Sunday, December 17, 2017


Thanks to my only man, Mr Hubby ♥
For spoiling me again!!! Didn't expect he will buy for me.
I really thought Iphone 6+ is my last Iphone because the Iphone now selling way too expensive!!

And once again, Mr Hubby pampered me with this. I'm so so excited when I got hold of it.
I super like the new design of Iphone X which doesn't have the home button. 
Quitting app now has become an easy job. And switching from 1 app to another also extremely fast! I like it.. And the Animoji. Very fun playing. I kept on playing it with my sis. She also using Iphone X now hehe.... 

Grab this last month but now only reach me 😌 because I didn't back to Kuantan and so,
my brother brought to me when he outstation at Temerloh.
My living town doesn’t even has Sasa, find my bro’s help buy this at Sasa ECM,Kuantan. 

I like the spray bottle design actually, that’s the reason I buy this. 
I like collecting cute stuff. My hobby haha!!

Yesterday attend my secondary classmate's wedding dinner at KL.
Before going, took a photo at home first hehe...Mr Hubby had slim down a lot after sick.
And I kind of happy because he is no longer fat fat, just like the one I met when I young.
Slim & handsome haha...

The very first photo took using my Iphone X.
Portrait mode. The lighting there was very very poor.
But, luckily this photo came out nice.
She is my best friend when I moved to Temerloh school, studying Form 3 that time.
We always hang out together. My school friend, my hangout friend too. Finally, she got married and I'm happy for her to find her true love. 
"Wishing her joy, love and happiness on her wedding day and 
as she begins her new life together, my dear friend.”

Hello Kitty

My office table setup ♥

Changed a new monitor rack, it is Hello Kitty branded :P
Actually is my customer ordered the Hello Kitty monitor rack, but the supplier sent wrong pattern.
No choice, if send back to supplier, the shipping fee is expensive as send overseas. So, I took 1 for myself. And I quite like the pattern, where the left side lower a bit and I can put the humidifier and it won't block my monitor screen.

And I also add a very cute Hello Kitty long table mat at my work desk.
Working with so many Hello Kitty makes my working life so enjoy! Hehehe...

Newly added Hello Kitty Stationery Stuff, also for use in office.
For your info, I'm selling the cute Hello Kitty scissors, Hello Kitty correction tape, Hello Kitty Stapler Set & the Hello Kitty Gel Ink Pen.
Price as below:
Scissors - RM15
Correction Tape - RM5
Stapler Set - RM25
Gel Ink Pen Set - RM8
Most important, they are all READY STOCK! 
Contact me for payment details if you interested to buy.

Sorry for the late post of this. 
This McDonald's X Hello Sanrio Tea Set released in October 2017 in McDonald's Malaysia
and also McDonald's Taiwan. I bought this set from McDonald's Taiwan.

And then I got another 4pcs from McDonald's Japan.
Can you spot which 4? 
To be really complete set, I still miss out 2pcs, if I'm not wrong, 
from McDonald's USA. Hopefully I can find good deal for that to complete this set.

I'm always feeling I'm so lucky to have so many great people surrounding me.
Friends, family members, relatives. Even online friends also amazing!

Received this Hello Kitty surprise box full of Hello Kitty snacks & biscuits from 
my online BFF, Angel. What words to describe my feeling now ♥
I super like the Hello Kitty box which has a kitty head as the box lock.
It is whole package together with the snacks & biscuits ordered from Japan.
OMG!! I'm truly spoiled by her ♥♥♥

Hey, you all Hello Kitty lovers!! Head over to Guardian Malaysia.
There is a few new Hello Kitty items just released.

I bought this Hello Kitty Happy Bath Set RM25.90 which consists of a rose body wash and a sponge.
There is also Hello Kitty Sweet Kisses Lip Balm Set & Hello Kitty Total Hand Care Set
but I didn't buy them because my sis had helped me bought from Guardian Singapore earlier.
Just like after I asked her help to buy for me, then tomorrow I get to know Guardian Malaysia is selling >.< Funny right!!

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Home Kitty Home

Almost 1 month. Had been fallen sick and just get well. Still tired. 
Last last week, my whole family had fallen sick. Me, Mr Hubby & my daughters.
Going in and out from the clinic. Phew...>.< Finally, we are getting better. Thanks GOD!

Another cute kitty corner in my living room. This Hello Kitty shelf is shoes rack actually.
But how am I gonna use it to put shoes!! It is too cute in pink. So, I put it in my living room. I'm selling this Hello Kitty shoes rack and also the 3D Hello Kitty Wall Sticker. You may contact me to buy it. They are all ready stocks :)

My living room's new day curtain. It is Hello Kitty!!!! 
😍 Simple with a little bit Hello Kitty & love prints is nice! Too many Hello Kitty will looks complicated & not pretty at all 😂 

I had ordered the same design for my bedroom's window. Must customize as my room's window is quite large (1 wall) Can't buy those ready made ones.

 Omg! *faint* 😱😍 I like my bedroom so much now! 
My Hello Kitty Day & Night Curtain. Should have replace this earlier.
So pink & sweet right?!! 

New Hello Kitty indoor slipper for my kitchen. 

If I'm not wrong, I think I told before that I had bought a new camera.
It is Panasonic Lumix GF-9.
Had always wanna blog about this camera in details, but I kept on postponing the post.
Till now already half year since I had this camera.

Most of my photos taken using this camera. I seldom use my Iphone to take photos, except if my camera isn't around. The only thing I dislike about this camera is the lens cover,which is quite troublesome when you want to take photo. Took it out and it cannot hang. 

Finally I found a Hello Kitty lens cover. Last time it is trouble to keep the lens cover whenever I take photo as the lens cover no string, nothing attached to it. Now, much easy with the string whenever I take photo. Just took off the lens cover and it is hanging there, no need to worry about it. And also a new Hello Kitty camera pouch. Too bad it isn't in soft pink. I prefer soft pink.

The latest me!!! Yeah, I permed my hair...again!
I’m not born with soft & smooth hair type. Even after rebonding, also need to use hair straightener every time after washing hair 😪 how tired over the last 9 months!! 
I’m back to curly hair, Welcome December 🎄

How is it? Looking fresh :P Haha...
I'm preparing myself with new hairstyle, new hair colour, later next week eyelash extension to celebrate X'mas in Macao. Yes, our family trip this year ♥

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