Thursday, November 24, 2011

ete x Hello Kitty✿◕‿◕✿

Hello.Sorry for my delay updating my
post here.These few days quite a 
lot new stocks arrive.And i was like
working for 1 whole year work.
But,worth! As this is the item i had waited
for it to safely arrive me.
All the above items in above picture
is ete x Hello Kitty products from
Hong Kong.i am planning to get the red pumps
with big ribbons.And also the white furry tote bag!
How cute are they!!

Look what i had ordered for myself.
The supra shoes,we called them.
Red in colour,with white kitty face and 
a few red ribbons!
i already wore it today
and caught quite a lot attentions
from strangers...Hehehe...
i ♥ attentions!!!
So,that's all for today's sharing!
Bye,and hope you have a great weekend!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Che Che x Hello Kitty✿◕‿◕✿

All stories need to be postpone
to allow tonight's sharing of
Che Che x Hello Kitty.

Ya,it is Che Che New York Hello Kitty
Swarovski Watch.
This is only selling in Japan and Korea only
if i am not wrong.
But you can buy from Hyeon Jong.
Search her name at facebook.
She is my best friend.For your info,
she lives in Korea.She helped me order this watch.
i think the above pic is just blur.
You surely cannot see clearly the watch.
i can tell you,the swarovski is really blinks.
So,i am truly madly happy as this watch
is in my wishlist too.Other Hello Kitty
watch i am not so interested,only this.
i like Che Che brand too.
And surely Hello Kitty.
So,this 2 combination is perfect!
Mr Hubby gifted this to me as our
8th wedding anniversary!
So,if you want to order,click below the name.

Mr Hubby is funny.He said my present 
is getting more expensive each year.
He is like very scare of me,
he said i use money like use
water.Very fast and efficient!!
Hahaha...Till here then,
nite nite.Gotta sleep early as i 
am suffering headache actually.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Okay,tonight my story 
will be about my hello kitty hunt 
at Pavilion Parkson.Yeay,i went there
on my birthday,15/10 that very day.
i am not really always hunt kitty stuff
at Parkson.Normally will buy online
as my living area no Parkson. ;(
Very very small lil town!

So,i got myself Hello Kitty
die-cut plates set.
Very very colourful but if they are all
in pink,i will be happier.
Hello Kitty food bag storage clips.
Which is in very very soft colour tone.
Like them very berry much!
Wish to get them long time ago,
and suddenly noticed them,
so faster grab it back...
Hello Kitty plastic cups 
that i grab from Daiso.
Daiso,selling every item in RM5 only.
i have no idea why i am buying these cups.
Maybe because of hello kitty? Haha...
The power of Hello Kitty.
This is actually Hello Kitty handkerchief box
but many misunderstood it,and called it
tumbler. -.-'''
And Hello Kitty laundry pegs.
If it is in pink,surely i will go 
crazy.Luckily not in pink!! Haha...
This is Hello Kitty handphone holder which
i got from the lucky draw.
i actually wants the squared face pillow
very badly but i just managed to get this.
Wanna pay anpther RM30 to have 1 more try
to try my luck,but Mr Hubby not allowed.
He said better use the money to buy kitty stuff 
online.i am a good wife.i listened to Mr Hubby!
Hello Kitty card holder to hold my 
IC and driving license.
Another design of Hello Kitty
card holder.To hold my daughters' IC.
Hehehehehe...! :)
Hello Kitty A4 size pouch.
Very in love with the pink colour.
So sharp!
Hello Kitty memopad.
i already had many memopad,
but really like to collect them.
Hello Kitty pen with stamp.
Hello Kitty stamper.
Not very sure what is the function of this item.
Hello Kitty 3D alphabets sticker
which is now already sticking on my laptop.
(Will upload the pic of my new design laptop
for you all here soon)
Hello Kitty pen which i got free
from Parkson.

Free Hello Kitty die-cut mirror.
Free Hello Kitty and friends notepad.
Okay,gotta stop here,as the 
internet line is very slow.
Hard to upload anymore pics.
Nite Nite!!

Friday, November 4, 2011

figurine more & more✿◕‿◕✿

i have 'something' towards
figurine,those tiny little
dummy that we used to call
them 'figurine'.
Some of my figurine's 
new collection.
Hello Kitty Formation Arts figurine set.
There is Greek Goddess,Chinese Empress,
English Queen,French Princess
and Arabian Dancer.
For sure i am most in love with
French Princess as it is in
The other complete set of Hello Kitty 
figurine with pink stand.
And last but not least,authentic Sanrio
Character Festival Hello Kitty Mascot Box(Candy Toy)
all the way from overseas brought 
back by my bro-in-law for me.
How nice of him!!
So,this complete set consists of 
Candy Apple,Octopus Ball,Shaved Ice,Crepe,
Fried Squid,Shaped Candy,Paper Lantern,
Goldfish Capture,Yoyo and Wind Chime.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

some stationery essential✿◕‿◕✿

Hi,my dearest friends.
Sorry for my late updating my blog.
Recently my online store is doing pre-order
hello kitty stuff originally from Japan
& Korea.And the good news
is i got quite a lot orders.
So,this time i am really busy with
loads of works.

So,today managed to squeeze
a little time to drop by here
sharing some stationery essentials
that i asked my facebook friend,
Fiza dear to buy for me.

So,there is Hello Kitty Cardboard 
File Holder in Pink colour,my
favourite colour.
And also in red colour,
the original colour of hello kitty.
Both this is now in my daughters' room.
They will be using them,of course!
And lastly she helped me to get this
Hello Kitty Cutter
in 2 different colours,
white and pink!
All these kitty stuff are cheap
and you all can get them too!
i felt so happy recently
as Mr Hubby promise to make
my-dream-won't-come-true-at first
to becomes true!! How great is that.
i will let you all know when i get it 
from Mr Hubby,k??

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