Saturday, January 25, 2014


Hi,friends! Good good news for my readers.
i had stopped writing in Dayre. So sorry.
i just can't stand the slowness of Dayre loading..
and also often get stucked when i post pics there.
im quite an impatient person,so decided to delete the app from 
my phone. And back to blogger..Hahaha!! Funny huh?!

Yes,this is me. This year,im brave enough lol to try dyed
rainbow colour..Haha... There is total of 7 colours,therefore i named it myself
RAINBOW COLOUR. Pink,purple,red,blue,orange,green and another is 
'duck shit green'. i don't know how to say this colour,but in Chinese,people
is calling this green as duck shit green..The colour looks like duck shit colour,haha!!

Take it easy~ Actually i only dyed the bottom half of my hair.
The upper half is golden brown colour.
Looks not bad huh...better than the whole hair dyed with these 7 colours.
Will scare off people..haha..

Spamming you all with Cindy's pics...
Yeah,bought a pinkie bear hoodie for her.

Cindy: What I do everyday...
resting on sofa & Skype-ing using my iPhone, 
online shopping using my VAIO 
& having an apple with sky juice! relax!!

Those few days when i really really boring..just like mood swing,
suddenly no modd to do anything. So,i started my diy sewing.
Tried sew some clothes for my doll,because the clothes selling
online quite pricey. The price for those tiny clothes same like
human clothes' price.. just saying,because i still continue buying 
the clothes...because they are all nicely sewn by the seller. 
So talented! All the details...i like :)

Ta-daaa...i sew this myself. Not bad huh??
Mr Hubby said looks like a dress lol..He is meaning that still can see
it is a dress. Ah..he thought his wife is really so stupid..hehe..
But,i saw this looks like a night gown more than a dress..haha!!

And then,i had also sew a cardigan for my doll.

Also had made a pearly necklace with lacey bow for her.
She looks so vintage & classic in this photo.
Even the background of the roombox too.
i made this roombox myself.. Learnt from Mr Hubby,hehehe.

Happy Mail Day for Cindy.
Why kept on mentioning Cindy but not Annabelle?
Yeah,Annabelle is not around. Had sent her to Blythe customizer,
the same customizer who customized Cindy's face.
i want Annabelle to have pretty face too!
If not,later she will jealous Cindy? Haha...just joking.

So,how are your preparation for Chinese New Year? 
Just around the corner. i had prepared well lol..
New clothes for myself,Mr Hubby,daughters & even for my dolls
already purchased. Yippie!! 

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Revoltech Hello Kitty (ミ・。・ミ)

This Revoltech Hello Kitty Figures,new released December 2013.
Set contains 1 main figure,1 optional face part(wink face),1 apple,
1 crayon,1 easel & 1 base.

This is MINE!
All the way from Japan.

#1st posing. 

#2nd posing. 
Its hand & legs are movable.

#3rd posing. Sitting pose.
So cute right!! 

Sunday, January 5, 2014

1st Decade(ミ・。・ミ)

31st of December is my wedding date. Yes,last month 31st December was me & Mr Hubby's 10th wedding anniversary! Time flies...i couldn't believe that i had been married to a man for 10 years,being a wife for 10 years. Living with him for 10 years.

10 years is a decade. 
And when you think about how much time goes into 10 years, you get these figures: 

10 Years Equals...
521 weeks
87,672 hours
5,260,320 minutes
315,619,200 seconds

He is a husband who never chooses to fight,But loves me with all his might.
A husband who sits and hears,All my joys, sorrows and fears.A husband who never complains,But supports me wholeheartedly.A husband who protects me from dangers & evils, always by my side never apart,making sure im safe.

Whatever i want,my wish will be his command.
I will not hear no for an answer.

Such a husband is for real but rare.
His heart on his sleeve, he likes to wear.

He is truly the best husband ever!
 I ♥ you,my darling husband!

Such long poem dedicated to Mr Hubby. i had the Chinese version translated by my online friend,Crystal. Thanks so much for her help.
The Chinese version is for Mr Hubby to read as he can't read English.

Inside the poem every details, i really mean it.
Not to bluff or exaggerated but my hubby is really that caring & responsible. Sometimes,i feel guilty when i think back i used to mad at him, release my anger to him when he did nothing wrong.
But,he wouldn't mad at me because he knows im bad-tempered.. i will cherish him till the last breath of mine.. *suddenly-so-passionate.

So,i actually had gotten the wedding anniversary gift from him earlier. It is the pink version of Samsung Note 2. But, sweet is him! He surprised me with another lil gift that i didn't even 'smell' any unusual weird thing.
On that day, the 31st Dec, he went back to Kuantan with his brother to fetch some furnitures from my parents' home back to Temerloh.

He bought this gift from a watch shop in East Coast Mall.
A Baby G pink watch!! 
My hubby knows me well! 
Saw this watch a few times when we were window shopping before Christmas, but didn't buy it. 
And now he got it for me! 
He said must give 1 present on the anniversary day.
*Ah...i told him,i had an idea. Next year,im gonna request for my wed anniversary gift earlier & when the day had come,i get another gift. So,i can get 2 gifts for the same occasion hahaha!! Greedy me!

Time really flies! i think time passes fast too lol..
My elder daughter is now in Year 4(10 years old)
& she has been selected by her teacher to become the school prefect. im proud of her. i had never been a prefect before..

Kinda slim right? No,super slim.
She eats a lot but,still thin. 
i think most important is she is healthy without any

im already 30 this year. *slap-my-face,think-again
Am i really 30 years old? Oh my Kitty!! i already so old..people say women in 30 years old should really take care of their skin because if didn't take proper care, will age fast..urghhh..thinking of this makes me afraid. i admit im obsessed with beauty & skincare. im willing to invest in daily facial skincare products to improve my skin condition. 
Maybe this isn't a good thing either. Because if i really don't have money,how m i suppose to invest??

Okay,back to this. 
This Hello Kitty book i had asked my online friend,
Berry to help me buy. She is also so sweet to give me this as Christmas present & also a 3D Hello Kitty Xmas card. At the same time,i also had sent her a Christmas gift. Kind of Xmas exchanging gift lol..

This new year i had gotten an iphone case for myself. Finally can get this super cute My Melody case with matching plugy for my iphone.

Not forgotten my Note 2.
Got a Monroe's Kiss leather cover & Hello Kitty screen protector 
for my Note 2.

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