Sunday, February 19, 2012

Hello Kitty Haul✿◕‿◕✿

Today,i find a bit of my time to share 
a story of one lady who is 1 of my regular customer.
She already married but still have close girlfriend relationship.
Isn't that very disgusting??
i am not intend to talk about her,but what she had done
that made me feel uneasy.
Because of some incident happened between me
and another seller,she who do not know any
of the story but make herself so busy judging me.
After we had make a deal and the problem solved,
i have no idea why she blocked me at facebook.
i actually had unfriend her first!! Who cares actually!
Who wants to know her story?Who is interested?
She thought she is pretty and famous?!! Haha...This kind of 
bisexual lady,better avoid her first.

Ok,stop talking about her.Let's continue my hello kitty haul
from this year Chinese New Year.

Got this Candy Dispenser from Daiso,
which is a shop selling Japan Imported items
at RM5 each. Reasonable price.
Hello Kitty clarinet with candy
also another item from Daiso.
After finish consume the candy,
you can play the clarinet.
Clarinet reminds me of my schooling time
music lesson.We will be asked by our music teacher
to choose 1 musical instrument.
Such happy memories!!
Hello Kitty mini coin pouch
which is my daughter's collection.
Bought at Parkson.
i like its colour which is so sweet!
Hello Kitty DIY multi-purpose box.
Got this from a kiosk selling Hello Kitty,My Melody and
Kuromi stuff in Sunway Pyramid.
So,i had used this box to put all my Iphone apparels
and also the tiny cute plugy.
This is the one i heart most.
Hello Kitty safe box.
Which a few kitty junkies also
interested to get one for themselves.
Also from the little kiosk.
Love this to the max too!!
And Hello Kitty wind chime.
Thinking to put this in my daughter's room,but
her room's window never open.
So,how am i going to hang there??
Can i hang it just at the door??

Okay,gotta go do my work.
Enjoy your Sunday!

Thursday, February 16, 2012


2 days ago was Valentine's Day.
So,everyone in facebook was busy talking and sharing about it.
Presents from boyfie or hubby
or even from strangers?? Haha...
i also share what i got for this year Valentine's.
This is from my 3 daughters.
My very first Tokidoki bag (^-^)
Valentine's gift from them.
i heart this bag so so much!!
Especially it is a gift from my 3 lovely daughters.
And this(the above pic) from Mr Hubby.
For me,everyday is also Valentine's Day as 
Mr Hubby is always by my side,we never live our lives apart. 
We do everything together and we have the trust between us. 
Mr Hubby said,
Valentine's Day is a special day to celebrate the love 
between us that we have built 9 years ago. ♥ ♥
So,he had chose me a heart shape diamond ring for me!
Thanks so much to Mr Hubby 
for the present,the love for me
and also brought to me 3 lovely princess.
Okay,i wanna off to do my work.
Have a great day! Bye!!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


Blogging in my sweet room with Mr Hubby 
who is always in the mode of watching movie.
Baby J is sleeping,so are her 2 sisters.
They are now sleeping in 2 different room.
They have grown up,have the courage to sleep
on their own.So,there will be a room with hello kitty theme 
while the other Doraemon theme.
After fully decorate,i will share the pics here.
So,now,i have the free time to relax and updating my blog.
Hello Kitty die-cut seat cushion.
A pair for my car front seats.
Polkadots cushion.Especially is in pink.
So sweeeeeeeeetttttttt!!!!!
Hello Kitty long mat
for the back seat.
If you are my blog's loyal reader,you sure
remember my car carpets are also 
kitty leopard style.
So,this is definitely match with the carpets.
Hello Kitty pink polkadot steering wheel cover.
To replace the old dusty one.
Super duper match with the seat cushion,right?
Hello Kitty polkadot tissue box cover.
It is the same series with the steering wheel cover.
This also same polkadot.
Hello Kitty pink polkadot handbrake and gear cover set.
OMG...My lovely car is all in polkadot pink.
And now left the only last project to be make to my car.
Is to change the sticker.i want to do like the car(Suzuki Swift) that 
Hong Leong Bank presented.Pink polkadot sticker.
If i can change my sticker to the one same like that car,
that is just purrrrrrr-fect! Very sweet car of mine.
But when can i get the sticker done?
Time and also finance problem.
Hopefully my car can make it ASAP.
Bless me. That's all for today sharing.
One more last pic for you to enjoy.
Hello Kitty die-cut mini dustbin.

Monday, February 6, 2012


How's my look? Is it ok?
Was preparing to attend Mr Hubby's relative wedding dinner.
So,as usual,this is my without make-up on face.
People like to ask the reason i do not put on make-up.
It is because i don't know how to make-up
and also not very keen to make-up.
Facebook friends all very co-operative.
Giving me response and comments at this pic
when i uploaded to my facebook.
With my most important person in my life,
Mr Hubby.
My Mr Hubby very handsome,right?
Last time before we got married,
he even handsome when he was thin.
Now,a bit gain weight.
i love my this high heels so much.
Specially bought to wear it on dinner.
Chinese New Year ends today.
Before it totally ends,i wanna share about 
this flats.
Ete! x Hello Kitty sparkly ballet flats
which i had ordered earlier before CNY
and also reach before CNY
but now only share it here.
Remember i said before i want to get this 
shoes? Yeay,at last i got it.
i still have quite a lot new hello kitty stuff
that i haven't share them out.
i will try my best to share all of them 
here with you.
Take care! Gotta go.

Thursday, February 2, 2012


Hi,evening.A very short post for today.
Very rush.Tons of works which i had postponed
from last year to now,need to be finish all of them 
this year.So,in the midst of working,i took
a little bit of my precious time to stop by my kitty blog.
All hello kitty stuff that i am going to share out
is gift from my only sister,nicknamed Akira.
Famous people at facebook,okay! She has a fan page.
During her last last holiday,she managed to get me the above 
Hello Kitty charming parfums
(by KOTO Parfums France)
i am not a perfume user,but a collector.
Hahaha...i am very concern about the 
things that use on my skin.Any unknown brand or 
not trusted brand. i don't want to take risk.
Like for daily skin care,i will only use SK-II brand.
That's my favourite brand.Even toothpaste is brand Glister
from Amway. Oopss..gotta cut the crap!
Hello Kitty liquid dispenser,which
i already had a few of them.
My sister just bought it as she also can't resist 
the cuteness.
Hello Kitty big deco charms.
Which is very useful for my DIY project.
i gotta prepare dinner my daughters 
to go to parents-in-law's home for dinner.
Bye,and wish you have a nice day!

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