Friday, August 24, 2012

Holiday Mood(ミ・。・ミ)

Still in my holiday mood.
Arh,for my foreigners' friends information,
currently it is my country,Malaysia's holiday.
School holidays for about a week plus and not yet ended.
Happy news is i will be getting more free each day passing.
Unemployed but employed by Mr Hubby as full-time wife
who doesn't know how to cook.Haha...:)
This holiday i just went back to my parents' home.
Surely bring my lil kitty.
She is so lucky to have the chance to travel with me...xP
Lunch time at Sushi King.
Night even went with us to Goldern Screen Cinema for a movie.
Hantu Gangster,the movie title.
Haha,that's my elder daughter's legs..>.<
Bought this Hello Kitty popcorn iphone pouch in 1 of the kiosk
inside the shopping mall.
Evening treat at the famous dessert shop. can be so enjoying~
Got this too..! Hello Kitty Cute Figurines Set.
You can purchase from my online shop.
Add my shop facebook account:
But this is pre-order.i had waited for 2 weeks for mine to reach me.
Nothing much to say.Till next time then.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Happy Raya(ミ・。・ミ)

Happy Raya to all my Malay friends!
So,tomorrow is Malaysia's Hari Raya festival.
And it is a holiday.My daughters' already 
started their school holidays on Last Thursday.
i will be away for 2 days.No updating bloggie here
and also my iphone blog.
For you who is  my blog's first-time-reader,
my iphone blog is where i share my iphone themes and also 
a bit of ipad themes.Of course you will need a jailbroken idevice
if you wish to download the themes.
This is my iphone blog link:

Okay,back to my story.i will going back to my daddy mommy's home.
Why not back to in-laws' home? Because we live near to Mr Hubby's parents' home.
Therefore,whenever there is holidays,surely we will going to my parents' home.

This is the main point.
Finally i found them in
i wish to have this long time ago.
Yes,yesterday received the parcel from
xl-shop(the most famous shop selling all kinds of figurines)
i was happy to the max!! Till now..
To introduce you,this is 
♡Kei's Kittyler-Rio with Hello Kitty figurine 

while this babe is ♡Okama's Kittyler-Iroha Nekomura.
i super love this the most! Especially her kitty umbrella.
Hehe...i received a lot of parcels these 2 days
and Mr Hubby was like,when-you-order-all-these expression..~.~
Wakakaka...but he always allow me to buy.
That's why i love him the most.
i never complain,and i felt grateful that he is my Mr Hubby.
Thanks God for giving me a good Mr Hubby.

That's all for today. im happy because holiday mood is on again.
Happy Holiday!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Shopping Shopping(ミ・。・ミ)

Yes,my full time job now instead of part-time.
Shopping...Mr Hubby hired me to shop everyday.

1 of my Instagram friend commented that this 
Jump From Paper 2D handbag looks like
a drawing.She thought it is my daughter's drawing.
After reading my description,then only she knew.
Isn't this looks cute? And unique.
i heart unique stuff.
Me with da 2D handbag.
Aww..m sad because i gain weight.
Can you see my big big tummy?
Looks something like a 3 month-preggy mommy.

Restock time againnnnnn...
These are the nutrition i feed my body.
Had been taken these for almost 1 & 1/2 year.
Result? You can see from my photo.
All my photos are without make-up put on.
Very the original...=)

Posted this photo in IG last few weeks,if im not wrong.
That very day,i wake up fresh and early.
Nah,ignore my messy room...>.<
This photo taken before the maid do her cleaning service.
So kittylicious,isn't it?? Hehe...and also pinky,
but not all..My cupboards haven't change to pinky.
Gotta go snap photo of the freshly arrived parcel this morning.
It is from XL-shop.Have you heard of it before?
The famous shop that sell figurines.
Arh...i had just ordered my favourite 
Hello Kitty figurines.
Will post soon.
Just stay tuned! 


Friday, August 10, 2012

McDonald's Hong Kong(ミ・。・ミ)

Sorry for letting this cutie blog of mine abandoned.
But,in another month,i will be very very free!
If you read my previous post,you sure know the reason.
Yes,i will be full time wifey for Mr Hubby.
Nah...the wifey who doesn't know how to cook. Hehe...
Okay,let's get back to today's topic.
Hong Kong McDonald's just released Hello Kitty Fairy Tales Series.
i had always collect McDonald's X Hello Kitty collaboration.
Their products never upset me.
Especially Hong Kong McDonald's.
(i already had a few collections from them)
This time,this 2012 year,it is fairy tales.

This series is based on the fairy tales characters.
So,it makes me reminisce my childhood.
The ugly duckling character,Little Red Riding Hood,
The Frog Prince and etc..
This set has 5 hello kitty plushies all dress up as the fairy tales characters
and a special edition story book.
The 5 plushies:
Wizard of Oz,The Frog Prince,Wisdom Owl,
The Ugly Duckling and Little Red Riding Hood.
i managed to ask my supplier in Hong Kong to help me get also
the Limited Edition 24 Hours McDelivery Hello Kitty Plush
which is like a kitty witch.She is holding a cute broom.
Arhhh...They are all so cute!
Any Hello Kitty junkies like me should get this!!
Worth to collect~

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