Wednesday, October 31, 2012

My precious(ミ・。・ミ)

Hi.Curently typing very very fast to update this post.
Baby J is sleeping now.So,i have a lil time to drop by here.

Riding time!!
So,every evening around 6pm,
me & Mr Hubby will bring them riding their bicycles 
around the neighbourhood.They are so enjoy and excited
when it is 6 everyday.
Mr Hubby & i will be walking,pushing Baby J
while my elder daughters cycled.

Everyone says my elder daughter is super thin. 
Can't u see she is just like her mom? 
How fat u want her to be? 
Fat or thin isn't the most important compare to health. 
She is healthy without any sickness is what I hope for~
She will be 9 years old next year.
Still can't believe i had a daughter so big..

When boredom attacks,
see what my 3 precious are doing with 
my cute hello kitty cushion
 which has a hole in the middle..>.< 
They are growing very fast.

Ok,so here's an update of my latest photo.
Look different? Not me? 
That's the comment i got in facebook & instagram.
Yes,it is me! Without smiling face~
Normally all my photos,im smiling but not this.
Acting cool actually...haha!!
Mature? Yes,poeple will grow up
become mature...
Without make-up too...That is photo apps result.
So,this Thursday,i will perm back my hair.
Finally say goodbye to my messy-not-so-straight-hair.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Morning Post(ミ・。・ミ)

Good Morning world!!!
Glad to see me waking up so early in the morning.
Now the time is 7.34 am.
Just after fetching my daughters to school.
Mr Hubby requested me to fetch them
as he is not feeling very well.
At first,i really don't feel to wake up.
(im a certified lazy pig,xD)
But now,feeling fresh even though i haven't 
brush my teeth,clean my face.Haha..

Kittylicious lunch by me yesterday~
Looks yummy & delicious but how about the taste?
Hehe...i don't know.i think is ok.
But my daughters and Mr Hubby complimented me.
*shy at that time
Not that im a very smart cook.
i don't know cooking like what i had always said.
i never cook,but Mr Hubby had bought the magic pot.
Just put the ingredients & seasonings into it,
press stir-fry,fry,steam or stew,and it will
do the rest...It is really a good pot and time-save.
Suitable for those who doesn't know how to cook
(just like me) Haha!!

Oppa Baby Style...muahaha!!!

The motorbike seems like bigger than her..>.<
My father-in-law puts her on the motorbike
and asked me to have a look..@.@

Recently a lot of my wish list items checked.
This is another one.
Searching for ages & finally got it from Eileen Tan (Singaporean)
Hello Kitty Paper Shredder.
Woowoowoooh....very very cute,isn't it??
Yes,i think so so so in love with this!

Ok,till here then.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Wishlist Checked(ミ・。・ミ)

Hello,Happy Holiday to all Malaysians!!
For me,it is the same even though it is 
public holiday.Everyday seems like
holiday for me...@.@
We didn't go anywhere these few days
even though it is public holidays.
Mr Hubby need to save money
for our trip to Thailand.
Yes,we will go to Thailand next Chinese New Year.
With my beloved parents,and brother & sister.

Hello Kitty mop(and it is in face shape,ok!)
& Hello Kitty pail.
1 of the many many items in my wishlist checked.
Cleansing job with these will definitely brighten up my day.
But,i still haven't use it...How am i going to make kitty face dirty..
No,for sure i won't!

Okay,still about my birth day.
See what i got from Singapore.
Seems like im living in Singapore.
No...i asked my best online friend,Winnie
to help me buy this from Watsons Singapore
(if im not wrong)
Lucky me to have Singapore friend,
because i noticed Singapore always has amazing 
hello kitty stuff. 
These also from Watsons Singapore.
It is toothbrush holder.
2 for me & Mr Hubby
while the other 2 for both my daughters.
Complete set! Colourful...and cute!

New plugy i got from Mr Hubby's brother shop.
For my baby iphone.
Sorry,im really addicted to shopping.
But all girls love shopping,isn't it? 
Ok,gotta prepare myself out for dinner with in-laws.
Bye,see you again!

Monday, October 22, 2012

Sunny Day(ミ・。・ミ)

You all must be very surprise and think im crazy when 
you read tonight's title:Sunny Day;
whereas Malaysia is now in the raining season.
i mean,my problem Mr Hubby & my problem
with the workers solved.
After we had discussion with them,they promised 
to cancel their report...Ok,close file! =)

15 October:my birthday.Just passed.
i had a great one too,for this year...
(hopefully every year also great & greater!)
Mr Hubby surprised me with a cute Hello Kitty face shape cake.
Last year also the same,but no surprise 
because we went to the cake shop and ordered together.
This year birthday cake.

Last year birthday cake.

This year cuter,isn't it?? Hehe...

My birthday present from Mr Hubby,my dad,my mom,
my brother & new wallet!

Found this photo of mine that i edit earlier this year.
Let's have a look.
Me from 2008 till 2012.
Is there any difference that you can tell?
im happy and contented as after gave birth
to my 3 daughters,i have the same body shape
like i used to have when im a teen~ *show off*
Some of my facebook friends said,im thinner,
while some said mature...from cute to beauty...
Aww...they are all so sweet!

And for now,my everyday job is 
doing my best as a good wife to Mr Hubby
and good mommy to my daughters.
Also a good daughter-in-law to Mr Hubby's parents,
good daughter to my parents!
im enjoying every of the coming days~
God bless! Thanks <3 p="p">

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Birth Day(ミ・。・ミ)

October is my birthday month.
Every year,looking forward to this month.
But,this year October im facing not a very good situation.
If you read my previous post,you got what i meant.
Those money-suckers!!!
i will still celebrate my birthday happily,like 
what Mr Hubby told me.
He assures me nothing to worry.

Birthday wishes sincerely from SK-II with my name on the card.
But,happier if SK-II gifted some of their products for me
on my birthday...*wicked smile.

My birthday is on the 15th this month.
Can't wait!! 
Last month,Malaysia McDonald's released 
this love series of hello kitty figurines.
4 to collect.Each released in a week.
But,i bought this set from Singapore.
Singapore released earlier and i had asked
my friend's help to bought them.
After finish collecting the 4,then only i knew Malaysia
released the same set...@.@
i knew earlier Malaysia will distribute Hello Kitty toys this September
from a good kitty friend,but not sure whether is the same with Singapore.
Is okay,i got the complete set too,just a bit pricey after adding postage
to Malaysia from Singapore if compare buying in Malaysia.
Hello Kitty bathroom water ladle.
Not intended to buy this at first because 
i wanna find the face shape water ladle,but failed.
So,lastly bought this first..

Hello Kitty tableware storage box.
Another item in my wish list checked!
So,im trying my best to make my kitchen,
my lil home to be sweet,pink and kittylicious!
Every item will be hello kitty or in pink...
This is a very big big project,
need a lot of time,effort and also money
to get it done...Of course with Mr Hubby's help.

Okay,gotta stop my crap till here.
Mr Hubby is again waiting for me to 
watch Hong Kong drama~
Nite Nite =)

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Kindness Abuse(ミ・。・ミ)

Recently,im surrounded with a matter.
It made me no mood,stress and like 
thinking this world,all the people around me,
cannot trusted. Some people do not deserve my kindness at all.
i never hurt,never harm them.
But in return,they abuse my kindness towards them.
Mr Hubby asked me not to think so much. 
Every matter can be solved.
So,after a few days feeling gloomy,
i wondered myself,whether you are happy or unhappy,
life still continue.The clock still ticks.
Everything still working,wouldn't stop.
Therefore,i decided to lead each of my day happily.
Because i knew not only i,myself going through all these,
but i have Mr Hubby with me..accompany me to face all the circumstances.
You must so curious what is the big matter?
To let you all know,my workers of about 3 years,
they made a report at the Department of Labour
saying that i fired them,and asked me for compensation.
The problem here is,my Temerloh shop close and stop business,
not that i fire them and hire other workers.
i just thought,the time they worked with me,
i never scold them,i never stress them,
i can say,im not the best boss,but
im not the worst.
i already find them new work,but they
don't want. And they want compensation.
Just to ask,money is that important? 
Till people will do whatever to get it.

Life is like that,i know.
Okay,let's stop talking about the bad things.
Life still will go on even if there is bad things.

This is the hello kitty corner in my Kuantan shop.
Hello Kitty stuff also can say is best selling stuff in Kuantan.
im not staying there,so if you ever drop by there,
you can't see me too..:(
My father-in-law not allow us to move to Kuantan.
So,we are still living in Temerloh,once a while will
go back Kuantan and stay there for a day or two. lil loots from Korea.
Thanks to my best friend,also a seller in facebook,
in delivering them to me...xD
She is Hyeon Jong.
There is an optical mouse,the kitty rose series iphone pouch
and lock & lock BPA free container set.
Surely all are Hello Kitty beloved!
Gotta go,Mr Hubby is waiting me watch Hong Kong drama.
Bye and nite nite!

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