Thursday, December 27, 2012

Silent Night or Flood Night??(ミ・。・ミ)

Greetings from Kuantan.
yes,im currently in Kuantan,my parents' home.
Back here to on last Sunday to celebrate Christmas with
my parents.My family is Christian,FYI.
But,sadly,on 24th (Christmas Eve) mostly all places in Kuantan
FLOOD. Rains poured non-stop..
The morning of 24th,it was still raining.
We went out to have our breakfast and then head to our shop
which is located in Malay Town(near East Coast Mall)
As usual,we will have our shopping in ECM.
Dad called Mom and asked whether home got flood??
My Mom still laugh said no,impossible as we came out this morning,
nothing happen. No water level seen.

But then,mostly the roads in Kuantan traffic jams
and some had been blocked..because of FLOOD.
We managed to get back home about 5 pm and OMG!!
Back home only know just now flood 'arrived'.
Cleaned the house for New Year..=)
Super tired,luckily only the kitchen and the front part of the house
flooded.If the whole house,im gonna faint!!

Wow...Mr Hubby knows me well!! 
My Xmas gift from Mr Hubby.This came just in time as 
some of my SK-II products used up! 
Thankies, Mr Hubby~ u gonna work harder now..hehe
Got this Limited Edition Rochas SK-II box too.

We still attend the X'mas Eve Dinner Party.
This is my look for that night. ❤ 
Mr Hubby said looks like doll?? My Instagram  friends commented
i look like a lil girl with this dress on..*shy*
i super love the ballerina flats that i just bought from Vincci. 
Matching with my dress right? i was also wearing the white 
with small bow long nylon stockings.
My 2 elder princess look for the X'mas Eve night.

Merry Christmas from Mr Hubby & me! 
Few days later,we will celebrate our 9th wedding anniversary! ❤ 
i feel so contented that im still with Mr Hubby.
We can share the love together for so many years.
Someone photo missing?? No,i still remember her,my youngest daughter,
Baby Justina.
She is now 19 months and yesterday fever.
Actually we were going back to Temerloh but due to
Baby J sick,we postponed till she get well soon...=(
Last but not least,good deals from
Brands Outlet. Such a good deal surely share with all mommas out there.
Bought these for my 2 daughters Chinese New Year apparels.
the price is reasonable and the quality of the apparels is good.
My daughters prefer to wear clothes or dress like an adult.
They seldom wear or even never wear apparels like those long dress
that every little gals out there wearing..Therefore,they now choose 
for their own apparels. They have the decision as i want them
 to learn make decision for themselves.
They are quite up-to-date when it comes to clothings..
Like mother,like daughter?? haha...

Friday, December 21, 2012

My Melody(ミ・。・ミ)

Recently My Melody looks so cute!
Sweetness overload & tempted me to buy My Melody stuff.
Like this:
Guess what is this??
Finally,after weeks of searching(mostly sellers out of stock)
and waiting,it is now safely arrived to me.
It is a iphone pouch plushie...Cute isn't it??

My Melody's Day Out.
The new My Melody plushie cover super match 
my Melody furry sling bag~
Am i cute? Or act cute?? Haha!!
This is the latest me...
im still not very satisfied with my body shape,
especially the tummy area..
Still have tummy fat..=(
Will try my best to exercise more,and eat healthily.
Bless me xP
Tonight celebrate Winter Solstice with family-in-laws.
Happy Winter Solstice to every of my blog readers^^

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Kitties all the way from Singapore(ミ・。・ミ)

Hello,my loyal blog readers.
How have you been? im fine and in pink of health.
i always asked my Singapore friend's help to buy me 
hello kitty stuff from Singapore. Watsons,Guardian & even 7-11
Singapore always have fascinating kitty items.
Like this:

Hello Kitty Diva & Sailor 4GB pendrive
which you can grab it from 7-11 Singapore.
Each selling SGD29.90.i think the price still reasonable.
They are super chio!!! 
Not going to really use them. As part of my collections.

Another good deal! Bought this Energizer Hello Kitty Power Bank
from Public Bank Emall.
Click here if you wanna get one for yourself.
Comes with a kitty pouch,and also various tips which 
suitable for mostly devices,ranging from Apple,Samsung,Nokia,MP3 & etc.
Therefore,no more battery low complaint.

And after so long my ipad still using the same kitty cover,
finally i bought new clothes for my ipad.
After considering hard on which the nicer to get,
i chose this,Classic Hello Kitty ipad protective cover.
It comes with a die-cut hello kitty cloth for you to clean your ipad.
Who's selling? Me..Yes,is selling.
Do add my little online shop.
Check it out here.

Till here.Goodbye~

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Guardian Malaysia(ミ・。・ミ)

As shown in title,Guardian Malaysia.
Yes,our country,Malaysia had hello kitty stuff,Finally!
See what i grab this morning:
There is tongue cleaner,dental floss toothpick,
cotton swabs,antibacterial wipes & plasters! 
3 different plasters box & i bought all!!
There is also the handwash & shower gel
that i got from Giant Hypermarket.
So,those who haven't get the handwash & shower gel,
you can get them from Guardian too.
i love their packaging,so sweet!
The plasters all are very cute.But,don't have chance to use them.
Not im going to cut myself to use the plaster..><

i had ordered for myself a cute in pink
Hello Kitty apron.
Washable,for your information.
You can pre-order from my lil 
online shop at facebook:
click here.

Hello Kitty soy sauce containers.
Just know i need this badly.
You never know if you never cook.

Hello Kitty face shape table mat which i actually
ordered 4 pcs for myself...but,unfortunately
the supplier totally OUT OF STOCK!
Just,i use them for myself,
not for sale.Super big,ok..
Not the usual small size.

Hello Kitty transparent water bottle
which i like this so much.
But how can an adult like me using this??!
So,think of a great idea.Told Mr Hubby,
Baby J need this using my own baby as an 
excuse to have this for my collections.
Original water bottle from Sanrio,
Made in Korea shining tag.
i got extra for sale..Ready stock.
Add my shop fb account for more details.

This is a gift from a lovely friend of mine
for Baby J. Hello Kitty baby bib from Lily Li.
My facebook friend.
Baby J already grow up & no longer use this.
Added to my collection..=) Whee...

Bought this from Lily. Hello Kitty string lights.
Go check out her fb account:
Click here.

She sells Hello Kitty stuff too.
That's all for today..

Sunday, December 2, 2012


So,this is the last month of every year.
Also 1 of my favourite month because
of Christmas. Yess!!! i like Christmas..
like receiving pressie season. Hehe...
Bought some kitty X'mas Christmas card for a few besties,
and also DIY kit..And hair adornments for my daughters.
Gonna do the DIY christmas kit soon.
Sure will upload the picha here =)

Among variety designs of MiNi watches,i chose this.
Pink & purple combination...purrrfect!
So,bought another extra for sale.
But now already sold to an online friend.
Heart the miniature heels,purse,watch & the dress.
So girly~

How cute or is it scary when he sits on your iphone?? LoL...
Bought this plugy at a local shop selling mobile phone accessories 
in East Coast Mall,Kuantan. 
But,not like my style,isn't it?? Anyway,i like him..Hehehe...

This is the result when daddy plays with Justina.
Mr Hubby likes to use cloth diapers to wrap baby J
like those Arabian people...>.<'''

i had quite a lot new hello kitty stuff but not yet 
snap photo of it,& edit it..So,maybe tomorrow will try share it here.
Now,i wanna go take my lunch first..See you then!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Just a short post for tonight.
Yesterday,my online best friend,
MummyHaza shared about this in her instagram.
i got to know from her that Giant Hypermarket,
yes,Malaysian should very well know this big supermarket.
Giant had this(refer below picture) for sale.
This is mine.Go get yours!!
Hello Kitty Cherry Handwash(the right side)
& Raspberry Shower Gel(the left side)
For your information,only these 2 designs available.
But,if you happen to see any different designs at the Giant
near to you,do let me know! As,my friend also bought these 2.
The 3D hello kitty liquid dispenser is super cute,isn't it??
The selling price for it is RM12.99
(if im not mistaken)
While for the other is RM9.99
im not really good in remembering price
even though just bought them this morning.
im not sure whether all Giant hypermarket have this.
But,try your luck,go to the nearest Giant...=)
Good Luck all!!

Monday, November 26, 2012


Waking up this morning afternoon,
i feel so contented with my life now.
You know why? Yes,im not as rich as those
Mrs driving a BMW or Benz.
i don't always travel by airplane
or eat abalone & shark fins,
but i have a very love me Mr Hubby,
a very good & caring parents-in-law,also family-in-laws,
the world best parents & brother sister,
and also nice friends around me.
More to say,but keep it short.
i get almost what i wish for,just named it to Mr Hubby.
He will try his best to fulfil my wishes..
That's what a woman wish for..A woman success isn't in
how high she can climb in career tree,but how blissful 
her married life. im not saying this because of i don't have my own career.
i,once, was a medical student and got scholarships to further 
study to other country.But,i chose love.
i got married with Mr Hubby,and so stop my study.
Never regret till now,this moment.

Okay,let's talk about yummylicious!
i super like this durian snow from Tong Pak Fu dessert shop.
Everytime i went there,sure will order this.Mr Hubby too! 

The first time i step into Starbucks.Yes,im telling the truth.
Everyone had been there XX times,but me..the first time.
im not a coffee or latte lover..but everyone has her/his first time.
Trying something new & relaxing there with Mr Hubby.

All about food & drink this post.
Yester-yesterday,had my dinner at Taiwan Little Kitchen
in Kuantan Pahang. i ordered this fried rice with fish chop.
The rice is super delicious!!! OMG!! i gain weight!
Few days living in my parents' home,im eating a lot
& sleeping a lot.That's my job..><
& not forget,shopping a lot..Haha..
Taken in East Coast Mall~ Disney Fair.
Certainly grab Minnie apparels for my Baby J.
She is now almost 18 months old.
Super active & naughty lil girl.
That's my mom with her.
My mom looks young,isn't it?? 
Already a grandmom 

Till here,friends! Thanks for dropping by & reading my story.
Have a sweet good night!

Saturday, November 24, 2012


Busy school holiday-ing now!
After back from Penang,lazying around my own house.
Online shopping & did some window shopping
is my current job.
(im not showing off,what to show off??!
Some peope even lead a richer life than me)
Just sharing my current life with you all xD
Result? Overspent!
Mr Hubby grounded me for about 2 weeks,
So,let's have a look some of the items i bought.
New Hello Kitty car seats cover set for my lil car.
Now is better,pink polkadot,my fave!
This car seats cover set is pre-order.
You can buy from my online shop:
Search KittyYi SweetSweetshop in facebook.
Or click here,

Hello Kitty Face Shape USB Charger,
which i wish to buy long time ago..
But guess what?? No need buy it.
My sister bought for me...
Miss my sister very much.
She had went to Johor to work.

Wentto my bro-in-law's(Mr Hubby's bro) wholesale shop,
& back with 2 cute iphone casing.
Hello Kitty Moustache~~

She is called Momo,from Korea.
She had been added to my big family of iphone cases.
You know,shhh!!! Don't let Mr Hubby knows about this.
It is a secret. There is another 3 more cases will 
reach me...>.<
1 of it is this:
Barbie iphone case.
And a big bow plugy.
Aww....super cute right?
Wait till you see the bow on my baby iphone.
For your info,the big bow,you can get it from Strapya World.
Price is a bit expensive for a plugy.
It costs me RM50-60.
(Forgot the exact price)
While the Barbie iphone case,
i ordered it from my supplier.
It is around RM180 if im not wrong.
If you wish to buy it,you can contact me.

See!! So big the bow..And it is pink polkadot.
That's my favourite!
Too kawaii,right? Hehehe...
Now,i can shopping back.
My grounded time had passed..Hehehe*wicked laugh*

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Short Penang Trip(ミ・。・ミ)

Sorry for the late post.
Back from the trip,i had been busy tidying 
the newly bought stuff. Hehe...
And also gone for a few shopping trip here
in my living area. Oh...what a addicted shopaholic m i!

What i had bought at the first day i reach Bukit Mertajam.
Bought all these at Autocity.
That's little but costs a lot.
A bit pricey but i heart all of them!!

The second day out to Penang's look 
Immediately use the new vintage handbag & the oxford shoes ❤❤
Been to First Avenue shopping mall just to 
have a look at this HelloKitty shop.
Hope to get something here,but unfortunately,
mostly the stuff selling here,i already owned..=(

Had our lunch at T-Bowl Concept Restaurant in Queensbay Mall.

Feels like in toilet eating shit??! Haha..xD
They had the ice-cream putting in a bowl.The bowl 
made like the toliet bowl.
We ordered that but unluckily,
no more ice-cream...So fast selling..=(

Later on,window shopping.
After that,we went to Market Street to visit this
Charlie Brown Cafe.

Snoopy meal taken at Charlie Brown Cafe♡♡♡
 So,if you all haven't been to Penang,&
 have a chance to visit Penang,
you should have a Snoopy meal here. Hehe..
The food is cute & of course,delicious.
You can also photo-shooting.
There is more photos captured,which
i already upload in my facebook.
Showing here some only..

i also purchased a few apparels from Forever 21.
This is one of them.
Cute Minnie!
Yes,for now,im waiting for my another trip.
Overseas~ hehe...*excited counting each day pass.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The First(ミ・。・ミ)

Just back from the short trip to Penang.
Yes,we had went to Penang with father-in-law to attend 
wedding dinner. So,my brother-in-law(Mr Hubby's brother)
had offered to bring us to Penang shopping.
Our tourist guide...xD

Photos will be upload soon here.
My first branded handbag,GUCCI.
i like the colour combination of white & red.
So classy,isn't it?? Hehe...
So,this is my look for attending the wedding dinner.
Mr Hubby chose this night gown for me.
He said i seldom never wear black apparel.

Both my darlingssss' look.
Like twins? Hehe...

Okay,need to tidy up things and new stuff just bought 
from the trip..See ya tomorrow..
Will update more photos.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

New Hairstyle(ミ・。・ミ)

Hello.Busy busy me.
Not with work..but with my kids.Haha...
And also just after perming back my hair.
i still prefer curly hair.
Don't you think so? Let's have a look.

What do ya think?
Welcoming November with new hairstyle!
Looks totally different with & without hair clip.
1 of my facebook friend said like twins! @.@
i prefer with hair clip on,but Mr Hubby likes me without hair clip.
He said lady taste~ Aww...
im wearing something like fluffy skirt.
(photo taken when there is wind)
That's why you see the skirt like so big size...>.<

Daychelle(my elder daughter) had been selected by her 
teacher to perform in a dancing show for 
her school Year 6 Graduation Night.
Is she cute? Hehehe...

My Baby Justina first passport.
Yesss,we decided to go holidayyyyyy...
To?? Will reveal soon~
Both her sisters already had passport.
Which hadn't expired.Lucky,if not need to make again..
$$ more out...Haha...

Goodness,Baby J is crying.
i think Mr Hubby can't handle her.
i need to go.Bye!

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