Thursday, July 27, 2017

Liver Problems

My skin condition had improved a lot after I started consuming Amway Nutrilite Milk Thistle & Dandelion capsules. This one is good for liver. If you have weak liver or your liver had been functioning not very good, you can try take this. How to know whether our liver is functioning good or not? Okay today's post is all about liver problems and the early signs you should never ignore. 

The main function of liver that I know is to break down nutrients from food we eat and help with digestion. Like when you consume those healthy supplements, vitamins or pills, you need a healthy liver to help breakdown the nutrients for your body to absorb the nutrients.A healthy liver also control your weight. When your liver not working as it should, whatever healthy supplements you consume is useless. Liver dysfunction is used to describe a liver that is not working well.

Symptoms of a suffering liver that you should not ignore.
1. Dry, itchy skin 
2. Pimples of reddish colour around the lower face
3. Bad breath
4. Easily tired
5. Nausea, digestive issues such as indigestion & acid reflux
6. Fluid retention in various parts of the body
7. Pain predominantly on right side of head
8. Excessive thirst
9. Constipation, irritable bowel syndrome
10. Unexplained pain: shoulder, elbow, hip, knee
11. Moodiness
12. Loss of interest in sex
13. Feel bloated, frequent passing gas

I online do research about liver dysfunction and found out there is a few symptoms listed do occur to me. Symptom No. 1, 2, 3, 4, 7, 9, 10, 13. I had these symptoms. Therefore, I confimed myself I need to find supplements to improve my liver condition. My liver is sick.

So,I had tried Amway Nutrilite Milk Thistle & Dandelion. 60 tablets and recommended dosage is 1 tablet 2 times a day with meal. Which means 2 tablets/day. I only consume 1 tablet/day because I can't force myself to drink plenty of water and I feel quite heaty when I consume 2 tablets/day.
But after just my 1st bottle, I can see improvements. The symptoms I encountered no more happens to me. :) And then I continue consume it to the 2nd, 3rd and now the 4th bottle. I persuade Mr Hubby to take this supplements too.As I noticed Mr Hubby had some of the symptoms too.
Actually I personally think a lot of people will have some of the symptoms because our liver works too hard to cleanse toxins and wastes from our blood. Liver is the detoxifying organ. I know a lot people also consume healthy supplements and our liver even need to work harder to breakdown the nutrients in the supplements. 

So, after my liver had became strong & healthy, I think I can back to consume CellLabs Sheep Placenta. I consumed before sheep placenta few years ago, but had stopped when I thought it didn't have any good effect. That was when my skin started worsen again. Pimples popping out from my face. And I thought maybe that's the effect after consuming sheep placenta as they said sheep placenta quite heaty,if you consume it must drink plenty of water. 

Last weekend, I went to buy this CellLabs Sheep Placenta from Guardian. Just realised they have new packaging now,not like last time in bottle but in plastic packaging,or you call it what? I'm not so sure how to call this type of packaging, as shown in above pic. I take 1 pill a day in the morning right after I woke up with empty stomach. Consuming before your meal and empty stomach is especially good so that the nutrients will absorbs well. 

I only consume sheep placenta now and stop the milk thistle supplements. I think it is better not to take too many supplements at 1 time. Sheep placenta...has a lot of benefits.
You may refer here for the goodness of sheep placenta:

I can say I really experienced the goodness of sheep placenta. I'm a loyal consumer of CellLabs Sheep Placenta for about 3 years,and then stop for near 2 years, and now consume back :)
It is the best anti-ageing products, I highly recommend. 

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Shopaholic Mode On

Hi,readers.Or is there any readers for my blog? I'm not sure.
How have you been? I had been very free recently.
After Malay Raya, office workload had became normal,
that means I have quite a lot free time at office which I can even do my own favourite thing like blogging...

Recently this type of casing very famous. Have you seen before? The Disney version with Mickey, Minnie, Donald or Daisy at above the phone casing just like mine. Me, of course choosing Hello Kitty. This is the cute version of Hello Kitty.

Aiming this Adidas NMD R1 super long time ago. Finally I bought it from JD Sports
Heard a lot bad review about jdsport not delivering parcels to customers, customers being tax for their ordered items, their parcel get hold at custom. I brave myself to order with this site.

I believe every website or online shop have good and also bad reviews. Mistakes will happen. Everyone will make a mistake,right? No one is perfect without any mistake made. For me, if I didn't receive my parcel on time, I will try to contact the seller first before making any judgement. Let the seller has a chance to explain what's happening. When I didn't receive the shoes from jdsport, I contact them via their fb page. They do reply me providing me the tracking number for my parcel.
And then I received the parcel. They deliver the parcels all from UK, for your info. You can get nice branded sneakers with reasonable price. A lot new designs you can get which local shops in Malaysia are not selling. 

I like the white colour one but when I wanna buy it, it was out of stock. After waiting like forever and they didn't restock, I chose black instead. Besides, I think I shouldn't buy white anymore as I have a few sneakers in white colour too. Just after I ordered and payment successful, I try browse jdsport and there it is, white with my size. :( Anyway, I'm still very satisfied once I received my Adidas. Because it was really really damn cool.

Last Saturday went back to Kuantan. Visit my parents and to shop, that's the main purpose I'm going back to Kuantan :P Mr Hubby told me to window shopping only, but does he know his wife me cannot window shop only, must buy something.

My loots for that day. New clothes, new Pandora charm & new sunglasses.

Pandora Malaysia was having sale starting 21st July to month end. The first 3days, 21st-23rd, member not only entitle to 40% discount, but also another extra 10% discount. That's what 'seduce' me to walk in Pandora outlet. But, too sad!! Only selected charms can have discount price. And those charms not to my liking. I had chose this charm,"Glamour Trio" featuring a black dress, a red stiletto & a red lipstick. So me...:P 
Lastly got myself a new sunglasses and this time was from Charles & Keith.
Last time my sunglasses was from Anna Sui. That frame already out-dated, I think.
This time, chosen this mirror-type lens with pink frame. Mirror-type lens is good. People can't see you are looking at them. :) 

Coincidently last Sunday was my father's turn to preach. (My father is a deacon in church)
So, I had forced myself to wake up super early to church. Follow my parent's car to church. They went super early,around 8am and they were the 1st to be at church.

Because there isn't anyone at the church yet, actually there is 2 people arrived at that time. The guitarist for the church and another is a church member, but is okay, they didn't laugh at me selfie-ing myself haha!! 

My father is just so great. I like hearing his preaching. Easy to listen and understandable. And then got add some jokes in his preaching. That will make us not feeling sleepy haha!!

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Giveaways ♥ Hello Kitty ♥ Weekend

More photos of my dolly friend :)

Super like the photo's colour.
Taken using my Panasonic Lumix Gf9.

Playing by the beach. My daughters & sis-in-law was inside this photo too. Can you spot them?

Posing near the sea. OMG!! I was quite afraid that time that the wave will wash away my Blythe.

Hello Kitty X Tsum Tsum figurine car which bought from a local shop in Jonker Street,Malacca. 

Successfully found Hello Kitty knife set which is in soft pink. The knife holder, knife, peeler & scissors all in pink.The knife & peeler is ceramic. I like the knives' handle, smooth to touch.
If you are pink lovers too, and you like Hello Kitty can consider buying this set. 
I am selling them.Head over to my fb page for more pics. 

I can confirm you won't regret buying this Hello Kitty knife set. The pink colour is so sweet,soft pink. And the knives all very cute,eh.. Ok,enough :P

So,I had just did my very 1st giveaways #mrskittyyigiveaway which is open to all friends from around the world.
But it is already ended now. I just did not manage to squeeze some time to share about this giveaway here. If you are my FB or Instagram friends, you knew about this. Happened last Sunday and ended on Monday 11.59pm. I had combined few items in a set and there is 2 sets in this giveaway.

Lucky winners post alreay posted in my Fb & Instagram in a short video.
They had also contacted me their delivery details. And I already sent out yesterday too.
I hope I can organize more giveaways in the future. As I'm happy to see many friends excited to join and especially the winners, their happy and super excited feeling when they knew they are the lucky ones.

#throwback Last weekend. If I do not go back Kuantan or go KL window shopping, this is my activity at home with my daughters when Mr Hubby out to work. Ignore my messy home. It is an enjoyable moment when you play video games with your kids and they thought you never play before, keep on lecture you how to play. That's funny! 

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Holiday ♥

During last month Raya Holiday (Malay New Year),
we had went to Malacca again.
Went to walk walk & eat eat only.
Also not forgotten shopping :P

This panorama photo taken using my new Panasonic Lumix GF9.
Ah...I haven't share here about my new camera.
I wanna do a post all about it. Stay tuned :)

If you are in Malacca, you must drop by 
Jonker Street. Must okay! Even it is always crowded there.
A lot of stalls there selling many kinds of items from delicious food
to cute souvenirs with reasonable price, my opinion lah...

This time my daughters had a photo with the 'blue man'. 2 years ago
with the 'gold man'. My girls grew up a lot 

The reason why my youngest daughter not in the photo 2 years ago
was because she afraid of the man in gold. That time she was only 4 years old.
And now, actually she is still afraid but not so scare. Still can stand together for a photo.

We like to buy and wear same clothes in each trip.
This time,my dad suggested army shirt.
And everyone on the street was looking at us.
There is even 1 man showing thumbs up to us.
1 advantage is people were voluteering to help us take group photo. 
I always feel so blessed when I have open-minded, young in heart parents.
I really hope my sister can join us in our next trip :(  

First time at Malacca Premium Outlet.
Was waiting my parents buying shoes,so both of us 
have a pretty shot here haha...
Mr Hubby is the camera man.
Do we look like mother daughter or sister sister? :P

Photo of me. I'm acting like those 'fb famous people' taking OOTD shot.
Photo credit to Mr Hubby that I look tall in this photo haha!!
My mom said the top too short can see my fat tummy >.<

Must try!
✔️️Chicken Rice Ball
Recommended restaurant: Famosa Chicken Rice Ball is the shop name.
It is located at Jalan Munshi Abdullah. You can use Waze app to find it. I use Waze too.

✔️️Nyonya Cendol 
Nyonya Cendol super yummy.The taste not too sweet, just fine! 100%
Malacca sugar is super yummy!!

Stay for 1 night only at Malacca. 
After that,we went to Kuantan. Back to my parents' home.At least,Kuantan has shopping malls for me to window shopping :P Not like my town,a very small town. No shopping mall :(

Promise my little girl to bring her to beach. So we went to Teluk Cempedak.
Yes! All my photos now are taken using Panasonic Lumix GF9.
I'm not really a photography expert, but I like the photo outcome. Very clear and the colour very sharp.

Made a collage for the photos. First time selfie with my sis-in-law.
All very happy,in happy mood. I like holidays,who doesn't like actually haha..

 Again,panorama photo hehe...

Photo taken using Panasonic Lumix GF9. (Again, I repeat haha) No,I didn't receive any benefit from Panasonic. Back to this photo's story..No filter added only add quotes.
 Luckily this photo auto save after my camera's battery die. I thought I didn't manage to take such nice photo that has Mr Hubby & my little girl in it.

First time ever riding this type of bicycle.Super hilarious. 2 cycle in front & 2 behind to keep it moving. My brother & wife was riding single one, only 2 front cycle. Half hour ride is actually enough, after the ride,my legs super tired. We asked for discount and the boss agreed to give discount at first since he didn't have any customers yet that day. But then,he gave us 1 hour ride.
Second half hour we exchanged our ride. Mr Hubby & me tried the single one.

The price for the single one is RM25 half hour ride while for the 2 rows one is RM35 half hour if I'm not remember wrong. Not really memorized the price. Overall, I enjoyed most in this time trip. I don't know why,just feeling being together with my family is the happiest moment ever 

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