Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Cute lil things(ミ・。・ミ)

What happened with BlogTouch app??? I had just finished writing this post and press Publish...then like usual will go out to the menu, thought already publish but then check ,refresh, my post GONE! Shit!! Now I need to write again...

Received these 2 last week. The My Melody drawing is from the seller. Very nice drawing hehe.. She handmade charms and pouch for sale. If you followed my Instagram,then you can find the seller,I got tag her in my pic.

Another drawing from her.. Ordered 2 My Melody charms ,1 is for myself while another for my online friend who likes My Melody too. Didn't get Hello Kitty one because I saw it not very nice.

The other one is a Hello Kitty key pouch handmade from an online friend of mine, Monice. She went to Taiwan holiday and bought the Hello Kitty fabric from there. Handmade out a key pouch using the fabric.
Lovely message from her. 
Her handmade is so neat and tidy, just like she bought it hehe..if I didn't read her message, I thought she bought it from Taiwan. 

My lil naughty girl injured her ear when she ran fast in home and fell down,knocked down to the bottom part of the living room table. This happened last Saturday and had brought her to the doctor.
Already opened the bandage,she is fine now. 
Oh ya..about my sister, she is now working as a barista. That day, I requested her to calibrate a Hello Kitty for me. She said it is difficult and she hasn't learn yet. But she tried it and here's the result hehe
Even though not look like Hello Kitty hehehe, but I like it. She is very talented! Learnt not more than 2 months already can calibrate the basic one like heart shape and tulip. I'm proud of her!  

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Another round of gift(ミ・。・ミ)

Last week,received this parcel from Meijoyce
Happy to the max again. i asked Meijoyce to help me get this 
Xoxo Hello Kitty Baking Fun Set once i saw she had a set. Love at first sight lol.
Lucky her USA friend had extra set and sell it to me.

"Want some cupcakes? I just bought them."

The cupcakes are part of the Xoxo Hello Kitty Baking set all the way from USA.
Btw,my Cindy is so cute!!

A sweet note from Joy,the seller.

So,this baking fun set consists of 37 pieces. Kind of like re-ment.
Very tiny & cute!

Mixer,pie pan,rolling pin,oven mit,mixing bowl and cookie jar & lid.
i super like the mixer because it made like Hello Kitty ears and bow.
Actually i bought this set is because of this cute mixer.
That's what caught my attention.

4 eggs,1 carton,measuring cup,pie crust bottom,sugar jar & lid,
pie filling,cookie sheet,cookie cutter,cookie and cookie dough.
The eggs carton can close just like the real one,hehe..

Cupcake pan,pie crust,4 cute cupcakes,cake & cake slice,cake plate
and top.

All so cute because they are Hello Kitty themed. Meijoyce sent this to me once she received 
from her USA friend. This darling of me is so nice! She sent me another some gift
for me,last time i still haven't gift return back to her and now i owe her lol...
Why am i so lucky one have such amazing friend surrounding me.

All fromSanrio outlet Isetan. There is Hello Kitty trinket box,jelly belly candies
and a lovely Hello Kitty Japanimation mechanical pencil.

i love the Japanimation Hello Kitty so much,still haven't get a plushie of it yet :(

She always include sweet note to me.

10 flavours of the jelly belly candies. It is yummy(already eaten all shared 
among my daughters) Tell you a secret,i never eat before this haha!!
This is my 1st time lol..

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

My Weekend(ミ・。・ミ)

Last weekend,started my new project.
This is during the process of arranging the place.

Last Saturday,my elder daughter, Daychelle had went to her friend's birthday party
at McDonald's with her sister. Can you spot them?
The one sitting in front in the middle wearing floral dress is Daychelle,
while her sister sitting beside her,wearing the red dress.
Both of them were eating ice-cream. Just realised mostly her friends are in super big size lol..
My daughters are so skinny.

My weekend also well spent with my parents visiting me.
They came with my brother and his girlfriend.
We went to window shopping and spotted cute Hello Kitty clothes,
so bought for the lil one. Unluckily,doesn't have size for her sisters.
 Anyway,they both also get new dresses.
The Hello Kitty,kind of fake right!
 But,i super like the pants!!
The belt that is included has metal kitty face.
And also the Hello Kitty heads all over the bottom part of the pants.
So cool!

CUTE?? Haha!!
She is growing way too fast :) She is now 2 years 11 months.

Finished and i personally super satisfied with the outcome.
Combined all the stuff i like,such as unicorn,rainbow,flowers
and also My Melody,except there isn't any Hello Kitty lol.
My parents saw this too and they didn't believe it was DIY by me.
Lucky i have Mr Hubby as witness. But,this is a good news,isn't it?
That means im very talented LOL..
It looks exactly like those selling online done by professional.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Delete Someone(ミ・。・ミ)

Today went to watch the new Hong Kong movie 'Delete My Love'. I personally think it is a very nice humour movie. 
I like watching humorous movie and horror movie too. Ah..both start with "h".

If in this world, we can have supernatural like we can delete the people whom we hate, I hope to delete someone! And I think I won't regret deleting 'her' off my life. I just wanna delete her and not replacing her with someone else. When she misunderstood me that time, I really feel sad and angry!! I dislike her earlier but still can stand her attitude. Always telling myself to be patient. But sometimes I really can't stand her! And also because of this time, she had said something NOT TRUE about me! When I confronted her about this incident, she never try to hear what I wanna say, but kept on apologizing to me. I told her that I'm not asking for a sorry, but I just wanna explain to her that she had misunderstood about me.

But again, I know her. She won't listen! She just won't listen! 

"How I wish I can really DELETE her from my life". 

Let's get back to something happy. 
Don't stay too long unhappy, it is unhealthy. 
So...yesterday, had went to Guardian because it is the last day to collect the sticker for the Aussino signature towel. Every purchase of RM20, you can get a sticker. And 20 stickers + RM29.90 can redeem an Aussino bath towel that worth RM99. If you have 40 stickers, then you just need to RM1.90 to get the towel. 

I just know about this stickers thing last month, so I just managed to collect 20++ stickers. Mr Hubby wants the towel actually because he said the towel very good quality. 
The towel comes with a very 'high class' box.

There is 3 colours available only in the Guardian outlet here. Soft pink,Tiffany blue and deep purple. For me, confirm choose soft pink but Mr Hubby said will get dirty easily because of the light colour. 

Lastly we choose deep purple. 

Because of wanna get the amount of stickers which we still lack of, I had bought 3 items. Still have sheep placenta but no wrong in buying again right? Keep stock lol.. 
Recently a lot of pimples pop out from my face :( I care so much about my face. 
Feel ugly,so I need to buy bb cream as concealer in this time when there is a lot of pimples. Why again SK-II doesn't have bb cream?? Last time I was saying SK-II doesn't have pimple gel...:((

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Happy Parcel Day(ミ・。・ミ)

Nothing special happened recently. Malaysia weather is super hot now. And after such a long time didn't online shopping for my dolls, I had ordered a few clothes for them. 
3 parcels arrived at the same time. 
The above 2 dresses and a Blythe pouch is made by my online friend, Serene Cheong. 
She is a Blythe collector.
While the below handmade crochet dress, I got it from Etsy, an Australian seller.

Also not to forget,the Takara Tomy Hello Kitty figurine car. 
I personally super like this felt dress that came with a matching hat. 
Lovely floral dress.

Serene is so nice to give me this cute flower hair clip. 

I had bought a Blythe pouch too. 
So,when my doll is put in the pouch before putting into my bag,it will be safer that other thing in my bag will not spoil my doll.
There is a few design available but I had chosen this: pink and floral. I like everything pink and flowery,hehehe!! 

The crochet dress from Etsy.
I like how all the Blythe dress sew so nicely and neatly. Even it is only for a doll to wear,but all are nicely sewn.

The only car that catch my attention.
From Takara Tomy. 
The white one was released in year 2013. And the pink one is the new one released this year.
I had ordered it and arrived at the same time with other 2 parcels. 
The front of the cars. Cuteness overload!
Back of the cars. 
Love shape lights hehehe.
One side of the cars. 
Another side of the cars. The pink one so so so cute! Okay,maybe because I'm a pinkaholic. I like everything in pink colour. Therefore, whenever I buy things,I will choose pink one if there is pink colour available. 
If not,the 2nd colour will be white. 

Last photo of Annabelle.
She is wearing new clothes. This parcel just arrived yesteryerterday. Had bought 3 crocheted dress & jumper for my dolls from Etsy. Recently addicted with handmade crochet stuff haha!! The seller is from Taiwan and she is also so kind to free the crochet hat and 2 pairs of crochet socks.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Guardian Thermometer(ミ・。・ミ)

Last Sunday, Mr Hubby brought me to Guardian to buy pimples gel. Recently, my face pops out a lot pimples and I have no idea why.. Maybe the weather is just too hot and I seldom drink water. 
Once there,I considered which brand to buy. 
Why SK-II doesn't have pimples gel?? Then,I no need think which brand to buy.

After long considering and finally get the pimples gel( I bought T3 brand) ,walk around in Guardian. When I passed by the display cupboard that kept all the thermometers and small electric appliances like hair curler, I saw something cute! It is in pink. A pink Hello Kitty thermometer. 
I actually already had a very cute a Hello Kitty thermometer which my Singaporean friend helped me bought. But this one also nice, even not nicer than the other one.
The price is reasonable. RM25.90 only.
Guardian brand.
Some description at the back of the packaging box. 
Just like those normal thermometer but it is in pink and have Hello Kitty printed on it.
So,Hello Kitty junkies in Malaysia,can hurry go grab it at your nearest Guardian outlet. 
I think I'm not too late in sharing about this or maybe some of you already know Guardian has this..hehe!!

A selfie of me to end today's post.
I know I'm sexy lol...! Haha!! 

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