Friday, February 22, 2013

Hatyai Thailand(ミ・。・ミ)

My holiday is super fun.
Even though not going too faraway places,
only to Hatyai,Songkhla Thailand,
but we (my family & i) all super enjoy!
Can you see,can you feel their happiness? 
Yes,the happiness really show in their smile! 
This is what called blissfulness. Life is great when you have this!
i was travelling to Thailand during Chinese New Year
with my own family,my parents,my brother & his girlfriend,
my sister and also my aunt(my father's sister).

More photos from the trip already uploaded
to my facebook profile =)

Haha...this is V-day present for Mr Hubby.
From the photo,can see that Mr Hubby looks
so NOT natural.See his hand. The 'girl'
requested Mr Hubby to hug her. Hahaha!!!
My GOOD hubby~

Wherever i go,im always looking for Hello Kitty.
This trip i only managed to find 1 small shop selling
Hello Kitty stuff.Am already contented.
Grab all these which i super like!!
There is bolster,car organizer pouch,sunshades,
blanket pillow,very big cosmetic pouch,
kitchen gloves,kaychain,contact lens case
and a very cute pyjamas.
Aren't they so cute in pink?

My hello kitty also travelling with me.
She also got the chance to have a photo with
the golden mermaid...hehehe...

And now,we are planning to another destination.
Not yet know where to go..
Still planning. Maybe Hong Kong Disneyland.
Ouch...Imagine the whole trip consists of 11 people,
how much will that costs?? Euww...i not dare imagine.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Chinese New Year Eve(ミ・。・ミ)

Hello all lovelies!!
Everyone sure busy preparing for Chinese New Year
especially tonight is the eve,gathering dinner everyone!
Hello Kitty & me wishing all of you a blessed & prosperous 
Chinese New Year!
Hope this year all of us will be happy, in the pink of health
& huat arrrr!!! Hehehe...
Means rich arh....hehe..

im so excited when Chinese New Year is around the corner.
Hello Kitty red packets(ang pao)
prepare tonight to give to youngsters. married.According to our Chinese traditional,
only married people can give ang pao that contains money in it
to youngsters,to those single,not yet marry.

But now,some religious follow in giving ang pao,
but i think they will give no matter they are single or married.
That's the difference between us,Chinese...hehehe..
Anyway,have a happy delicious dinner tonight to all of you.
Hope you enjoy yours!  

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Wedding Anniversary(ミ・。・ミ)

Phew...Recently im super busy 
with motherly work.
As a mom,i need to make sure my daughters
finish their homework everyday.
Besides,they had changed to another tuition place.
They now need to attend tuition classes everyday
except Saturday & Sunday.
They are also smart enough to be in the first class of the tuition centre.
@.@ Therefore,their tuition teacher very high demanded.
Almost everyday,they have spelling...OMG!!
Looks like now Mr Hubby & me are back to school.
You get what i mean?? We need to train them for the spelling,
and also check their homework..

Actually,i will feel quite bored with the same 'activity' everyday.
And also like no 'me' time especially my Baby J is super active & quite naughty.
Hope Baby J will grow up fast...:(
im very proud of some mommys out there.
Often heard them said they miss their children's childhood.
Hope they aren't growing so fast.
That's not ME! i definitely not really like baby.
Therefore,hope Baby J will grow up faster.
Like their sisters who know how to take care ownself.

Okay,let's see what i got from Mr Hubby for our wedding anniversary.
He bought me this:
Sanrio Hello Kitty Mouton Series Bag.
Which you can get it only from Japan.
Mr Hubby asked his business friend to help get this
during his trip to Japan.
im superly touched even though he presented me 
late than our anniversary.
Our wedding anniversary is on 31st Dec.
i got this on 15 Jan.
Better late than none..=)

My 3rd tripto Guardian & got myself some...
Another 3 sets of wet wipes from Guardian.
Kids wipes chamomile scent & 
2 different designs of mini wet wipes,apple country 
& fresh dewy scent.
i can't remember i have how many wet wipes..>.<'' 
Guardian,please release new kitty stuff & not wet wipes again!!
Minnie travelling set from Guardian Malaysia. 
This caught my attention & i just need to get it back too 
even though it is not hello kitty..

OMG!!! My face so chubby when im in bobo bob hairstyle..>.<'' 
Mr Hubby said so too~
Can i get back my long hair?? Is it possible?
Yes,possible if this is only a WIG! Haha...You got tricked.
i didn't cut my only wearing a wig.

See my 3 princesssss...
Wearing the same hello kitty singlet.

Fyi,i use whatifcamera app from AppStore 
to edit the above photos.
The app is free but you need to purchase the kitty stamp packs.
There is My Melody,Little Twin Stars & Hello Kitty stamp packs.
i had purchased all of them..! Super cute!

Go follow @bellaccessories for up-to-date trendy accessories.
Bought this chio earrings & the owner, 
@justinebellaa is sucha sweet girl to give me a hellokitty toe holder as present,
as a thank you gift for making awesome themes! 
Super like the earrings & also the kitty gift as i don't own any of this yet.
u know me well! *hugs*
You all should follow @bellaccessories in Instagram.
She sells ready stock trendy ladies accessories.

*Looking forward to Chinese New Year.
Money out for ang paosss,but never mind,can eat lotsa snacks,hahaha!!

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