Thursday, August 25, 2011


Hi,today very bust schedule.
So,just post pictures for you to enjoy.
Hope all of you won't mind.
Hehe...Yesterday,very late in the night 
only Mr Hubby & me get our sweet sleep.
Because we were busy decorating 
our both princess bedroom.
Stay tuned and follow my blog if you want to
see more pics coming soon all 
about my daughters' bedroom.
Actually is very simple decoration.
Not fully decorate with kitties,like 
Daychelle said.

Let's have a look at my latest simple kitty collection,
Hello Kitty DIY notebook with stickers.
This is actually a notebook which you 
can DIY make it as a photo album.
There is a few frame stickers that you can use it 
to decorate your photos.

Hello Kitty clipboard with memo pad.
i got sell this at my shop,and this is fast selling items.

Hello Kitty magnet.
You can use this stick it with bling bling stickers
and then stick it to your handphone casing.
And sure looks cute! XD

Okay,gotta chow!That's for today...

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Iphone Iphone✿◕‿◕✿

Raya is near.And i am like celebrating Raya.
These few days had been very busy shopping.
Shopping for my fave,Hello Kitty stuff online,
daily skin & body care at Parkson & Sasa,
for clothing at local stores.
This,Sanrio Hello Kitty Plugy Earphone Jack Accessory.
i had ordered this earlier as this is pre-order.
Waited for about a month,it arrived.
And now my Iphone is super cute,Can i 
say is the cutest?? Hehe=p
It seems like Hello Kitty is sitting on my Iphone.
Another essential that i think every Hello Kitty junkies 
and Iphone users must grab is this,
Hello Kitty Iphone lanyard.
So,now you can hang your Iphone 
just like everyone else hanging their handphone.
It is really secure and won't drop!
Where to get this?Time to advertise.
My shop,bubbles selling.
This is also a must-have.
Hello Kitty Iphone USB data line charging cable.
Very convenient for me as i use this as USB
to connect my laptop and Iphone.Therefore,
no need to use the original Iphone cable when you need to
transfer data from the laptop or pc.
And the great point is,it is HELLO KITTY.
Last,i want to share my Baby J's photo.
She is now officially 3 months old,6kg.
Not so overly fat and plump
but neither thin.That's okay!
Many of my facebook friends commented 
that all my photos are just so cute,decorated 
with those cute cute icons.How to do it?
How to edit all that? If i am free tomorrow,
i will try my best to update the tutorial here.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Hi,i am back from my little holiday.
i am not going anywhere abroad.Just went 
back to Kuantan,my mommy daddy's home.
So,before holiday,i actually already 
had took these few items for my
Hello Kitty shining backpack for my elder 
daughter,Daychelle.She is a Hello Kitty fans too.
This shining backpack is for her to use 
next year,when she will be in Year 2.
While this is Hello Kitty adhesive wall hanger hook.
i took 2,but still haven't use it.As i am thinking 
where to put it.
And the 3rd item for today is Hello Kitty
stickers set.In this book,it contains 16 pieces 
of stickers sheet.Therefore,there are quite a lot stickers.
My daughters do not collect stickers,but...i collect.
i am a big child,Mr Hubby said! Hehe!!!
3 kids including me,BIG kids!
Haha...We are wearing the same clothing.
This is Mommy Daughters clothing set.
Which you can get it at Angel Babyliciouz
We had chose jumpers as we thought it looks smart.
There is dresses,T-shirts and etc for you to choose.
i like this pic the most.
Because of both my daughters are very 
smart in posing.
There is a few more pics.For my facebook
friends,you can view it there.So,welcome 
some of my blog readers to become my fb friends!
Welcome welcome to add me.Hehehe!!

Thursday, August 18, 2011


So,this is my new set of Hello Kitty figurines.
There is total of 6 in a set.
i like the most is the one right side bottom part.
Kitty is wearing bikini.Sexy~
The one beside her,is playing a guitar also my fave!
i just like collecting figures.
But,last time my kitty figurines is on the pink display rack,
very messy untidy.Already thought and search everywhere
for small display rack to display them nicely.

And guess what,my shop got sell tumbler.
And last time i took a dozen of hello kitty tumbler for sale
at shop.So,when we take a dozen,the tumbler came with a 
kitty cardboard for us seller to 
display the tumbler.And and now,all the tumbler sold out.
i took the cardboard,modify a bit and 
made a home for part of my kitty figurines.
~Refer above picture~
Nice,isn't it??
My hello kitties are all so lucky,Mr Hubby said.
These 2 pink display rack with cover
i got them from the supplier.
Actually that time wanna bought 5 pieces 
like that to display all my kitty figures
but unfortunately,OUT OF STOCK!
Huhuhu...managed to get 2 only.
It came with 2 lights at both side which you can switch 
it on to make your display items nicer and 
of course CUTER!!!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

kitchen kitchen✿◕‿◕✿

Sometimes i think i am cute,
not face cute,but attitude
CUTE!! Hahaha...
i do not know how to cook,
but still adding more & more kitchen 
utensils to my tiny little lack-of-space

 Hello Kitty ceramic storage bowl with lid & spoon.

Maybe can use to drink soup.
Soup from my ma-in-law.
i like the plastic lid.It can
close tightly.

heLLo kiTTy sugar,salt & pepper container

This is my most fave among all those i got
for myself from the supplier.
This already sold out.
Really fast!!
As it is really really cute!

Hello Kitty face shape snack container for Raya.
Hahaha,should be Chinese New Year but not yet
arrive.Raya is near the corner.
Still can celebrate together,1 Malaysia mah...=)
Tomorrow is public holiday,but i still need to work,huhuhu=(
Never mind,this friday will back to Kuantan,
mommy daddy home sweet home.
And i can see my baby J. 
*happy jumping now*

Monday, August 15, 2011

Screen Protector✿◕‿◕✿

When i received this letter from somewhere in Japan,
i was like so-shocked-and-wondering-i-don't know-
i like the stamp,i had cut it out to keep it as it s 
hello kitty,even though  do not collect stamp.
Back to our story.
OKay,so i had forgotten(i am really a forgetful person)
 that i had earlier ordered this 

Hello Kitty screen protector and body stickers
for my beloved Iphone.
My most important item in my life,my handphone^^

After i had done DIY to my Iphone.
And of course it looks great now.
Replace the old kitty screen protector.
Somemore my home button got hello kitty head charm.
*wicked-smiling now*

The back sticker.
i wear pink Iphone bumper to protect 
the side.And it looks match with the stickers,
all in pink & white.
That's all for today's sharing.

Friday, August 12, 2011

fan mode✿◕‿◕✿

i am still in the 'fan' mode.
HelloPhotobucketKitty fan,it is very cute.
That's 1 of the item in my wishlist.
So,another wish comes truePhotobucket
Photobucket That last weekend,back to Kuantan
shopping at Parkson.Bought 

HelloPhotobucketKitty bedsheet set for my elder daughter,
Daychelle.She is a HelloPhotobucketKitty fans too.
She requests me to have a HelloPhotobucketKitty theme for 
her bedroom.And also bought

Powerpuff Girl bedsheet set for my 2nd daughter,
Jaychelle.She likes Doraemon actually.Can't find 
any and somemore i dislike blue colour.
So,she chose this.Actually both my daughters 
like a few cartoon characters,
like Minnie,Barbie,Princess and etc.

For the curtain,surely will take HelloPhotobucketKitty
curtain setPhotobucket.And i am still waiting for the Hello Kitty 
wallpaper stickers that i had ordered 
earlier from an online store,Photobucketmy best friendPhotobucket.
After stick the wallpaper and also waiting for the 
writing desk that had also ordered from local
furniture shop,i think i can snap a few picture 
to upload here.TheirPhotobucket messyPhotobucketPhotobucketcartoon theme 

Thursday, August 11, 2011

electric fan✿◕‿◕✿

i am so so so happy today
as stocks coming.
Especially they are Hello Kitty,
my fave!!
So,i was so dilligent in opening all the stocks this 
morning as i want to grab this in my hands.

Hello Kitty electric fan.
Wow~am i the only 1 in Malaysia to own this??
(So 'action') No lar...
Okay,this will be in my daughters' new room.
Decoration is still in process.About 80% loading.
Means when reach 100%,i will snap picture 
of their room and share it here.
Back to the electric fan.It has 2 power.
Even though not giant enough,but i can say
it is quite strong.i mean
the wind that blow out is strong.
And stocks quite limited.i had took mine.
How about you?? Faster put your order 
i gotta go,finish my remaining work!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

External Battery✿◕‿◕✿

i am back from my 2 days holiday.
Hehe...Not going anywhere special.
Just back to Kuantan,my parents' home.
And had a lil' bit shopping. =)

This is not from my local shopping trip.
It is from online store.
So,what is this actually?
Okay,i give you the details about this.
It is actually external battery for Iphone/Ipod.
i like Iphone but battery problem.
Very fast low battery.And i hate that.
Therefore,if i have this,low battery power problem 
is solved!

And of course it is also hello kitty branded.
If not,i am not going to buy it no matter how good is it.
You need to charge this external battery before you use it.
It is great for travelling or you aren't in a place that can charge your Iphone,
bring along this...=p

Okay,DIY project again~
Adding some accessories to my laptop.
A hello kitty head charm.
A cute doll that represents me,Mrskitty Yi while 
the other must be hello kitty.
And also my real name,suet yi.
i just love putting name to every of my belongings.

Strawberry and pink dress charm!
Great news to share with you all.
So,Mr Hubby had bought me a hello kitty fan.
A real fan,not that-kind-of-mini-fan that you can bring out with you.
This is something like electric appliances that you use at home.
Wow~Can't wait for it to arrive safely to my side=P
Good news for you too!
There is extra for sale but price will be a bit high.
As it is an electric appliance.^^

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Hello,good morning.
Today is a bright day!
It seems like everyday is a bright day.

Result of boring day,came out this.
Hello Kitty DIY keychain.
For my car keys'.
This is my nickname,which
for most people,nickname 
should  be short.
But mine is so long!
Or another nickname,which is longer,
So,this Hello Kitty alphabet can get it 
from my bubbles.
We will help you make the keychain
or make it as handphone charm
and post it to you...

Monday, August 1, 2011

home button✿◕‿◕✿

Yesterday,i went to Guardian with Mr Hubby's aunt.
Planning to buy daughters' vitamin and baby lotion,
but at last i also bought this,

CellLabs Sheep Placenta.
They are doing some promotion.
Which normally you buy a box,30 pills RM199.
And now you can get it for only RM439 for 100pills
in a box.And that's cheaper.
So,i bought the promotion package.
Today,before breakfast,i had consumed a pill.
Let's see the result after 3 months.
i am really afraid of aging.Frankly speaking,
i really like to look pretty and younger all the time.
Mr Hubby said if i start to eat now,
surely till the age of 40-50,
i still look the same like now.
As i start consuming so early.^^

Just found out a cute hello kitty head charm
from my DIY box.
And suddenly have an idea.
i sticked it to my Iphone home button.
It looks nice and also
easy to press the home button.
Just need to press it softly. 
That's all for today.Later need to fetch my daughters
to have a look at furniture shop.
As promised,to decorate their 
sweet bedroom.

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