Sunday, April 26, 2015

Japan loots(ミ・。・ミ)

Busy with works.. Today only can share the post here :)
Before that, gonna throwback to yesterday's pampering time.
Finally a bit of time pampering my feet. Doing treatment and pedicure ❤️
It had been like over a year I didn't do pedicure..haha!! And also will try to book facial appointment next weekend.

Here's what I got from my dear friend, Meijoyce
More & more Hello Kitty angpaos (red packets). There is 3D designs and it is super cute!!
Not only this, she sent a lot of Hello Kittysss for me ❤️❤️❤️
Hello Kitty X Peko container 
and some chocolates. At first, I thought these are sweets, till I opened and realized they are chocolates 😆😆

Hello Kitty sticky notes from USJ ❤️
She knows I need a lot of cute stationery now especially it is Hello Kitty one, as I had a planner now. Hehehe!!

See how cute they are!!

Hello Kitty die-cut postcard from Japan. This is also I like the most!! As it is in die-cut shape 😱😱😱
When can I have the chance to go to Japan? Will I have the chance? I must really start saving now so when I have the chance to go to Japan, I can shop non-stop hehehe....

She went to Bangkok which is a commonly trip and bought me this!
Hello Kitty magnet and postcard from Sanrio Hello Kitty house. Such a sweetheart ❤️

I had actually asked for her help to help me buy this Revoltech Hello Kitty X Peach collaboration figurines from Japan airport. This Revoltech version is the cutest(I think) because it is in pink, purple and white! 
I had the blue & white one.
And now this added to my collection.
It contains only 1 Hello Kitty body with 2 faces which is changeable. I use photo blend app to blend 2 photos together. That's why you see there is 2 Hello Kitty. No regret buying this! Can't describe how cute is it. Hehehehe...

Another set I bought from her is this Cup-no Hello Kitty X Fuchiko set.
They are so so so cute right!! 1 of my online friend gave me a good idea. She said if bring this out to take pic with nice food, sure very cute. Ya hor... Why I didn't think of it? This also can put on the bowl too. But I kept forgetting putting this little figurine into my bag..😅 
Secret set is Fuchiko holding Hello Kitty head. Actually this isn't the complete set. Because a set contains 12pcs, which is 5 doubles,1 additional figurine and 1 secret. Means the complete set will be 7pcs including the secret one. Meijoyce bought 2 sets so she can only sell a set with secret figurine and a set with the additional figurine so that she won't have extra set with her. Therefore, I still lack 1 of the additional figurine which is Hello Kitty & Fuchiko sit side by side. 😔 

But, never mind. Not in hurry getting the missing one. 
Besides Hello Kitty, floral stuff is my favourite too.
Still not over with all these floral stuff. 

Got myself this lips iphone 6 flip cover. 
So chio right!! Haha!! If you interested, can contact me. I have this lips flip cover extra 1pc for iPhone 6. Contact me for price and payment details. You can find my contact details by clicking the word Bio at the sidebar in Webmistress category :)

 Gonna end today's post with my lovely youngest daughter, Justina.
She is now 3 years 11 months.
Grow up way too fast..

Sunday, April 19, 2015


Already been 2 weeks of work life, I'm still fine and able to handle :) God bless!
The first weekend of work life, went back to Kuantan to restocked my daily skincare. I had decided to change to Clarins after realizing recently my face condition stay the same. No improvement like last time. I don't care pay expensive for a good skincare but if it doesn't has any improvement, why waste money still using the same brand? 😤 

Choosing Clarins because my mom had started using this brand few months ago and I noticed the dark spots on her face visibly reduced and her face so smooth, like smoother than mine 😭 

Going to Kuantan must visit Daiso. I like everything selling there, so 'modern' all the stuff there hehe... Also cute!
Happy purchases from Daiso ❤️ 

My endless story of Iphone casings...

Must act cute when using this cute baby milk bottle case 😂😂 

One of my wish list ticked! 
Had always wanted to buy a Vespa for my dolly friends.  I found from EBay but the price is terribly high 😖😖 
Finally the chance came. My brother-in-law(Mr Hubby's brother) went to China for business trip. I sent him the pic of Vespa with Blythe and ask for his help to find 1 for me. There is a few colours, and I had chose this mint colour. Looks so sweet and classic 😊 

Really thanks so much for his help. He always never fails in helping me finding my wish list hehehe!!! And as always, it is a gift, count like souvenir for me 😁

I will continue tomorrow about a sweet friend who keeps on pampering me with lots of Hello Kitty, if time allow. 
As tomorrow is Monday.. Hope don't have any Monday blue 😜 

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Work for the FIRST TIME!(ミ・。・ミ)

Tomorrow I will start working!! 
Ah...Working life! What I had always wanted to try :)
Thanks to mother-in-law for suggesting work in her office.
My work time is flexible, also arranged by my MIL. 
4 hours a day. And Saturday maybe half day or I can choose 
not work. Is up to me. Sunday off day,that's for sure!
I can't work long time yet because after my kids off from school,
I need to care for them. No one care for them.
Therefore,such brilliant idea from my MIL.
I can try working life and at the same time,still can handle my little family.

So,let's see how it works! :)
A bit excited plus nervous actually.
Because this is the FIRST TIME I work with others.
I didn't have a chance to join the workplace since I got married.
Bless me.

Still never end with gifts!
This is another lovely priceless gift from a dear online friend, Niji (@nijilok in Instagram).
Thanks for handmade this 3D Hello Kitty iphone pouch.
Even the My Melody packaging also cute!! 
You all can support this pretty girl if you are interested in handmade items
or Tamagotchi. She sells Tamagotchi too.

My Kikki K need a bit freshness!
I modify 1 of the divider. Stick some of the Hello Kitty sticky notes
on it. Tomorrow this planner will contribute a lot haha!!
Btw, I had ordered a new gold planner. Wait till it arrive to me...
Can't imagine myself ordering a gold one this time.
I mean,I always go for pink colour..But this time the gold one attracts me!
Mr Hubby said it right! He once said,"When a people starts to grow up, 
his/her behaviour and taste will change too."

When we go shopping or eating outside,
there is always people saying my youngest daughter look alike
 Grace jiejie, Malaysian singer Gary Chaw's daughter.. Is it??
I always got comment like that haha!! 
But,personally think got a bit alike only..=)

Hopefully tomorrow will runs smoothly.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Endless G.I.F.T(ミ・。・ミ)

Post throwback pics first hehe...
Posted last last Wednesday on my social network site.
On Wednesdays,we wear PINK.
Recently I like arranging items like above pic and take a photo of it.
I'm not an expert photographer :) 
Bear with me hehe...

Endless giftssss...
All these are from sweet @aniemhanima (Instagram)
All my online friends are so amazing!!
They are kind,sharing is caring and sometimes sending lil gifts to me.
I return back gifts to them too :)
So,this sweetie girl sent me A4 file,3D angpaos (red packets),
chocolate in coin shape, lots of candies & Hello Kitty point pads.
Ahh...still curious what is this point pads. All in Japanese words.

 Another lovely gift is Hello Kitty cape coat with hood from dear Stephanie
(my Facebook friend).
This lovely cape coat with hood is from Hong Kong ❤️
Me wearing the cape coat..>.<

Throwback pic again hehe...
Today's post mostly all throwback pic.
Iphone case that has perfume smell & Viva La Juicy perfume.

My crazy addiction towards floral things..
From phone cover to watch.I want everything in floral,please! Haha..
Just saw a Forever New Taylor Medium planner which is in FLORAL design too!!!
I must get it but it is SOLD OUT online and mostly all the Forever New outlet!!
Please someone tell me,where I can get it.
Can't wait so I had ordered a new GOLD planner.
Wait till it reach me,I will update here =)
But,I still want to get this floral planner.
Inform me if anyone knows where can buy this.

Have you bought the latest Iphone 10??
My Iphone 10 lol...

Too obsessed with Iphone haha!!
My latest theme, Little Twin Star.
For your info,only a JAILBROKEN IPHONE can set themes.
I get asked a lot of times "How to do this?"
So,if your iphone not jailbroken, definitely cannot set themes!
So,for those of you who had a jailbroken iphones
and you know how to download and set theme,
you can visit my Iphone goodies blog: 

Some are freebies :)
Make sure you read the post.
Sayonara! I want to continue online shopping for some 
cute stationery for my planner :)

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