Saturday, May 25, 2013


Sorry for disappeared for almost a month.
Busy shopping,busy making iphone themes.
Yeah,i got a lot of request from people all around the world
to make cute iphone themes for their iphone.
Yes,you will need a jailbroken iphone in order to use themes.
You can view my creation at my another blog,by clicking the link 
at the right sidebar,"Iphone theme by me".

The month of May,everyone celebrate Mom's Day.
Me too,of course! i had got S3 mini for my mom-in-law
as she doesn't have smartphone,so we think to buy her one.
While my mom,i gave her 'red packet' (money) for her
to use for her coming holiday to Beijing,China.

i like the light pink colour so much.
Chose this Guess handbag as Mom's Day gift.
Thanks so much to my lovely daughters & Mr Hubby.
i will continue to be the not-so-perfect mom..haha!!

Then,i had a great shopping too last weekend.
im so loyal to SK-II.Restock my daily vitamin for my face.
Free SK-II Men Moisturiser,lol...For Mr Hubby,perhaps?
Haha...But he decline.He doesn't use any skincare yet his face condition 
is so much better than me..>.<
So,the free one i gave to my dad.And for your info,my dad so want it,haha!!

Some new Baby Gap sleeping apparel for my Baby Justina.
Should be big baby now.
So in love with the blue one,the kitty is on the elephant.
Even though im not a blue colour lover,but this color combi with the kitty image
is just perfect and sweet to eyes...=)

Have you all HelloKitty Junkies in Malaysia
collected the McD Happy Meal HelloKitty figurines?
This week already released the 3rd one.
Just 1 more last to go. But some place already
released all the 4 pieces...
For my area,i still need to wait for next week to complete my set.
The 1st: HelloKitty Loves Dancing.

The 2nd: HelloKitty Loves Reading.

The 3rd: HelloKitty Loves Tennis.

So,see you again! Bye!

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