Thursday, February 27, 2014

Tableware set(ミ・。・ミ)

This lovely Hello Kitty tableware set is from my brother-in-law,
Mr Hubby's younger brother.
He bought it for me during his business trip to China.
Oh,don't misunderstood. He is actually my friend,we are same age.
And i knew him before Mr Hubby.
He is the one who introduced his brother to me. Therefore,now im his sister-in-law lol...

More pics...

Super like the sweet pastel colour of the bowl prints.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's 2014(ミ・。・ミ)

Today is Valentine's Day,also the Chinese Valentine's Day.
And also the last day of Chinese New Year.
I had celebrated 11th Valentine's Day with Mr Hubby.
Aw...means im old lol...
This year,Mr Hubby bought me a pastel pink 
Coach wallet. im super like this pressie..because
I had always wanted a Coach wallet to match with my Coach handbag
which I got last year as my birthday present from Mr Hubby too!

More pics..

So sweet in pink. Thank you so much to my beloved husband
for always not failing to pampered me,showered me with love.
Everyday is Valentine's Day to me because Mr Hubby always by my side.

Today, i also got something from SK-II.
Oh..not free SK-II products. It is a card.
Which proudly announced i had now attained
the Elite membership.

New membership card which is in red colour.

My previous SK-II card which is in gold colour.
i had the silver card too. That's the first card if im not wrong. 

What's the difference about this card. The silver card entitles you to have 20% more Crystal Points on your 1st SK-II purchase in your birthday month,while the gold card,50% more.
The elite is the greatest,entitles you to have 
100% Crystal Points. 

Besides,elite is the only card that enable you to 
get priority to pre-launch sales events,
exclusive events & bookings for beauty appointments & skin consultations. 

If yoy wanna know more about SK-II products 
& its Crystal Club, you may drop by its site: 

Annabelle's photo ending my post today.
So cute right? Posted this photo in my facebook.
My super humorous dad commented that Chucky
is her boyfriend.. Funny,huh! 

Friday, February 7, 2014

2014 Resolution(ミ・。・ミ) already is the 8th day of Chinese New Year in Lunar calendar. Time really really flies!
Haven't even make this year resolution.

i think for 2014 resolution, my 1st resolution is to ~SPEND LESS,SAVE MORE. 
Quite hard for me to seriously affected with a disease called 'shopaholic'. So,i think im gonna skip this one..hehe!!
Yes! My legs & hands are so so dry now due to less drinking water & sleeping in air-conditioning room.
Bought a lot of different body lotions brand but use it 1-2 times & then nicely sit on my dressing table.
Kind of lazy to use it. Therefore im going to put this as this year resolution!  
i have a few books & magazines that bought quite long time ago,but since i started using iphone & android phone,i had been neglecting the books. 
i must spend some time to finish read all of them,if not it is really wasted! Ahh...why i kept on buying new books when i haven't even finish the previous one?? 

Doi have anymore resolution? Erm..can't think of it now. Let's put it aside first..hehe! 

Aw..Cindy is so pretty in Cheongsam(Chinese traditional costume) Got this Cheongsam set from Etsy,a Thailand seller. 5 in a set. There is this Cheongsam dress,a hair clip,a fan,a pearl necklace & rose scarf. You can search: BlytheBerryGirl in Etsy for this seller's products.

im super happy as Annabelle can get back to me before CNY that day. Yes,sent her to the same Blythe customizer & this time i had requested a sad face for Annabelle.  Because i don't want both of my dolls to have same facial expression.
Turn out,she looks so cute even in sad face.
And also Asian lol... So,they can celebrate CNY together with me. =)

Went to Penang on the 1st day of CNY with my family & my brother's girlfriend & her mom.
4 days 3 nights & we stayed at a luxury condominium homestay which has guard(so,it is safe) & gym,swiming pool and kids playground.
Cindy & Annabelle enjoying themselves too.

My lil family.
Yes,i had 3 daughters! Got a Facebook friend commented that im slim even after gave birth to 3 kids. Hehehe...*proud*

Slim? Hehehe...Mr Hubby is fat! @.@

Went to Made In Penang Interactive Museum
which is located in Weld Quay,Penang. Just opened end of last year. Inside this museum got a lot 3D drawing which really looks real. 

Also been to Gurney Drive,jalan-jalan cari makan
(Walk to find local delicious food)
We bought a lot of popular local food like asam laksa,prawn mee,rojak & etc. Share share eat together...yummy~ 

This is my family! Im the eldest,2nd is my brother 
& the youngest my sister. My 'handsome' sister...hehehe!!! 

These only parts of the photos. There is more uploaded in my facebook..:) 

Went to a few shopping malls there,Gurney Plaza,Gurney Paragon & Queensbay Mall. Have a great shopping there & Mr Hubby's wallet bleed much! Haha!! Bought new apparels again even still had a few haven't wear it yet,but who can resist Forever 21 clothings? H & M or Uniqlo?? 
Mr Hubby,me & the daughters

Found this handmade clay of the Chinese zodiac 
quite purchased it.
The Chinese zodiac of my lil family.
Me: rat (im 30 this year :( old)
Mr Hubby: goat
Daychelle: monkey
Jaychelle: rooster
Justina: rabbit

Got this from a kiosk in Queensbay Mall.
Custom handmade name keychain.
Cute cute cute? Right? Hehehe...
No Hello Kitty purchases this time ><

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