Sunday, June 30, 2013

HelloKitty Everywhere(ミ・。・ミ)

For the whole busily with my stupid iPhone or is it my laptop acting up? Suddenly my iPhone can't connect to ITunes in my laptop. i have no idea why as before this all were running extremely well. Even though my iPhone is jailbroken( the main reason i jailbroke it myself is because of cute themes!) but it won't affect with connecting to iTunes. So,busy google search for the answer why i kept on getting this error code(i forgot what code as now it is fixed xD) finally those expert in forum teaching how to fix this problem.. i need to use iTunes to sync the photos i had taken in camera roll which i move it to albums that i had named in my laptop.Therefore sync it back to my iPhone,the photos aren't in the camera roll anymore. They will all in separate albums with titles!! Am i not brilliant? Haha..So,you know why im super panic just now when my laptop acting up!!

Now,can sit on my home sofa and updating this post.Recently, 7-11 Malaysia also join the 'big company group' in releasing Hello Kitty.

Total of 20 Hello Kitty charms to be collect.Buying things from 7-11 shop, RM5 above in a receipt,you get 1 sticker. Some selected items entitled you to get extra sticker. Collect 20 stickers to exchange 1 charm. Or 10 stickers + RM3.90 also can exchange for a charm. But,unfortunately you CANNOT choose the charm. Given in a packet and you risk in collecting the same one!

Photo of the hello kitty charms nicely hanging at the Ferris wheel(this photo taken by Meijoyce ,hehe)For me,i had decided not to collect this series. The main reason is because charm not really my taste unless it is a 3D one like those re-ment,still catch my attention. Second,seldom shop in 7-11(by the way,not many stuff selling there) Third,couldn't let myself into the risk of getting the same charm again & again.i know,i can always exchange the charm with other hello kitty junkies in Facebook but these charms really can't get my attention..Haha!!

At the same time,Hong Kong McDonald's releasing this super kawaii,cute Circus theme set.

im still into plushies especially from McDonald's Hong Kong. im gonna get this FULL SET for myself and also for some of my lovely customers.As a little kid last last time,i like going to circus. My parents brought me to several circus before and i enjoyed their show. Especially the clown & performers! This set going to be my new most loved set aside from the fairy tales set..:)

Wait till they arrive,i will upload more pics of them for you to enjoy!The full set also has a pop up story book and 26pcs of alphabets cards!i have no idea why there is a customer who also ordered with me requesting can she only get the plushies but not the book and cards? It is included what..You know,you collect the full set,the satisfied feeling..that's what we all chasing to have..Really like what Mr Hubby always tell me..there is many types of people in this world..@.@
Anyway,she also want the full set..Maybe she thought if she wants the plushies only,the price will be cheaper a bit? Haha...:P

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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Hit & Run

Today had been a bad day for Mr Hubby! As usual,Mr Hubby went out to fetch both daughters back from tuition class this evening. im at home with Baby J who is taking her noon nap. The story goes like this(according to Mr Hubby), on his way back after both daughters and Mr Hubby's aunt's son also together in the car,there is a very big corner at the Mentakab to Temerloh road. This corner Already quite an amount of accident happened.

Mr Hubby was driving in the inside lane and this Proton car drove by a Malay guy overtakes him.At this big corner! He drove quite fast. The 'He' refers to the Malay guy not Mr hubby. Im gonna say,if you are not a good driver,please don't drive fast and trouble others! He turned his car and maybe he lose control or whatsoever,his car 'kiss' Mr Hubby's car which is drove slow and steady at own lane. Means this Malay guy's car was in Mr Hubby's lane. Luckily,Mr Hubby is steady enough to control the car,if not,i think really serious matter. Make the story short,Mr Hubby kept on honing him but he didn't even stop his car and tried to escape. Sped even fast now till out of Mr Hubby's sight!

Mr Hubby managed to see his car registration number. It is CCK7078 ,a new Proton Saga in silver colour with PROTON logo at the car. Believed this is a company car. Mr Hubby decided not to report as our car damage not serious,but we managed to get his address.i just mad at this kind of irresponsible people who hit & run. Can't he just stop and see how serious.WTF!! Can't he see the car loads with a few kids??!

Will just take this matter as lost some money(for repairing the car) to prevent blood incident..i believe every Chinese knows what i mean. It is better to lose some money then to have any injury..=)

So,as for me,im surely frightened just now as Mr Hubby is the most important person in my life! Therefore,nothing much to share today,i just hope people will be more responsible and don't because of afraid to pay others then you try escape. You can't escape FOREVER!

i think if a post without any pic will be bored & dull..So here's a pic to brighten up a bit today's post!

Hopefully these Hello Kitty Maneki Neko in various colours will bring luck,fortune,health & of course,money to us! Hehe...

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Monday, June 24, 2013


As promised to write a hello kitty post.

Red red!! i had been searching for this Hello Kitty kitchen tissue paper roll holder for such a long time,like forever lol. Finally im lucky enough to get it from Shan,my online Singaporean friend. You may add her Facebook account: Shan HK. Selling quite a lot rare hello kitty stuff.
Cute Hello Kitty Face Stationery Holder or function as mobile phone stand.

Okay,so now all my pens,pencils,ruler & cutter have their resting place..hehe!! Oh ya..if you interested to get this stationery holder,im doing pre-order for this.Add my shop Facebook account:KittyYi SweetSweetshop for further details.

Currently waiting for our dinner at a restaurant. As always,eating with my parents-in-law! See you again!

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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Shopping Day(ミ・。・ミ)

So,Saturday morning after our breakfast, we(Mr Hubby,me & 3 precious daughters) headed back to Kuantan. To visit my parents,besides that,to buy present for both my daughters for doing so well in their mid-year exam. Also not forgotten to have my shopping spree,as always!

Reached my shop in Kuantan,just got to know that Despicable Me had invaded into my gift shop..Oh,they are so funny,lolol...

Not only that,LINE Cony & Brown is here too in my shop.

This is actually coin bank.Yes,selling in my shop in Kuantan.If wanna buy them can visit my shop at Malay Town near ECM,Kuantan.

I had accidentally spotted a very sweet in pink handbag in Parkson.So,to make the story short,refer the pic below..hehe!!

Using my most persuasive eyes staring at Mr Hubby hoping he will nod his head & buy me the bag.i kept on saying how rarely handbag in sweet pink colour,and this is a chance that shouldn't be miss.Happily am i walking out of Parkson with the newly bought pink handbag Mr Hubby helped paid for!

Shopping loots from Parkson.

My loots in the pic is a few apparels and the pink handbag.Stationery sets are both daughters' and some small apparels for the youngest daughter,Justina.Jaychelle also got a newly made spectacles which is in we favourite colour,BLUE~ Mr Hubby spoiled me and daughters much.

Awe...How can you resist such a sweet handbag especially it is in this pastel pink colour??! i can't resist!! Therefore,i must buy it even after that,the few days only bread as my meal..hahaha!!

Me using the new pinky handbag! i had gain some weight..need to eat less and do more exercise now.Normally im in 48kg,i not dare to step on the weighing scale now.i think will be in 50 or 50+

Heavy haze reached Kuantan this morning.Even the little one also want a mask when she saw her sisters had it,but see how big the mask is..muahahaha!Had posted a video of the little one to my Instagram.You can have a look there at how funny she is with her 'peace' sign.Oops,almost forget,my Instagram username: mrskittyyi

Ps: You should have download this Blogpress from AppStore if you are also using idevice..It is just so so so convenient now for me to blog regardless of wherever im.Thanks to my friend, Meijoyce who recommend it to me. Therefore,you can read my post regularly now.Hehe...

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Friday, June 21, 2013

Report Card Day(ミ・。・ミ)

Today,after breakfast, Mr Hubby & me have a very great mission to complete. That is out daughters' school Report Card Day. The day to take your children report card and class teacher will discuss about children learning progress and development.

For me,im quite satisfied with my daughters' result. This mid-year exam,my elder daughter, Daychelle had show some improvement. My 2nd daughter,although had a bit deterioration in her exam result,but still gain full As' except a B for her Math subject.

Daychelle mid-year exam result. Thanks GOD straight As' for the 5 main subjects. She got 10th in her class and 47th throughout Year 3. Her class teacher told me to give her some encouragement to be more hardworking as just a few more higher position she able to gain throughout Year 3, she can enter 1st class next year. Now she is in the 2nd class..:)

While my second daughter,Jaychelle also in 2nd class. A bit weak if compare to her sister.

But still fine for me..Her class teacher had asked to give more revision for her Math subject as she is really really weak in that subject. She got 32th in her class & 81st throughout Year 2. Conclusion? im proud of both my daughters! The most important is to see their average scores. 500 full marks and both also in 400++..=)

Posted out their result to share my happiness with you all,also to give some haters see that i didn't bluff about my daughters' result. Muahahaha...

Besides you also can have a look at their last year mid-year & final exam..

Daychelle Year 1 result

Daychelle Year 2 result

Jaychelle Year 1 result
Till here then. See you later in my next kitty post!

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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

LINE APP(ミ・。・ミ)

Today wanna share about the only app that can make me so addicted to it. It is as told in the title today: LINE app.

If you are using the so-called smartphones like idevice or Samsung,this app is not new to you. im using it,so if you wanna find me,you can add me there. My user id is mrskittyyi. im so in love with the sticker pack which you can use it to decorate your chat with friends. Use it to update a status. i prefer updating my current status in LINE app than in Facebook because of the cute sticker pack..Of course i use real money to purchase them eventhough I had a jailbroken iphone. i like to use cute themes and cute fonts,that's the reason i jailbreak my iPhone. Not to hack in-app purchase! Anyway,if you wanna catch up with my daily schedule,what im busy with at the moment,feel free to add me. i often check notification there and also enjoy viewing my friends' status..

im also addicted to the LINE PLAY game. Have a look at my house and my avatar.

Super sweet in pink and almost fully packed with stuff right?? Nah...i like it this way..i know,I need to accept others' opinion,but do you cities know,there is a cute girl commented that it looks cute but too complicated with too many furniture!! OMG!! i think i have the right to decorate it anyway i like,isn't it? It is only a game,why so serious??! Let's not talk about her..:P

How about have a look at my iPhone current home screen? im always using 4 pages.

As number 1 refer to the 1st page,my lovely photo of me & Mr Hubby( sweet of us!!

2nd,located all the important app that I check regularly, 3rd: my kawaii photo..(hahaha!!!) And the last is not-so-important apps...

Now you know why i like to jailbreak my iPhone. i can't stand the default ugly gray,black,blue colour(dull & boring) and with jailbreak,i can put widgets too! Still prefer iPhone than Samsung..i know android phone needless to jailbreak,all the trouble...also can use cute themes! But still i prefer iPhone..

im now trying to post to my blog using BlogPress from AppStore. Suggested by my lovely friend, meijoyce (
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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

More iphone clothing to come!!(ミ・。・ミ)

The only thing that keep me happy & excited.
Hello Kitty,of course...& also iphone clothing.
In other words,iphone coverssss

For your info,this type of casing,
i already had 3 include this...
Custom made by manicurist.
Using nail powder. i can let you know this 
type of casing damn cute,till you see the real one.
You sure can't resist.
i got asked a lot how much,and where can get it.
You can buy from a manicurist. Her facebook account is Ng Pui Lu.
But be sure you really confirm want & will buy only contact her.
The price is RM400++ for each.

Too many asking her the price but never buy after that,
(consider who afford to buy,quite pricey)
that's what makes her lazy to reply people asking for the case price.

The first 2 this type of case,i got from her.
This one is Mr Hubby requested his relative,also a manicurist,
to custom made for me. i gave her the design and she made it.
Purposely add My Melody,Twin Star and also Cinammoroll.
They look super kawaii!!
Do you notice inside pic got My Melody plugy?
Got it from Parkson Pavilion.
Price reasonable,only RM46.90...hehe..

Had told you in this post title, more iphone clothing..hehe :P
Super heart this too!! OMG! OMG! 
This lovely bling case came with a matching plugy big charm.
And it is original keychain from Sanrio.
Not the one who really collect all authentic Sanrio stuff,
whatever Sanrio item cute,but if it isn't authentic,
i mean authentic don't have that design,
i still will buy it because of its cuteness! can see that,my Melody collection is growing slowly.
By the way,if you want this cute Melody case,welcome to add my 
online shop facebook account
or liked my shop page

Sanrio Hello Kitty Sleeping Beauty Plushie is mine!!
Yeay,all the way from Japan..

im also doing pre-order for this plush.
Sorry,this is mine...Not going to sell it..
You can pre-order from me =)
Details can refer to my shop facebook account.

Wanna have some kittylicious food? Here you go! Hehe =)
Finally my hello kitty re-ment stuff had their rest place..
Bought this showcase..But still can't put all in it..>.<
Think to get another one..
Today till here. Is time for me to fetch my daughters back from
their tuition classes...GoodBye!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Under construction(ミ・。・ミ)

So, this is the living room upstair in my house.
Mr Hubby suggested earlier to decorate this abandoned 
living room as my hello kitty mini world =)

And i ordered the hello kitty stripe wallpaper from China.
Moved every hello kitty from downstair to upstair.
This pic taken last month. Still a lot of work to do..
Such a mess! >.<
So,when it is fully done,will upload the pic here and share with you all.

Pic of the complete set of McDonald's Malaysia 
Happy Meal Hello Kitty Toys.
Only released 4 pieces,not like the US McDonald's
which released 6 pieces...>.<

Before school holidays finish, last weekend
we had been to KL for a shopping spree.
What i got from Daiso.
Always is hello kitty stuff~

Yesterday a parcel reached me and im super happy & excited.
All the way from Taiwan.
Let's have a look!
It is Hello Kitty Fairy Tales Stamp Set from
7-11 Taiwan this year.
My friend helped me get the complete set with the cute castle box.
Super love them especially the castle box to keep them.
Castle box is made of cardboard,fyi.
Another great collection added...=)

Also received the custom made iphone casing that i had ordered earlier.
That's the most perfect casing,in my opinion.
If you are 1 of my Instagram followers,
you will have saw it!!
Wait till i share it here with you all 
more pics of the case =)

Something about me to share..
im already boring staying at home.
So,i had decided to apply for a job.
Mr Hubby not really allow, but i think of apply first.
If i really got the job,then only tell him..haha!!
Not really care about the job salary,i just want to fill my free time
and get some experience working with other...
(Graduated almost 10 years but i never work before)
What a joke right!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

McDonald's again??!(ミ・。・ミ)

McDonald's all around the world 
non-stop giving us hello kitty surprise.
For your info,McDonald's Singapore recently just
started the fairy tales set.
For your info again,this set already released by 
McDonald's Hong Kong year 2012.
And im the luckiest to have the full set,with hard cover story book,
and cardssssss....!
Got the 5 Hello Kitty fairy tales plushie,and also
the limited edition Hello Kitty witch.
McD Singapore has the limited edition Hello Kitty skeleton.
i can get that too,but im not so like HelloKitty in such a scary character.

Finally the last Happy Meal Hello Kitty toy from McD Malaysia.
It has strawberry scent and it is actually a sticker dispenser.
How cute is this!!

Ok,so,my dad knows me well.
He went to Guardian,saw this,grab it for me.
The tissue boxes from Guardian.
The shampoo dispenser is for my mom.
i had that already...=)
Thank You,daddy!

How are your school holiday weekend?
Didn't go anywhere as my daughters,3 of them just heal.
3 of them fever at the same time...=(
Maybe planning to go KL shopping later on..

Birdnest supply from Mr Hubby for me.
Haha...Can last how many months?
If you are interested with fresh pure birdnest,
the one already clean like the above or those still 
have fur on it,you can contact me.
My hubby is doing birdnest business,fyi.
Price can be negotiated...=)

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