanks Mr Hubby for always allowing me to be like a kid.

More photos can be view here at my Facebook:

Not a lot Sanrio merchandise. This is what I got for myself.

The very nice paper bag that costs RM10 :P

Strawberry Magazine Cover Photo haha!!
There is 2 figures for you to choose, Hello Kitty or My Melody.
Surely opt for Hello Kitty.

Got myself a My Melody pin as memory.
Hello Kitty was sold out. Even I went on the 2nd day, I also didn't managed 
to buy Hello Kitty pin.

Hello Kitty T-Shirt from Our Sanrio Times event.
Need to top up more Hello Kitty shirts haha!! As feeling not enough.

This little Hello Kitty Sponges from Japan is gift from my BFF, Angel.
Thanks so much for always spoiling me.

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