Thursday, November 24, 2016


Guardian Malaysia surprised us again with very cute 
Sanrio characters hand cream vs. hand sanitiser.

Hello Kitty & My Melody hand cream.
Little Twin Star & Hello Kitty hand sanitiser.
The hand sanitiser is very cute.Silicone die-cut shape covering
the sanitiser bottle. I think these are suitable as Christmas gift :)

2 tier Hello Kitty soap holder is what I need! 1 to put my soap,
1 to put my facial sponge. Like...finally!
Searched high & low for this kind of soap holder.
I know I can order online from supplier,but I wanna try
local shop. Too bad, not a local shop selling this type.

This is my essential. #cantlivewithoutthem #myipad #myiphone
So,I got myself a new ipad case. So cool right!!
And my Iphone a very very big pink rose cover.
It is very cute right? But my colleagues so bad :(
They said too big and it is ugly!! 
No fashion sense...:P

Friday, November 18, 2016

Some Little Things

I got went into the Sanrio Gift Gate shop at Sunway Pyramid
during our 3rd gathering last last last weekend.
And nothing much new arrivals..
Besides,some items are way too expensive,I personally think.
Expensive than other country's Sanrio shop selling.

So I just got myself these 2 items.
Hello Kitty name card holder.
 A very cute Hello Kitty die-cut shape.

Hello Kitty Index Note Pad. So cute right!!
Stick-it note. For planner use.
By the way, I had just ordered a new Hello Kitty planner 
for year 2017 from Japan.
Ordered it from a Japan agent who is a Malaysian
and happen to live at Japan.
Looking forward to my new kitty planner!! :) 

The name card holder.

Side view.
When I buy this name card holder,
I forgot that I had ordered the same one but with red bow and blue shirt kitty
from my supplier. And after I bought it,the stocks arrived.
Oops!! So,I had extra for sale. You may have a look at my fb page.

#throwback to souvenirs from Korea. 
My colleague bought it for me.

Hello Kitty pink cutter & Hello Kitty paper clips.
So sweet of her to think of me when holidaying in Korea.

My Iphone casing story...
2 new added.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Hello Kitty From Taiwan

Sanrio Hello Kitty Funny Show Halloween
Cup Edge Figurines set from Taiwan.

A set of 6 cute figurines & a cardboard 
which you can build it a tree shape.

Top from left: Little Devil Kitty, A Floating Kitty, Little Witch Kitty,
Mummy Kitty, Sadako Kitty, Chinese Zombie Kitty.

Built by me :)

Back view.

Which one is your favourite?
My favourite? The Chinese Zombie.
Super cute with the paper talisman.

Halloween worthy photo :P

Recently I know about this Taiwan website: OB design
from my colleague. She likes shopping here.
I saw her shopped in this website and something caught my attention.
This website sells Hello Kitty apparels too!

I had always wanted to buy a sport bra for jogging use.
And so I ordered this...

Hello Kitty Sports Collection X OB design from Taiwan. 
Got myself :
1. pink Hello Kitty Cutout Back Sports Bra Top
2. black Hello Kitty 2-in-1 Running Shorts
3. white Hello Kitty Workout Tee

Mix & match by myself.
Very fast delivery. 
And now only I know wearing sport bra during 
exercise time is soooo comfortable.

So,I ordered another set again hehe...
This time, I chose black sport bra & black running shorts
to pair with the pink workout tee.

The quality of the apparels is good,and I personally think
it is worth to buy. Delivery is fast too!

Anyone interested to get these may check out here:

They ship worldwide :)

Sharing sometimes what I will do.
Kiwi ice-cream :)

This is the little gift I got from #hksgg 3rd group gathering.
The Hello Kitty die-cut mirror is lucky draw I got from 
Angel,our sexy-tary :P 

While the Hello Kitty notebook is from Joyce.
Hello Kitty basket with candy inside is from Valerie.
I had this before,and I had in pink,blue & green.
If you can recall back :) I shared here before.

The cute Hello Kitty mirror I got from the lucky draw.
So cute,right!! I actually so hope that I can get the Hello Kitty
pink die-cut container. That one super cute.
But no luck :( Anyway,this one also cute.
Every Hello Kitty gifts from Angel is all
the way from Japan. She is so so so kind.
Not everyone is like her. Some people will only just take,
and no give >.<

I got the purple one but since Ariel wanted the purple so badly,so..
I decided to exchange with her. I'm ok with this blue, you all know 
I dislike blue! But this one,I'm still fine with it.

****************Update of my youngest daughter's progress****************

My youngest daughter is future architect haha :P
She is only 5 years old.

Last last Saturday, noticed her cut cut cut the boxes and pink A4 paper, 
then stick stick stick the paper to the box. 
She called out to her sisters to help doing difficult part. 
She told them her plan on how to build a house, they followed her plan and TA-DA..

Her design bedroom on rooftop! Bed,self-made. 
Cupboard,from her toy set. Ground floor self-made table & chair.

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