Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Car✿◕‿◕✿

Hello,i am back after dissappeared
for so many days.Christmas just pass.
And i received quite a lot kitty stuff.
There is more to show here,but
time not allow. :(
You know,my car is very lucky.
i already got the red apple kitty car 
registration number plate.
But colour fade.And i had decided 
to buy another to replace it.
Especially this is in pink.
With the ribbon on the top right.
How cute!!!
And also a hello kitty umbrella holder.
For car use.
There is 2 colours available,Pink & Red.
As always i will choose the pink,
even though it is mix with black.
So,for these 2 items,if you interested,
you can get from my best friend,
Add her facebook account.
So,i have a belated birthday pressie from her.
i have this kind of scheduler but in red.
She knew i love this pink design,
she posted it together with my ordered items.
Do you think i will use this kitty scheduler? always, i really not
very keen to use it.
Maybe to use the red one first.
So,that's all for our today's chat.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Complete set✿◕‿◕✿

Hello,my lovely readers out there!
So,as promised,i will share it here
after i have the complete set of 
kitty shower gel.
So,the 2nd is Hello Kitty Honey Bunny 
Shower Gel.
Hello Kitty Angel Shower Gel.
Hello Kitty Santa Shower Gel
Lastly the 5th,Hello Kitty Cat Woman
Shower Gel.
This is also cute.Cat Woman,hahaha!!
i like its mask!
My complete collections of Watsons Singapore 
distributed hello kitty shower gel.
But,don't worry!You can get it now too,
no need fly to Singapore.
i heard my friend said,Pavilion got a stall
selling this shower gel,in a quite pricey price.
RM69.90 for each.Actually almost the same.
My friend helped me bought these 5 kitties,
include shipping to me about RM250.
Divided to each RM50.Almost the same.
If you really a maniac hello kitty collector,
just like me,you sure can't miss out this 
super cute stuff.
How big actually the shower gel is?
A good question.So,i attached above picture 
for you to have a look compare 
to last time we bought from Watsons Malaysia
kitty shower gel.OMGosh....super big right?
And also cuter!
As the kitty shower gel is wearing real clothing.
Not like the one selling here.
Lucky me to have all complete set.
Lucky lady,some of my friends named me!

Thursday, December 15, 2011


Surprise? Haha...Today's title
is about my online shop.
i will share out some of my online 
shop hello kitty stuff
which i had ordered for myself too.
1. Hello Kitty Iphone/Ipod/Ipad external battery.
This is a very essential item which every I-user
must-haves.Especially Iphone users.
Iphone battery drains very fast.
Therefore,when we are outdoor,this comes
very useful.
2. Hello Kitty face shape long wallet.
i replaced my die-cut wallet to another die-cut wallet
which is the latest design.
Hard to choose between the die-cut kitty
wallet and this.
3. Hello Kitty leopard long wallet.
Mr Hubby suggested me to take both.
He is always like this.Whenever i buy anything
and is in difficulty to make decision which to choose,
he surely will ask me to buy both,but not 3 or 4.
4. Hello Kitty face shape seat cushion.
Which is Sanrio Licensed product.
5. Hello Kitty wire headphone.
6. Hello Kitty electric toothbrush.
There is 2 designs available.
And i chose this design.
7. Hello Kitty eye mask.
That is my elder daughter,Daychelle.
(Part time model)
8. Hello Kitty furry ball chain mirror.
Super plushie feel.
Not really use this,as my collection.
As the mirror too small size!
9. Hello Kitty frying pan.
10. Hello Kitty salt & pepper container.
How cute the ceramic container is in 
kitty face shape.
11. Hello Kitty mini stapler.
Made in Korea.
At last i found the suitable stapler for myself.
Last but not least,i have the most fave item.
Hello Kitty key cap collections,
which is full set.
Colourful right? Seeing this makes me cheerful!
Do you notice,each colour represents 1 meaning?
There is forever,love,cute,
peace,smile and happy.
Hope you all will stay forever lovely,cute,
peace,smile and happy!!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Yesterday was super happy.
As i received parcel delivered all the 
way from Hong Kong.
My Hong Kong friend helped me 
buy them. *wink*
i have a Hong Kong friend.
(feeling proud,okay)

So,this is released by
McDonald Hong Kong year 2011.
Just ended.
And spome of my facebook friends
also managed to get this but not in full set.
Surely hello kitty obsessed will get it.
Proudly to announce that i got
the full set.
"How lucky you are" is the phrase
i kept on hearing lately.

There i
Ronald McDonald x hello kitty
Grimace x hello kitty
Hamburglar x hello kitty
Birdie x hello kitty
a bag,shiny card and memopad sheets.
A set worth to collect which you can't buy anywhere
except McD.
Some even ask me do Malaysia McD have this?
Ooh...Already stated it is from Hong Kong McD.
Of course Malaysia won't have.
If you don't believe you can try ask at your nearest McD.
My Baby J is now 6 months old.
And she not looks like her age.
A lot met her thought that she is already 1 year old.
(chubby plump little girl)

Asking me what i had given her as food. -.-''
Surely babies feed on milk.
Can i give other solid food?
In her 6 months old,i just started 
to feed her cereal.
She is really an active cheerful girl.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Iphone casing✿◕‿◕✿

Hi,greeting from Mrskitty Yi.
That is me! Hehe...
So,the above pic is the latest me.
A mom of 3 kids.
i also couldn't believe when i saw 
look at this pic.How can i maintain 
so slim? (self-praise again)
Yes,the way to keep myself so slim
is eat and eat and eat.
Yes,i am telling the truth but none believe me.
i really no on diet.3 main meals a day
plus supper sometimes.
i am very excited that very day
when i got my mercibeaucoup
brand apparels.
Where to buy?A very good question.
i am doing pre-order for these brand clothing too.
So,any enquiry,you can visit my shop
facebook account,KittyBubbles.
How can i hold this cute clothing till Chinese New Year?
And i already wore it.
Had ordered bling bling leather casing for my Iphone.
It has a big 3D kitty and also my name on it.
No one can steal my Iphone now..Hahaha!!
Thanks so much to my friend,

who helped me DIY this for me.
Okay,screen protector 
i also want got hello kitty.
Can you spot the hello kitty on my Iphone screen??
Where to get this rare kitty Iphone screen protector?
Of course from me too.
Mostly my items i got it from supplier
and i am doing pre-order for them.
Except my daily skincare products,
which i really don't have supplier.Haha!!
TaDa...My creamy yummy Hello Kitty
deco cover for Iphone.
If i want to get creamy deco,sure will get this type
creamy deco case.
Those selling at phone accessories shop are so so so
not nice! Even if the shop owner give me as 
free gift,FREE OF CHARGE,
i also don't want.
Really looks not creamy yummy at all.
So,for this type of creamy deco case,
you can purchase from etsy,this seller
But,be prepare with the price!
My this case got a kitty charm at the top side
which is custom made.
Requested the seller to make it.
So,there will be another charge fee
for that.Frankly speaking,her work is amazing.
This is the 2nd casing i bought from her.
i love this case to the maxxxxxx!!!
Any enquiry,feel free to drop a comment!
Bye and have a happy day!

Saturday, December 10, 2011


i already went to 100¥en
for my 2nd purchases,yet i 
haven't uploaded here the purchase.
What a shame!
So,today, a very bright sunny day,
i am going to share about kitty 100¥en stuff.

#1. Hello Kitty & fruit design 
repackage bag.Or simple way we called
it plastic bags.i bought 2 different sizes.
Big and small.There is also medium size.
#2. Hello Kitty cotton dustcloth.
So,i hang it near my kitchen washing place.
After washing,i use it to wpe my hands.
#3. Hello Kitty leisure bag.
Or we also called this recycle bag.
i like it in sweet pink colour.
#4. Hello Kitty bamboo safety chopsticks.
#5. Hello Kitty stainless steel fork & spoon.
i want to get a few pieces of these,but Mr Hubby
not allowed me to do so.(stingy people is he)
Haha...Don't tell him i back talk him.
#6. Hello Kitty & cherry toe pat.
For the use of when applying nail polish.
#7. Hello Kitty nail file 2pcs set.
i am not going to use this.As a collection.
#8. Hello Kitty CD & DVD storage holder.
There is 2 designs actually.i chose this
as the other is in red colour,which is not really my fave colour.
#9. Hello Kitty mini whiteboard with  magnet.
Which i stick to my refrigerator.
#10. Hello Kitty washing net(pouch type)
This is for us to put our inner garments or
any soft nice clothing that we don't want it to ruin 
when washing in washing machine.
#11. Hello Kitty fastener pouch.
Okay,you can put whatever you like.
i have no idea why i bought this at first.
Maybe it is Hello Kitty.
i am really overly crazy with kitty stuff.
#12. Hello Kitty plaster.
#13. Hello Kitty kitchen cabinet sheet.
This is my most heart item among all those.
And for my 2nd purchases,i went to get this a few more.
Haha...Because of not enough use the 1 sheet.
#14. Hello Kitty tucker bags(10pcs)
At first i thought this is the transparent sheet
that we use to wrap the food.(Sorry,i don't know what that called)
But,when i brought it back home,unpackaged it,
the only i know it is something like a tucker bag.
#15. Hello Kitty memo pad(100pcs)
There is always stationery stuff to grab back home.
Like the cute bunny kitty!
#16. Hello Kitty wall hanging pocket.
2 design available and i grab both because of 
really don't know how to choose.Mr Hubby
aske dme to grab both.(How nice of him this time)
So,that's my only grab from 100¥en shop.
Please don't ask me the location for 100¥en shop.
i only know the one in Kuantan and Temerloh.
For other ares,you all can refer to their website.
Happy Holiday and Happy Shopping!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Strawberries Series✿◕‿◕✿

Blogging till my parents' home
at Kuantan.Today's my sharing is
about my other collections besides
Hello Kitty.
My another favourite item
is berries series.

There is berries bottle tray,berries bath tray
and berries container or should we called it,pail,
with green cover.
And also there is berries wash bowl,
berries water dipper,berries sink strainer
and berries shampoo stand.
All are super sweet,okay!
Especially fully in pink,that's my fave colour.
Not yet finish.
There is also strawberry shelf.
i took 2 for myself.For this strawberry shelf,
it is available in my shop.Hehehe...
Cute with brown bear sitting on it.
So,i am putting this 2 shelves in my 
And this also i can find.
Strawberries toilet brush.
But this toilet brush,very small in size.
Syuitable for the use of kids. @.@
Okay,these are currently my only strawberries series.
Tata..Have a great weekend onwards!

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