Monday, June 29, 2009

sAlt of uniQueness bY sUet Ling

Guess what is this?? Not the kiTTy behind...hehe:p Does it look like colourful sand?
If yes,u may wonder where i get this colourful sand!!
This is not sand.It's salt...
Long time ago,when i was still studying,1 of my friends,i forgot jor who she was,
she taught me how to make this colourful salt...

ingredients: extremely small salt,chalks with various colours
tools which u need: jack-knife,bowl

First,you use the jack-knife to peel off the chalks so it becomes powder.After you feel satisfied with the amount of the powder,you pour out some salt into the bowl and mix the powder chalks and salt.And will becomes like this :-

i know how to make this but i m a lazy gurl...This was made by shirley aka r ling.She is my sisTer,younger sisTer, ok? i m the older...She made this to give her friends as birthday present.Unique,rite?

all aBout heLLo kiTTy

i have a small list of heLLo kiTTy stUff.Trying "not sO hard" to collect kiTTy things....If you all want to have a view,you can view it at my sidebar title... addicted to ~~ i like seeing them
( heLLo kiTTy). When i wake up in the morning, i feel happy to start my new day as i know they will accompany me & are by my side!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

゚。・:*✿s U e ty i n3w hAirsTyle゚。・:*✿

i had changed my hairstyle.hehe:p Actually not much,
i m still curly hair,
but just done rebonding half front part of my hair.This month,used lot of money jor....i already bought the kiTTy phone.But,luckily it was not so expensive that i rebonding my hair.i have a regular hair salon.Whenever i need to cut my hair or sometimes lazy to wash my hair,or wanna dye my hair or curl or rebond my hair,i will go to this salloon.The location of the salon is at Damai Court(the...can say new shops) besides VL Artwork.
Salon name is REDXON which the signboard is half in red & half in white.In my opinion,she(the owner) is a profesional hair stylish who came back from Singapore.She is someone who really will do all her best in making your hair nicer.Besides,my curls that she permed for me last longer too,about 6 months,the curlz is still obvious.Before this,i go to other salon,but the curls or rebonding that i had can't last long.There is always a saying," always go to just 1 salon to do your 'hair project' as the hair stylish who often serves you know what are your needs better than other people".

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Q heLLo kiTTy head touch handphone~ c90

Ordered on last Monday(8/6/09),after deposited money to the supplier of kiTTy handphone,i waited,erm..actually impatiently for the arrival of the kiTTy hp.He told me that it will arrive about 5-7 days after payment.At that time,really hope that it will come on Tuesday.On 15/6/09(Monday),it arrived.i wasn't at shop,so my sister help me to signed the package.She called me after the postman went off.i was in the bank at that time.So,i went back to shop with my hubby ASAP.

My hubby commented on me that i behaved like a child.When i came back shop,my sister showed me the package and asked me to opened it fast.

After opened it,split out words of "wOwed" among us.It came with a bag,kiTTy handsfree,kiTTy charger,kitty cable,a mini hp pouch and the kiTTy hp.

It is a heLLo kiTTy head touch screen handphone~c90.i bought it for SG $250(rm648 including postage fees).Sorry for late posting in my blog as i was busy copying mp3,videos and all that can fit in the phone.^_^

i put on my hand to take its picture,so that you all can expect its size!The camera is located at the ribbon.Flashlight is there too.If you interested in this hp,want to know more about its specifications and want to have 1, click here . i bought it here.hehe:p

But,i will try my best to find this kiTTy hp to sell at my shop.It's cute and unique as it do not look like a handphone!i like it sO much! And thanks to my beloved hubby....Like kiTTy always!!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

~~all about d.i.m blink blink stuff~~

i like d.i.m (do it myself) especially sticking stickers or cystals to handphones,laptop,mp3 or on whatever surface that can be stick.i like unique and creative!!i had spent about 2 days to d.i.m my handphone..w910i !Even though it is old,but after sticking it with crystals,it looks brand new and special too.(one of a kind)Actually ,it shouldn't need so much time in d.i.m,but i want it to be perfect,if not, but at least near perfect!!So, i carefully plan and d.i.m stick blink blink on to it..

front view of my w910i

back view..blink blink with 3d flower on it.

when slide it kiTTy sticker at the keypad

Not only my handphones that i d.i.m,my laptop & calculator took part too.hehe:p When i had d.i.m my handphone,i feel happy as i can see bright colours on my phone.No dull and black phone anymore!You can try it too.Believe me,after doing it yourself,the feeling of satisfied overwhelm you...A nice try to increase your level of happiness!

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