Monday, March 31, 2014

Day 90(ミ・。・ミ)

Addicted to Dayre. Quite like 1 of its feature which you can put or not put title to your post. It's title will be the day counting from new year! I don't know what title to put,so I just wrote Day 90 for today's post.

Recently,Malaysia really really hot. Life without air-conditioning is unbearable. 
And a must for this period of hot and sunny.
ABC Ice-cream.

Had ordered this Hello Kitty keys and letter box from a Facebook seller before Chinese New Year. This month only get it. Long time huh?? 
It is RM108. Bought this to replace my old spoilt keybox. 
Inside view.

My elder daughter saw this and asked me what to put inside at the front part. I told her that's the space for the letters we receive from outside letter box.
But,it depends on people. You can put whatever you like,isn't it? Hehe...

Got a new colourful unicorn case from an Instagram seller. She sells this kind of simple back cover very cheap. Only RM10. Cheap,right?!! This is her Instagram account and you can follow her for new updates of smartphone covers. @perfectme__
Got one for my Note 2. 

On last 20th March,SPM result out and a lot of Form 5 students posting their result in Facebook. I also join,haha!!
My SPM result 13 years ago...
I'm quite proud of myself to have this result and I got quite a lot of compliments when FB friends saw this pic. Most of them are not my school friends, so they didn't know I had such good result! Haha!! But,at that time,when I took the result,I feel a bit disappointed because I can't get straight As' just like my PMR result. 
Time really really flies!! 13 years ago lol.. And that means I'm really old now..:( 

Ah,change topic. Let's enjoy my Cindy's photo.
Wanna have some donut and pudding?

Or kittylicious hot lunch cooked by Cindy? Hehehe...
I'm just so loving my Hello Kitty re-ment. Heard there will be a new set release this May. Ah...need to save money to buy lol...

Besides Hello Kitty,I like Furby too! 
Last Thursday,McDonald's Malaysia just finish releasing the last Furby plushies.. Total 4 of them and 1 in a week.
My daughters are very willing to eat the Happy Meal set than getting the Furby plushies..Therefore,I can have all the 4 plushies.. Mr Hubby said me again,said I'm like a kid, even childish than my 2 elder daughters...@.@ 

I feel quite angry just now. Met with a very unreasonable customer. She complained about the item she bought from me,is dirty. So,I asked her to send it back to me and I refund her. That's a great solution for customer,I believe. I will handle the item with my supplier. But,what makes me damn angry just now is,this customer still complain and keep on saying she feel sad and disappointed. What is the problem with her?? Refund not enough to heal her sadness? Do I need to kneel down and serve tea to her so she will feel fine?? I'm starting to notice people nowadays are getting crazier!! I met before with online seller that would not even bother to refund you even you complain about the item's defect. 
I think I'm being too kind, need to learn to be like those nasty mean online seller,haha!! 

Just my rant,I'm feeling much better after sharing out here..:) 

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Random post(ミ・。・ミ)

I actually quite dislike giving title to my post because sometimes I really can't think of an interesting-caught-attention title. 
Just like this post's title. Just simply named it lol...

Wanna share some Hello Kitty stuff which I had got for myself recently. 
Hello Kitty laundry basket. 
Authentic from Korea. I'm selling this(this is mine) and you are lucky,it is ready stock. For you who interested, may contact me via Facebook if you are my fb friends. Wechat or LINE mrskittyyi also can..:)

A girl actually complaining about this laundry basket size too small that it can't keep a week clothes! OMG!! She washes her clothes once every week?? Very very not hygiene. I know,maybe she is staying alone so only her clothes,not so many. I'm washing everyday even the clothes only reach 1/4 of my washing machine sometimes. Nah,that's excuse for not buying it.. If you really a Hello Kitty fans, you will buy it. I had never seen before Hello Kitty laundry basket that is bigger than this. 

New iPhone 4 cover for my iPhone. 
So chio right! I used the press-on nails that I bought from Sanrio Gift Gate in Sunway Pyramid just to capture this photo. Haha!! Then,remove the nails and keep it nicely in the box. 

My brother's 1st present for me lol..
It is a Hello Kitty powerbank. 
Oh,don't ask me how much it costs. Is a gift from my brother(as told earlier) so,I really didn't know how much!
I didn't ask him..I lost count of how many powerbank I have now,haha!!! 

Ordered for myself a Hello Kitty pop phone.
3 colours available,black white and pink. 
Confirm take pink! Hehe!!

It has a button for you to answer and end a call. Now I can long talk with my mom without worrying about phone radiation.

If bring this out and talking using this,I think will get a lot of attention from strangers haha!! 
It is just so cute,right! Really 'beh-tahan'.

A very cute Hello Kitty container for sugar,salt or pepper..or anything you wanna put. Had been eyeing this for quite some time.
Finally,got it for myself and some extras for sale. But already sold out now. Left last one,this. It is mine,hehe!! 
Like the cute small spoon that comes with the container. Super cute! And lastly I had decided to put salt. Ah..when will my kitchen become more kittylicious?? 

Recently,my elder daughter,Daychelle dislike school homeworks. She like going to school,she like study but not loads of homework. I think she is starting to build up fear feeling towards homework. Everyday,she needs to do 7-8 homeworks overall. 
So,it is quite tiring as after school,she needs to attend activities in school for every Monday & Wednesday,while extra tuition every Tuesday & Thursday. After that,she will be in tuition classes everyday till 7pm only back home,have dinner and then not rest,still need do school homework. You can imagine how tiring for her..:( 
Just like Annabelle in the pic. 
I'm not a good mom,you may say. As I didn't help my daughter but playing with my doll and setting up this scene,captured the photo of my doll. But who knows! I got accompany my daughters while they are doing their school homework.. This playing with doll only occurs during my daughters' sleep time. 
And that is me-time. 

Thursday, March 13, 2014

#prayfor MH370(ミ・。・ミ)

The missing MH370 plane made everyone in this world 
feeling so down and no mood to do anything.
Especially the family of the boarded passengers. 
But,we need to be strong. We can't just stop doing anything
or stop our daily works. Life still carry on,time still passing and
it didn't stop even when you are sad & stop doing thing.

That is part and parcel of life. Not that i don't care because i don't have any friends 
or family in the plane.My mom will be boarding MAS airplane at the 
end of this month.
 i feel sad too! i feel so anxious about the plane whereabout. 
i hope MH370 will come back soon.

Let me cheer you all a bit with my story..:)
Already share about this in my Dayre actually.
That day 8.3.14 was International Women's Day,and coincidently
i was back to my parents' home in Kuantan.
i just realized the date when i saw friends posted about it in Facebook. 
So,i had used my 2 models to capture a nice pic as a greeting pic to
post to Facebook on that day.
Ordered 2 spectacles for them from Etsy.

When i window-shopping that day,passed by
Lancome counter in Parkson,and they gifted me this perfume flower.
i like the perfume smell even though i didn't have the habit of putting 
on perfume lol.. shopping haul that day.
Mr Hubby had asked me to choose a bag that i like.
i had chose Guess.
Does that mean i will get a gift for every occasion?
If it really is,that will be GREAT!!!
I had chosen this bag because i super like bags with ruffles just like 
the 2 ruffles string.i don't know how to call that..
Also love the studs detail. That's the reason why i had chose this bag 
even it is not in pink colour.

Restocked my daily facial cleanser as it is nearly finish.

Finally i had bought this:
It is a notebook which you can write cooking recipes in it 
and also included an apron & matching oven mitts.
i had saw this sets in different designs each time when i passed by Parkson.
But didn't buy it at first because i wanna test myself can i really
resist from buying? Finally,


I had bought it,haha!!
i can now write the recipes i found online to make healthy meal but
don't know delicious or not for my lil family.

This is an old photo. Went to pedicure session last month.
Also do leg treatment.
When I posted this photo in my Instagram,
there is a girl who criticise why I go do pedicure when my legs are so ugly! 
Gosh!! From this pic,she can confirm say it out that my legs are ugly? 
And also is there any law that against girls with ugly legs from going to pedicure?? 
What makes her think that my legs are ugly? Had she seen the real me? 
I know she has the right to say whatever shit she wants ,
BUT, I had my right to go pedicure right? 
It maybe looks ugly because of the lighting problem 
when taking this photo,and also my legs are resting on the stool 
so you can see my legs are like in weird shape! 
Anyway,I had blocked her from my Instagram. 
And Fullstop. Nothing need to explain to her. 
So funky right!! I know it! Lol..
And time really flies! It is another year. 
Got to redeem my SK-II crystal points as it will expire soon. 
The points will expire every year,therefore need to redeem it every year.
This year,I redeem not as many as last year because didn't purchase much. 
I had around 5000 points only..and could redeemed 
2 Facial Treatment Repair C and a Stempower cream.
Can save a bit no need buy...hehehe 

A new iPhone 4 cover for my neglected iPhone...

And...I'm serious to say,I really am crazy lol..
Have a look at below photo and you get what I mean! 
Yesterday when I have free time,I tidy up all my iPhone cases 
and the result is: It needs 3 storage box to keep mostly of the cases
 while a few still sitting out of the storage box in the drawer. 
I think I really need to STOP buying covers anymore..
How about buying other things? I not smart! #shopaholicmode

Friday, March 7, 2014

A Day of Gift(ミ・。・ミ)

I'm here again lol..
Waiting for Mr Hubby finish his work,then we will go to Kuantan my parents' home. 
Today is Mr Hubby's birthday! Oh,I feel guilty because it had been a few of his birthdays passed,& I never give him a birthday present. 
Luckily he doesn't mind about that. 
The greatest present he ever received,according to him is I always stay in happy mode. "That is a present to him". 

I'm so touched lol.. Wanna wish my hubby a Happy Blessed Birthday and hope he will have a healthy body and wealthy too..haha :P

Yester-yesterday, I received awesome Hello Kitty gift from a never met before online Hello Kitty junkie. Her name is no new in my blog here. She is Meijoyce.

I had actually even make a short video clip of the Hello Kitty stuff I received which I had posted the video in my Facebook & Instagram. I can't find the option to post it here via Blogtouch lol..

The main stuff I really want is this: 
Hello Kitty & My Melody nanoblocks.
Happy building it again...

3 packs of Hello Kitty magnets.
I like all 3 of them! Even the black colour one lol.. After this,my fridge will be full of magnets! You know what I mean..hehehe!!!

2 Hello Kitty Sweet Confectionaries Cell Phone Strap. 
Yummy-licious 😍😍

Now,i will be in headache mood because I need to think what Hello Kitty stuff for Meijoyce. Finding the ones she like quite hard. This is because she already had mostly all the cute rare Hello Kitty figurines she is collecting now. Yes,she likes to collect Hello Kitty figurines and stationeries. 

Ok,suppose this post ended here and Mr Hubby still haven't come back. 
How about a photo of Cindy to end this post??
Finally I found a cupboard for my dolls. Can keep all their clothes in the cupboard now. But I don't know this can keep how many pieces as for now,almost full! 
Next item I'm looking for my dolls will be a kitchen table..=) 

Wednesday, March 5, 2014


Now you can often see me updates my blog.
All because of this iPhone app: Blogtouch for blogger. Highly recommended app for you who also wish to blog not sitting in front of laptop or computer. And also easier to blog via my iPhone because all my photos are inside the camera roll. No hassle to move them to my laptop...

"Now I have a reason to buy re-ment set again..."

Yes,for my Blythe doll. Last time,when I still don't have any Blythe doll,I bought it,like, just for display.. Because it is Hello Kitty re-ment set, & I collect Hello Kitty so I bought them. 
I had 3 sets previous before I had Blythe doll,and now another new set adding in.
This is Re-Ment Hello Kitty School Life Collection set which released 23rd September last year (2013). So,lucky me still can get it. Hehehe...😁😁😁

Total of 8 blind boxes in a set. 
#1 The school bag & the shoes are to die for..😍
#2 Pencil box, donut in Hello Kitty shape,OMG!! 
The pencil box remind me of my old school days. I used before those type of pencil box but not Hello Kitty! How I wish I'm still in school now lol..

#3 Manga comic and the pudding. Is that called pudding? Anyway,they are all super cute!!!

#4 Hello Kitty shaped plastic palette,& the watercolour paints tube in the box! All so detailed..😅☺️ 

#5 Bento box,old school water tumbler & the chopsticks container.

#6 Hello Kitty scissors, face shape magnet,glue & letter set also not forgotten some origami sheets.
I had another re-ment scissors which is from the other set but that scissors is in yellow. I like this more! 

#7 Hello Kitty musical instruments and the lovely bag to keep it when going to music class...🙊🙊

#8 Hello Kitty themed hot lunch. 
The spoon!!! So kawaii right?!! 

So,now busy playing the re-ment set with my dolls..😁😅 Mr Hubby said I'm such a kid! 

Monday, March 3, 2014

HelloKitty X Licca-chan Dollhouse(ミ・。・ミ)

Had ordered this from Japan and finally it arrived to me. 
It is HelloKitty X Licca-chan portable dollhouse. Not a fan of Licca doll,but it is collaboration with HelloKitty,I'm surely cannot miss it! By the way,I think it fits for Blythe doll,right? Hehehe...
Another view of the dollhouse.

Started to build it. I enjoy the process of DIY 
rather than the outcome of it. 

1 side of the dollhouse. Super like all the item in Hello Kitty themed. Such as,the alarm clock, the die-cut TV, the smartphone,bento box & etc.. 

The robot vacuum cleaner is damn cute! Looks like real one. OMG!! 
My dolls will be so happy haha!! 
That's the reason I like Japan made stuff. All their stuff are so detailed made.

One lazy morning they busy preparing their breakfast. Yes,I bought a mini-sized kitchen for them. It is from Mydeal.

It fits perfectly into my dolls' roombox.
I'm so envy my dolls because they have such cute kittyfied kitchen.

Anyway,this is the post i posted using Blogtouch for Blogger app from my iphone.
For the moment,this app can consider good.
But,somehow,i still can't adjust the photo size to the size that i usually set.
Think need to spend a little time exploring about this.

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