Thursday, June 26, 2014

Hello Kitty Fifa World Cup(ミ・。・ミ)

Everyone is paying attention to the 2014 World Cup
which is held in Brazil. I'm not a football fan,so the only information i know 
is the FIFA World Cup took place in Brazil..haha!!

But,even though I'm not a football fan,but how can I miss out these super cute
McDonald's X Hello Kitty "K-League" FIFA World Cup Soccer Plush Toys
from Hong Kong McDonald's...
I'm certified a crazy fan of McDonald's X Hello Kitty plush toys!!!

Total of 7 plush toys.Hello Kitty is dressed up as RefereeGoalkeeperStriker,
Midnight SupportersMedic & Crazy Fans.
There is a mini notepad included. i think it is actually the McDonald's food vouchers,
which the vouchers had been taken away by the sellers.
It is fine for me because the vouchers can't be used at McD Malaysia.
At least,the cute notepad is mine!

Let's have a closer and detailed view of them.
The Goalkeeper.

The Referee.



and The Crazy Fans.

 This set released started on 5th June.
The limited edition collector set consists of 5 plush toys plus the highly limited
and exclusive Hello Kitty which is in a football shape,known as "World Wave".
"World Wave"

There will be a special limited Hello Kitty "K-League" Midnight Supporters edition
which is only available when you order food from Hong Kong McDonald's delivery.

So,i have the full complete set *peace*

Another happy *excited* news is my doll,Cindy had came back.
Earlier this month,I had sent my doll to the same Blythe customizer,Avalie
to re-makeup. Because I don't like shiny powder actually...
It makes my doll still looks like a 'plastic doll'.
So,this time request not to have shiny powder,add a bit more freckles so the freckes
will be obvious. And also add eyebrow.
Oops!! Forgot to mention,also a hair cut.
Had always love those dolly with short hair like this.
And I think I won't regret deciding to cut it short.
I super satisfied with her new make-up and hair style.
She looks so rock! In a cute way..haha!!

Our we-fie~

I didn't send Annabelle for another make over because
I like Annabelle sad face :)
Unlike Cindy,she is without freckles and has a super fair skin.
Only she has a sad face. I decide to have a sad face and a happy face doll.
If I will have the chance to have a new Blythe doll,I surely will send to Avalie
for the face customization. I like her work! And I dislike Blythe stock face lol...

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Hello Kitty X Monster Hunter Airou(ミ・。・ミ)

They are so cute,right! 
Didn't think of collecting this Monster Hunter X Hello Kitty figurines
at first. As you know,i need to find gift for my online friend, Meijoyce 
And this is quite a tough task because she has a lot a lot A LOT of Hello Kitty figurines.

And i think of these! So,imsg her and asked her whether has this set or not.
Yeah...she doesn't have. So,ordered 2 sets, 1 for her and incidentally 1 for me.

i personally super 'heart' this one.
Hello Kitty & Monster Hunter riding on piggy.
The pig is cuter than Hello Kitty itself haha!!

 i had captured both same Monster Hunter closing its eyes in these 2 pics.
i didn't even notice when i took photo of it and editing it with photo app.
Till i uploaded to my Dayre that day only knew about it.
Funny huh?!

It is time to buy new sheep placenta supplement because mine almost finish.
So,this time i had chose to buy the new one from CellLabs.
Purple colour packaging.
This CellLabs sheep placenta with grape seed oil plus provides
sheep placenta plus 3 other potent antioxidants, 
Grape Seed Oil + Astaxanthin 3.5% + Lycopene 6% in a single daily supplement 
that works synergistically to slow down the signs of aging from within.

So,this has the 3 potent antioxidants compare to the normal CellLabs 
sheep placenta blue packaging. Price is same if you buy it at Guardian.
This pack costs RM199 with free 1 small bottle which consists of 10 capsules.
The big bottle is 30 capsules. Each day a capsules so this can lasts for 40 days :)

If you buy big packs,more worth but need RM400++ like that..
Need save money first..hehehe!!

Remember that day Mr Hubby bought Asus Memo Pad for me..
i need a cute damn protective cover for it. But...
because it isn't as popular as Samsung Tab or Apple Ipad,
there isn't variety of covers for me to choose from.
i just managed to get this big eyes cute girl cover for it.
No hello kitty design,anyway...better than those normal plain colour cover.
Still can accept as it is in PINK and CUTE!

Take this Hello Kitty 3D liquid dispenser for my next travelling
since it is not sold out yet. There is still 1 more extra stock with me.
Whoever interested,can LINE/wechat mrskittyyi to buy it =)
Can fill it with body shampoo..hehe..

Tuesday, June 10, 2014


Finally i bought it!! 
i had 'favourited' this item in Etsy,keep on thinking whether to get it or not,
because of the price.
i really can't stand the temptation!

Nice packaging from the seller.
She is from Spain. So,this parcel is all the way from Spain lol.

Cute and sweet tag? Can use it as bookmark.
i had no idea why the seller put my name as "Sue"?
My Etsy account's name is Suet Yi Turn. But,she remove the 'T' in Suet
and called me Sue...haha!!
Can consider use Sue as my English name since i don't have any English name.

Yeah,i bought this cute cottage chic set which consists of a wooden table and 2 chairs for my dolls.
Every chair travels with a striped cushion in pink, white
and hot pink shades. The seller also give a pink table runner but i didn't use it hehe..
Every chair performs a distinctive shabby chic style. 
One of them has a tiny cut out heart
as you can see in above pic.
It is in pink!! Super nice,ikr!!
Vintage feel too.

My dolls are just so so lucky lol.

Last Saturday,went to Ipoh with my parents-in-law to attend relative's wedding dinner.
Another wedding dinner hehe..
Another new dress..haha!! i bought a new dress for each wedding dinner.
Mr Hubby shoots me with this question before: Can't you wear those wore before dress?
You only wear it once! 
Me: Cannot cos relative will notice i wear it before.
 Mr. Hubby: Who will notice when it is quite a long time??
Ignore him...hehe!!

Somehow,i think i look fat in this photo. Maybe because of the dress 
got a bit loose at waist part. i forgot to bring it to the tailor to adjust it..:(

My 3 princess. 

"I don't need to be the most beautiful woman in this world because
 I know I'm the most beautiful one in his heart. 
Being the most beautiful woman in his heart is already enough."
My handsome husband hehehe xD

We seldom selfie together. Maybe it is because we are always together.
So,that day feel wanna selfie more with him..

Okay,update of some items i bought last month.
Guess handbag from Mr Hubby.

From Guardian.
There is candy dispenser like 'egg machine' ,hello kitty riding on airplane toy
with candy and a candy watch. The candy watch has a secret candy compartment. 

Random photo again...haha!! 
SOTD (Shoes of the day)

Ah...also recently my Blythe doll, Cindy had been sent to 
re-makeup. And also a new haircut.
So,this is a photo of her i took previously.
She is wearing a wig hehehe...
Like so 'kua zhang'(exaggerate) that doll also has wig.

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