Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Okay, trying this new blogging app from AppStore called 'BlogGo for Blogger'. Now blogging from my iPhone :)

Hopefully it is the app that suits me. 

Throwback nail of the month of December.
Nah... That's not my nails!! It is stick-on nails. My nails are never, never long. I can't let them grow because the nails will hurt my skin. When I'm asleep, I tend to scratch myself  >.<

My Iphone 6 ❤️❤️❤️
Current homescreen. 
Yes, my iPhone is jailbroken. 
Ahh.. an iPhone which is not jailbroken is a just a dull phone..:P 

Super love the custom made blinged tempered glass screen protector stickers.
It makes my iPhone looks so classy,man!! 

Last week, went back to Kuantan to sit for the insurance exam. Yeah, I had joined the insurance world. Actually is my cousin asking me to join. I consider a while and think I can have a try since I'm not working right now. So, I had passed for the exam.
Whoever wants to buy insurance , can find me. I will try my best to assist you ;)

So, last week after the exam, went to East Coast Mall window shopping. Bought our Chinese New Year clothes and shoes. 
And also this:

New Hello Kitty window curtain for my daughters' bedroom. Now both of them sleep together in a room while the other room had became their study room and dressing room.

Time really flies...
My elder daughter now can share shoes with me. *happy jump*
We bought the same boots. Chinese New Year can wear same same. 
Till now, I can't believe I have an 11 year old daughter!! And although she is super slim, but she is tall. I think over a year or two, she will be taller than me.

This is my elder daughter, Daychelle latest photo.

Pretty isn't it?? Hehehe...

Guardian new arrivals.
New Hello Kitty tissue boxes design. 
And Hello Kitty bath kit.
The Hello Kitty bath lily is in pink! 
And also the body wash bottle design. 
Pastel pink ❤️❤️❤️
I always peek at Guardian to see whether got any new Hello Kitty stuff. This time got 2 new ones.. Satisfied :)

The iPhone 6 cover I ordered arrived.
This time, it is My Melody.

Recently starting to like My Melody. 
I think all the color combination of My Melody suits me! All in pink! 
Anyway, I still like Hello Kitty. Hello Kitty always will be my love hehe...
 My everyday job now is preparing lunch for 
my 2 gals. They have extra classes after school, so I need to bring food to them.

2 daughters but 4 lunch boxes!! 
No no, just for photo taking. I just used 2 of them for my daughters. Seeing nice lunch box and then bought it, resulting in a few of them now in my home. 

Okay, finally the end of the post. Gonna post it out and see how the result. If posting using this app will be the same just like posting using laptop, then I can blog often :) Such good news!!

Sunday, January 25, 2015


Finally I'm able to update about this post.
All about gifts that I received last month :P
Viva La Juicy perfume from Mr Hubby.
Christmas present...(last minute give,haha!!)
I was attracted by its bottle design actually hehe...
Anyway,the smell also nice,very sweet!

While this Kjeldsens X Hello Kitty butter cookies 
from my online dear, Xue Ting.
She bought this from her Hong Kong trip.
It came together with a file holder.
They all very got 'heart' towards me,but me.....
Hmmm...I think I should find some special gift to return back.

From sister-in-law(Mr Hubby's youngest sister)
She bought it a set with the perfume,but she didn't use lotion.
So,for me both the lotion and shower gel :)
I'm thinking maybe I'm really a good sis-in-law,as
she has 3 brothers,all married so means she has 3 sister-in-laws including me!
But,she only gifted me,not them. Haha :P

At first,thought this snail mail from Meijoyce already lost!!
Because the time she sent me this,my town flooded.
But,luckily...I got her mail!!
A very cute Hello Kitty in kimono display card and year 2015 calendar.
The die-cut Hello Kitty calendar,I had 3 for year 2013,2014 & 2015
All from my babe, Meijoyce.
She is such a dear to me. But,my surprise for her will soon reach. 
Hehehe :)

Monday, January 12, 2015

Back to school(ミ・。・ミ)

Today is school re-open day for Malaysian.
Mr Hubby rest for over a month and now need wake up 
as early as 6 in the morning..(luckily I still can sleep till 8)
As this year,Justina will be attending kindergarten. 
Therefore,I need to wake up at 8 to fetch her to kindergarten
and then have breakfast with Mr Hubby.

Their very very nice school bags :)
Arghh..I dislike those ugly black or dark blue school bags.
Or those very cartoon one. I definitely won't buy those for my daughters.
They chose the school bags themselves from online shop.

Back from school just now.
Requested them for a photo because some friends said the school bags look small.
So,here's a photo of them with the bags,and I think the size suits them!
Time flies!! My elder daughter, Daychelle is in Year 5 this year. While her sister
Year 4. The little one 4 years old =)

Busy week ahead >.<  And now need prepare to fetch them to tuition classes.
Till next post then. Goodbye!

Saturday, January 10, 2015

Brother's Registration of Marriage Day(ミ・。・ミ)

Last Thursday was my brother and his gf-now-wife registration of 
marriage day. We went back to Kuantan to celebrate.
Yesterday having a small party at my parents' home,
inviting some near relatives and friends.
My brother decides to organize the wedding dinner party later.

This is my handsome brother hehehe...
And his gf-now-wife!!

This photo taken yesterday noon when everyone was busy 
helping decorating and preparing for the party. While I helping 
selfie only haha!!

Being a mom of 3, 
I will still get very excited seeing a helium balloon 
especially it is big and a heart shape. I know I'm childish but who cares lol..

See?? I'm so excited with all these balloons haha!!

Photo with Mr Hubby at JPN
(Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara)
(National Registration Department)

Photos all uploaded to my Facebook :)
Now continue back to my story of never-ending Iphone covers collections!
This custom made bling bling front & back screen protector 
and matching bling bling bumper case cost me quite a lot but worth it!! 
And it also goes well with the wing bling heart home button sticker.
What's even perfect is the back sticker is in pink. Finally a pink iPhone haha!!

Back to cute stuff.
Hello Kitty Go Around Iphone 6 cover  came 
with a dark pink long strap.
 It is super cute, even the packaging also cute 
don't feel like throwing the packaging box.

And Little Twin Star silicone cover!
This time I bought LTS instead of My Melody or Hello Kitty.
As compare the 3 designs,I think LTS cuter for this type cover.
Be prepare lol...my Iphone 6 will soon has as many covers as my old Iphone 4.

Some purchases from last year.
Hello Kitty face shape stool.

This Hello Kitty face shape string lights I got it long long time ago,maybe over 2 years
and now only took it out and hang it up. Luckily the lights still working.
If not,it will be such a waste!

Next week,school re-opens. And will back to busy schedule.
Fetching daughters. So,will try my best to update here :)
Goodbye & hope you'll have a nice weekend.

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

McDonald's X Hello Kitty(ミ・。・ミ)

Postpone this post so many times. I thought I can post it
before 2015 but already pass New Year.. My town,Temerloh
flooded serious last year. Almost the whole town flooded..except my
living 'taman'. Parents-in-law also flooded and they stayed with us during
the flood time.

After flood,everyone here was busy cleaning their home & shop.
Including my parents-in-law. Was helping them too,therefore can't update here.
And after almost all the work done,I only realized it is 2015 year now lol..

Now fast fast update you all what I got during the last month of 2014.
Complete set of Hello Kitty X USA McDonald's 40th Anniversary Collector's 
Edition Gift Set Figurines. 

The original packaging.
Inside each of the toy has a surprise gift.

#1  Hello Kitty Birthday Treat Toy.
Comes with a silicone bow bangle.

#2  Hello Kitty Birthday Gift.
Comes with a Hello Kitty shape charm.

#3  Hello Kitty Birthday Cupcake.
Comes with a cute Hello Kitty face shape ring.  

#4 Hello Kitty Birthday Invite.
With cute Hello Kitty stickers.

#5  Hello Kitty Birthday Balloon.
Comes with a mini comb.

#6  Hello Kitty Birthday Lollipop.
The lil surprise inside is a red whistle.

#7  Hello Kitty Birthday Fun.
Cute pink Hello Kitty face shape hair pin.

#8  Hello Kitty Birthday Surprise.
I think this is a mini photo frame keychain :)

I got do pre-order for this set actually,but now already closed.
Therefore,you may add me as friends in Facebook so that you
can keep up-to-date with all the pre-order Hello Kitty stuff
I will be selling :)

There is a small paper included inside each of the toy.
 It introduces about the McPlay app in App Store or Google Play.
I had tried searched for this app but not found.
I think only will appear when your country in App Store set to USA.

Another great find and now added to my McDonald's X Hello Kitty
collections is this:
35th Anniversary Hello Kitty X McDonald's Hong Kong KITTYLAB year 2009.
I'm a real McD fans lolol...
Lost count of how many Hello Kitty sets from Mcd that I had collected,hehe...
It is also a complete set.
(I think every Hello Kitty junkies wouldn't want to collect if it isn't a complete set,right?!)
Total of 6 cute Hello Kitty plushies and a cloud shape tote bag.

Hello Kitty Original.

Hello Kitty Pirate.

Hello Kitty Strawberry.

Hello Kitty Baby.

Dr. Kitty

Hello Kitty Devil.

If you have interest towards this set,I got do pre-order now too.
You can LINE/wechat mrskittyyi for price enquiry.
It is pre-order,not ready stock, unless you don't mind to get my set first :P

Will continue in next post about some other Hello Kitty purchases
and gift that I had received from amazing online friends.

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