Friday, November 29, 2013

HK Fair(ミ・。・ミ)

Last Monday Mr Hubby brought me & daughters to KL. It is an unplanned trip. i told Mr Hubby that there is a hello kitty fair held in Pavilion. So,Mr Hubby decided to take a day off from his work & bring us to KL...=)

Luckily im not late! Still get to buy the hello kitty figures that i saw my friend posted in her Facebook. Left last 2 sets. i bought a set & coincidentally the last set was purchased by Meijoyce (my online kitty friend).
The hello kitty fair was held in Pavilion for 3 weeks,starting from (i don't know the exact date) but will end on 1st December.
Hello Kittysss that i grabbed back home!
im happy again because Mr Hubby didn't nag me this time & allow me to grab what i wanna buy. Hehehe...he said not often shopping a lot for hello kitty these few months(he didn't notice that i was buying hello kitty every month from my supplier,hehehe)

These are the Hello Kitty Dress-Up Figure that i saw from my online kitty friend,Yvonne Tang. Commented at her Facebook photo & she is kind in sharing telling me where to get these. 
According to Meijoyce,there is total of 4 different designs. But the HK fair only selling these 3..:( Who knows where can get the other one? Meijoyce is also finding & promise will help me buy if she can get it. Thanks so much for always helping me ♥ 

Hello Kitty Pretty Peony 3D bath & shower gel. This looks super sweet right? With the rose on its ear,ahhhh...cuteness overload!

Welcome Pretty Peony to 3D bath & shower gel series. And now,i have a total 6 of them. i saw there is another design in sports costume but already sold out. There is also one wearing cowboy(i think so) costume,i didn't buy it because it costs RM69.90 each. Woah..the price. Last time i bought the 5 from Singapore. Not really remembered the price but is cheaper than RM69.90.

im still a kid, a big kid lol..
Hello Kitty Dress Up plushie.
Include another black dress & a tote.

Cute not? 

The 3rd item i bought was this musical jewelry case. i had always wanted a music box. But normally selling is the one with a ballerina. 

Finally saw one with Hello Kitty & also in my favourite pink colour! The melody playing for this music box is the 
★Twinkle Twinkle Little Star★ song.

Lastly got Hello Kitty hair adornments.
The clips are just so cute! i seldom put on clips, so this will be for my daughters & my dolls!! How lucky to be my dolls...haha!!

The salesgirl suggest me to get the Sanrio Fans Club Member Card so that entitled to get a 10% discount when i purchase next time in any Sanrio Gift Gate outlets. 
You will need to spend at least RM70 and then add on RM15 to get this member card.

And also a free Hello Kitty watch.

It is in red. My 2nd daughter wants it. Therefore,we had a look for another watch for my elder daughter.

She chose this herself. She is just like me,loves everything in pink ♥ 
and also Hello Kitty. 

After that,had been shopping in Pavilion.
It is just a day trip. We went back home at around 6pm. Reached safely Temerloh,Pahang at about 8pm like that.

im so satisfied with the hello kittysss i bought. Like them so much & nicely display them in my hello kitty corner.. Ahh...speaking about that corner,still in construction. Work postpone due to haven't install the lamp. Waiting the wireman to install this Saturday the Hello Kitty ceiling lamp. Yeah...bought it from my supplier..=)

When everything is ok,i will share the pics here stay tuned yor...♥
Okay,tomorrow if im free to drop by here,i will share about the customized Hello Kitty personalized stamp which i wanna share when i got them but postpone postpone & postpone..haha...there is so many things that i wanna share with you all,loves!
Hopefully tomorrow i can continue blogging...hehehe...

Friday, November 22, 2013


im super boring. Almost every of my Facebook friends had went travelling during this school holidays. i want travel! But not enough $$. Blame me for overspent every month. Actually this isn't the main point i can't go travel now. Mr Hubby had some business matter to handle at the moment which not allow him to accompany us...haiz...:(

Never mind,im easily cheer up. Some new cuties that able to brighten me.
Little Twin Stars Unicorn Pen ♥
Super cutie,isn't it?? 
Actually i got sell this but really fast sold out. And checked with supplier,out of stock too! Too sad because a lot of my friends interested to get this too. i feel sorry too..

Finally i really bought this Hello Kitty Radio Control Car. Saw this very very early in East Coast Mall Parkson but didn't buy it because of the price! Damn expensive for me for a control car like this which im actually not really will play it. It is more suitable for my youngest daughter.
But last last Saturday,i had bought it...using Mr Hubby's money...hehehe!!
Quite cute..the kitty head will shake to left & right when you control the car. 

We also went to the swimming pool in Wisma Belia at Kuantan with my brother & his girlfriend. Yes,Mr Hubby knows swimming! im so proud of him..xD 

Annabelle went with us. She didn't join swimming too,same like me because her bikini haven't arrive. Had ordered a pair of bikini for her online. While me? i can't because i don't know how to swim..and also i was 'period' at that moment..
Annabelle was trying to take photo.

From the pic above,you can see how enjoy is her! Hehehe...

Some Hello Kitty for me after quite a long time busy myself ordering new clothes & accessories for my dolls. A very big Hello Kitty scissors and what makes me happier is the scissors in pink! 
Also doing pre-order for the scissors. Got ready stock earlier but already sold out. Thanks God for my good business hehehe..
Bought a new measure tape to replace the old one. i have the one is the plushie one and gets dirty easily. Therefore,this time i bought this type. 

i have a habit of bringing measure tape in my handbag. Just in case i need it to measure...

Photo taken by my only sister.
She was also having holiday and back to Kuantan with us. i like how she took photo of me. i look cute lol...

Ending the post today with a photo of Annabelle wearing kimono ♥ 
Now only i know there is certain way of wearing kimono. i learnt it online. Surely you all feel weird where is Cindy(my blythe doll)? 

i had sent her to a Blythe customizer to customize her face. Feeling like sending her to do face surgery,lolol... i like those Blythe doll's face which doesn't have shining face,their nose,their mouth seem like real people. Their eyelid got drawing art. Already cute just by describing.
Wait i get Cindy back and you will see how pretty she had becomes =) 

If the look satisfied me,i will send Annabelle too but need save money costs a lot just to customize their face...@.@

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Hello Kittyssssss(ミ・。・ミ)

i know y'all had been waiting for my post about hello kitty stuff. As this is a hello kitty blog,all these years i had been blogging about my hello kitty collections,suddenly the previous few posts all about other stuff not the Kitty-chan, you must think my love direction had changed. Ehem...

Super in love with this Korea imported Hello Kitty multi-purpose toothbrushes or toothpaste holder. Looks cute in my bathroom right? Hehehe...
Question: where to get this? From me. im selling this & good news! It is ready stock.
You may LINE/wechat(mrskittyyi) me to buy this..=)

The best buy & worth it!
Hello Kitty extension cord.
Not only in pink,but also with a Hello Kitty head. OMG!! How can i resist such cutie?!!

4 outlets surge,2M wire.
And love point for the wire as it is in pink.
Fully pink except the kitty head.

So,i will use this in 
my-still-under-construction 2nd floor living room. Remember i told before,Mr Hubby suggested to put all my hello kitty collections in our home 2nd floor living room. still kittyfied it...@.@
Will surely upload photos here once it is done..:)

My lovely online kitty friend, Xue Ting had helped me to buy all these. Yes you can get these from Giant,Cold Storage or Guardian. i knew that,just that my living area doesn't have Cold Storage or Giant. And Guardian branch here doesn't have this for sale.

That's why i had asked her help to buy for me ♥

Bourbon Hello Kitty butter cookies. im not a cookies lover,hate eating cookies except butter cookies. And it is Hello Kitty,must not miss this hehehe...
All my favourite ♥

Nice cookies tin can use to keep things..

Hello Kitty plastic container with fruit juice gummy candies
and head shape plastic container. 
Yummy ♡

Another great deal! 
Kuantan East Coast Mall has a new shop just opened,selling Hello Kitty,Doraemon & Disney items. The same boss of Anakku shop beside it. Bought this 2014 Hello Kitty desk calendar from the shop. i have a habit of putting a desk calendar by my bedside table and jot down my daily happenings every night..=)

i only bought this because the shop selling quite a lot baby & kids apparels.Not suitable for me. Haha...and by the way,the price damn expensive. i can buy the same item cheaper from online Japan site.

But this calendar selling in cheap cheap price. Only RM19.90 if i remember the price correct. 

Cheap right? As the calendar also got free stickers!! This type of calendar normally costs around RM30-RM50...

Last photo for you to enjoy,hehe!!
Hello Kitty Casual Time figurine set.
In my wishlist too and now it is checked..

Good Night ♥

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Made in Japan(ミ・。・ミ)

5 days of holidays,but didn't plan going vacation because Mr Hubby can't accompany us..=( He had some urgent business works to handle. But,don't worry. He didn't go outstation,still in town with me. Just that,he couldn't leave his works & go vacation with us. Maybe a short trip like 1 day to KL for some shipping spree?? Hehehe...

Now,i often blog using my Samsung Note 2. Like its Google Chrome which can request desktop site,& it is exactly like using a computer to write post in blogger. im quite stubborn,i admit. im already used to the way of blogging using my laptop. Therefore,i super like to blog from my mobile phone the way i used to use..
Now you know the reason why my blog recently is up-to-date with my news.

Besides,after i 'retired' from working my gift shop,im now feeling bored sometimes. Everyday,after wake up,breakfast with Mr Hubby & he will go handle his business while i back to home or sometimes,go to his brother's wholesale shop,have a chat with his brother's wife. Then,went to fetch my daughters back from school,lunch time & then fetching them to tuition classes. After they finish their tuition,already 6pm and back home again. Mr Hubby comes back rest a while and normally 7pm,having dinner with my in-laws. Everyday im doing this the same..

When im at home,i have nothing to do. House chores already had part-time maid hired by Mr Hubby to do. So,i still carry on with my online selling of hello kitty products. i can buy hello kitty for myself & also sell to others. Hehehe...i have free time to search for cute hello kitty stuff,to read some book or do my favourite things,like blogging ♥ Oops!! Out of topic..

All the way from Japan.
Let me introduce. This is Hello Kitty TsumuTsumu Figurine set.

You can stack this lil figurine.
So,lets try TsumuTsumu challenge.

Ok,challenge 1 pass!
Actually i can't believe this figurine really stackable until i stack them myself.

Challenge 2 can count as pass? Hehe..
The little apples also stackable,so cute!!

Challenge 3 failed!
Refer to the box pic,i can't stack the 4th figurine. Tried a few times also failed.
But it is fun to play. Can try again next time.

Yesterday was Hello Kitty birthday. i had bitstripped myself & Hello Kitty using Bitstrips app & superimpose to paste 
Hello Kitty in it.
That's me! Haha...xD 

Still remember this Chinese app 魔漫相机 i recommended in previous post?
i had made 3 of my lovely daughters into comic version.
Can you guess which one is my elder,my second & my youngest daughter?
Can guess the one got a pink crown is my youngest daughter,Justina because of her plump face..hehehe!!
But the other 2 quite hard to differentiate them. Both looks like twins! The one below with a bow is my elder daughter,Daychelle.
Jaychelle is the one with bunny ear.

*fyi,above collage frame are made by photonia app from AppStore♡

Last one to end my post today.
Am i hot mama?? Hehehe...

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