Friday, October 28, 2011


My birthday already pass.
But this year a bit different.
Mr Hubby wants me to get 1 kitty item
each day till the 15th,my birthday.
And i really get 1 kitty till now,already pass
15th but still hello kitty arrived to me everyday
in big small parcel.Thanks so much to Mr Hubby!

So,this actually ordered during the month of
August,if i am not mistaken.
Above picture is Hong Kong Hello Kitty
KI-Beta USB charger adaptor.
Love at first sight.The moment my eyes 
saw this charger posted by a Singaporean
friend,Adriana,without thinking,
i ordered for myself.Mr Hubby let me
buy what i wants for this month.Hehe...He sure broke...=P
i can now use this to charge my Iphone.
This is the most lovely item that i can't wait for it 
to arrive me actually.It is Hello Kitty tap adapter.
Adriana is kind enough to squeeze out one of this from her 
customers' booking for me.
Thanks so much to her! i had wanted this very long 
time ago...And now it is mine! So sorry to took such a long time
posted out here for you to enjoy!
But again,if you are my facebook friends,then you surely 
saw this earlier this month.
Hello Kitty suction rubber band holder
which i suck it in my lovely kitchen.
And now things in kitchen just getting 
more organized!!
Hello Kitty drawer hooks.
It can hold anything you like.
And also my most fave items,
Vivitix brand,Hello Kitty ball chain plush
with star.i use t as my Iphone charm.
So,all the above items you can get it from Japan.
Or maybe from certain seller who is doing
pre-order for these stuff...
Closer view of the kitty plush.
How sweet she is!!
Once again thanks to my Mr Hubby.
He is just so great.♥♥♥

Monday, October 24, 2011

Watsons Singapore✿◕‿◕✿

Hello,cutie pies!!!
How are you all?Well,i am super fine.
Sorry for no dropping by my already dusty
bloggie.Recently i am busy
handling my only online store.My shops,luckily
i got my sister,workers and Mr Hubby himself
managing all the shops' work.

The benefit of facebook is it can help me to 
get to know more hello kitty fans out there.
All around the world.Therefore,some special 
stuff like the above pic,i got to buy it with the
help of one kitty friend,Chew Ling.
She works in Singapore but is a Malaysian.
She helped me bought this quite big
Hello Kitty Shower Gel
from Watsons Singapore.

Still remember the one Watsons Malaysia 
distributed?This is bigger than that one.About the 2
of that size.Wow....i can tell you,
the actual of this kitty shower gel is super CUTE!!!
So,there is a few more which the Watsons Singapore
released one in a specific time.
Another 5 f i am not wrong.Surely i collect all.
FYI,one costs SGD16.90.
Will upload here the other 5 when i got them!
Bye,take care~

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Hong Leong Bank Debit Card✿◕‿◕✿

Today is my big day,
i mean my birthday!!
i had a great fantastic kitty day today.
Thanks so much to Mr Hubby who brought lotsa
Hello Kitty for me this month of October.
Thanks for being understanding about my 
passion towards Hello Kitty and also
thanks for being supportive to me in every aspects,
especially financial aspect. Hehehe...

So,Mr Hubby brought me to Pavilion today.
The first motive is to hunt for Hello Kitty stuff in Parkson.
And coincidently,yesterday i got to knew about this Kitty debit card.
So,apply at Pavilion Hong Leong Bank branch and got it on the spot.
SUPERRRRRR!!! Believe it or not,
according to the Hong Leong Bank worker,only Hong Leong Bank
Pavilion branch got this card now.For other branches in Malaysia,
starting 18th October,you can apply.
And some free gift from Hong Leong Bank.
There is a few free perfume vouchers and 
a Hello Kitty paper/card holder.
So,can keep as remembrance.
Am happy to get this card.
Faster go get it at your nearest Hong Leong Bank.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

New Look✿◕‿◕✿

Yesterday almost the whole day 
didn't online.As i was busy
changing new look.Hahaha...
i mean new hairstyle!
Ta...Da...Have a look.
After years of perm hair,
i am back to 'straight' hair.Hahaha...
So,this pic got a lot of comments
in my facebook.Comments sure all
good one.If want criticise,sure
at my back,right? Hehe...
So,there is some saying i 
looks young in this hairstyle.
Of course young! (actually i am not that old)
i just married early,therefore already
got 3 kids.
Anyway,i like this hairstyle too.
But going to miss my perm
hair too!

This Hello Kitty first aid box
i got last month.Nice right?
At last,my messy home kitty home
has a hello kitty first aid box! =='''
Together arrived is this,Hello Kitty 
clothes pegs + bucket.
Pink bucket somemore.
With colourful pegs.
Or you can say clips.
Hello Kitty PVC boxes
but not for sale.Because
of the background,many ask
is it for sale?No.
Because normally my ordered
stuff arrived to my shop,and can't wait..
so,i straight away took photo of it.^^
Hello Kitty underwears.
Hehe...almost crazy,i think..
Underwear also want to wear Hello Kitty.
So,if you all want to get all these cuties,
you can find Kitty House.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Beautify my car✿◕‿◕✿

Hello all.A short post by using my Iphone...So today all is about my messy lil car.i had bought some new hello kitty accessories for my messy car.Already ordered a few weeks and now it arrived,on time! Just like Mr Hubby said,1 day i received 1 kitty till 15 Oct,that's my birthday!! ^^v

Okay,there are Hello Kitty Iphone car charger,Hello Kitty car seat hanger hook,Hello Kitty car safety grip holder and also Hello Kitty face shape rear view mirror. So,only these arrive to me.There is still a few items.When it arrives all,i will share out my messy car's internal pic. Stay tuned!

i am so in love with my messy kitty car now.Feeling like wanna drive the whole day long.Hahaha...! Especially the rear view mirror,that's the great deal that i got.Really cute and big enough to view.And not to forget the Iphone car charger.Also a must have item for Iphone user who is also Hello Kitty Junkies!!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

good deal✿◕‿◕✿

A very short post today.
Sharing a very good deal
from the local store
that is near my daughter's school.

This is Hello Kitty multi-purpose cloth basket.
Which i get it in a very cheap price.
It is big and only cost me MYR 50.
The reason the seller selling this price is because
under the cloth basket,there is
a little bit dirt.But,when i unpack it
at home,use a wet cloth try to wipe
it away.And guess what??The dirt gone.
Hehehe...♥ ♥
This can be used to store clothes or whatever
you like.i put it in my car.So,can be used to keep things
in my car.
i am damn happy today,as my facebook friend,
Fiza helped me buy some hello kitty stuff.
This month is my birth month and will
be the month i got lots of kitties ♥
It is like everyday,my job is
receiving parcel!!
Gotta try upload tomorrow
what i got for my birthday.
Mr Hubby is really supportive towards
my hobby.He wants me to get a kitty
everyday in this month. ♥ ♥

Monday, October 3, 2011

household essentials✿◕‿◕✿

Pheww...just after done so many things.
At last i can rest and do my own favourite
works.That is online and blogging.
Mr Hubby fever.Therefore,
i am the mOm and also the dAd
for my daughterssss...
He is getting better.
(Hopefully get well soon because
only 1 day,i can't stand
all the works...:(

My most good deal.
i got this from a Singaporean.
Immediately book this as she posted
the pic at her facebook.i am fast as
she got only 1 piece.As i asked her
got any extra,my friends want it too.
This very cute pedal dustbin is indeed
really CUTE!!! Very rare too...
i think quite hard to find it.
i put it in my car.
Another quite good deal i got
from local store near my daughter's school.
This is hello kitty 3 drawers storage case.
With a cute kitty plushie on it.
Also sitting in my car.
Am wondering both this and the dustbin
is household or car's essentials??
Hello Kitty wall clock for my daughter's
room.Also from the local store.
Like this too because of the plushie feel.
Bought this clock even though i already had
quite many clocks...Hehe...!
This is mini cooler box.
Today all the stuff i post is from the local store.
i just spot this shop which got sell
a few kitty stuff.i had left my
number for the shop owner,
so that she can call me
if there is any new kitty arrivals.
Last but not least,Hello Kitty
face shape stuffed pillow cushion.
So,wanna know how big is this??
It fits Baby J.And it is really comfortable when
you sleep on it on the floor
reading magazines.What a relax way!!
i gotta go,that's all for today.
If i got free time tomorrow,
let's meet here again! Bye.

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