Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Mister Donut X Hello Kitty(ミ・。・ミ)

I feel I'm so so so lucky to have known a few amazing friends 
from Facebook and Instagram.
1 of them(who requested not to tag her) had helped me
bought this Mister Donut Hello Kitty Cooler Bottles from Thailand.

I got the complete 4 pcs of them!

Surely the pink one my favourite.
 But the blue one also cute!

Yes,it is plastic material,but who cares!!
I won't really use them. I bought them for display collection only hehe!!

This cooler bottles really worth buying as they are really big in size!
At first,before getting them, I thought they are small. But,once received them
surprised at its size and they look nice in real. Got them for RM20 each.
But,some Facebook seller selling at the price of RM45-RM55 each!! 
Therefore,I'm lucky lol...

And Shell Malaysia released Hello Kitty X Tokidoki figurines!!
It is the same as the one released from Hong Kong 7-11 year 2011.
I had some from Hong Kong,still not yet complete,missing a few of them.
Struggling hard to find the remaining bits.
For the Shell Malaysia,I actually lack of 2 designs,the ciao Kitty & sunshine Kitty.
An Instagram friend, @melonina gifted me the 2 figurines and I don't even have to 
try my luck buying the blind boxes from Shell.
Upper display box is the complete 10pcs from Shell Malaysia.
Below are from 7-11 Hong Kong.
And good news is I already found the remaining bits to complete this
Tokidoki X Hello Kitty figurines set. *clap hands*

Ordered another handmade Blythe carrier from an Etsy seller.
For you who is interested to get this same handmade Blythe carrier or other 
stuff by this seller, this is her shop link in Etsy:

Had been like a year? Or maybe 2 years I haven't weigh myself.
My weight scale spoilt so got myself a new cute one.
It is a Hello Kitty face shape and digital one.
When I uploaded this photo to my Facebook & Instagram,
almost everyone not focusing at the cute weight scale lol..
They focus at my weight..haha!! I know I'm slim even 
after giving birth to 3 kids. *proudlady*

Some of the items I got for myself this month of July.
Hello Kitty powerbank again!! Lost count of the powerbank I have xD
It is 12000 mAh and I have ready stock for this powerbank.
If you interested,may LINE/wechat mrskittyyi.

Swarovski Hello Kitty Pink Bow Ballpoint Pen.
Even though there is new designs released,but I still prefer this as
it is in sweet pastel pink colour.

Just back from my short trip with family to I-City,Shah Alam
and had just posted a lot of the photos in my Facebook album :)
Will blogged about my trip if time allows...hehehe!!!

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Re-ment Hello Kitty Supermarket(ミ・。・ミ)

Blogging mode is back lolol....
This post pretty much sums up my Sunday.
What i do on this Sunday? Photo shooting my dolly friends,playing with my new re-ment
and bringing my kids to Sushi King.
Finally...another new re-ment set added to my re-ment collection.
It is Sanrio Re-Ment Hello Kitty Supermarket collection set.

If grocery shopping at Hello Kitty Supermarket,that will be GREAT!!!
As usual,the set contains 8 collectible miniatures.
1st: basket,biscuits and box and a cheese & tomato soup?

2nd: (Not sure what is it haha...)
Who knows may kindly leave comment ya hehe :)

3rd: bread which is in Hello Kitty face shape! (OMG!!), milk carton & apple jam.

4th: Sushi and oil (is it?)

5th: white eggs,strawberries & cookies?

6th: pasta,extra virgin olive oil,margarine & ....

7th: dish soap,toilet roll papers,LED light bulb(a Hello Kitty shape too!)
& sponge. All these really are to-die-for. How I wish these are sell in reality.

8th: ice-cream & ice-cream waffle cones.

 Something i like about the packaging box.
You can cut it out to shape like a counter.
And here is mine after i cut it and fold it as instructed.
Cute hor??

So,with this set,Annabelle and Cindy can do a grocery shopping 
at Hello Kitty Supermarket.
This is when they unpacking the grocery items in their kitchen.

Cindy can't wait to enjoy the ice-cream,hehe!!

Brought my daughters to Sushi King this afternoon with Mr Hubby & his brother.
Sushi,their all time favourite!

Hope you have a great weekend too!

Friday, July 4, 2014

Chogokin Hello Kitty(ミ・。・ミ)

I'm feeling lucky to have buy this 'Super Alloy' Hello Kitty Mech Figure.
No regret when ordered it online from Japan Rakuten
and upon receiving it,i feel so excited opening the
Even the box also very very nice with the Chogokin Hello Kitty image printed.

The back of the box.

Both side of the box.

So,what is this Chogokin actually?
Chogokin" ("super alloy") is the manga equivalent of Marvel Comic's adamantium, 
introduced as the building block for the pioneering piloted mech Mazinger Z. 
In the '70s, "Chogokin" also became Bandai's Popy brand's name for die-cast metal figures. 
The chogokin line and Hello Kitty both turn 40 in 2014, 
so the anniversaries are being celebrated together with 
a special Hello Kitty die-cast robot figure. 

The Hello Kitty mech has changing eyes, 
a cockpit with a miniature Hello Kitty pilot, 
and firing fists,moving head, 
and a removable bow that can be placed under her feet. 
It is about 10.5 centimeters tall.. It is available for purchase in June 2014.
I got to knew about Chogokin Hello Kitty from my online BFF,meijoyce
She told me "MUST BUY" and you "WON'T REGRET! 
Yeah...I totally agreed now when I get hold of it. is heavy! Haha!!

Instruction on how to build it which is in Japanese.
Anyway,you still can build it even you don't know Japanese because
the picture super detailed and clear. 

 1st pose.

 2nd pose.

 3rd pose.Swimming pose??

4th pose. Flying pose lol...
Super like the removable bow which can be its swimming fins 
or the flying wings.
*Forgot to mention that it has firing fists. See the white hand? 
When you push the yellow knob,the white part will 'fire out'.

Front view. And I especially like the cockpit with in scale 
Hello Kitty pilot. Arghh...cuteness overload leh!!

This few days had been 'Happy Parcel Day'..not only for me,
but for my dolly and also my daughters! All gain except Mr Hubby lol...hehe!!
Seems like my dolly are celebrating Hari Raya.
She gets new clothes,new legging,new shoes and new socks.
For your info,you can purchased all these from eBay or Etsy.
Especially 'heart' the Hello Kitty T-shirt and the legging which is also
Hello Kitty.

While my daughters received their swimsuits.
Didn't take photo for both elder daughters but they had tried their swimsuits.
Fits perfectly for my 2nd daughter.Only the elder one need to do some alteration because 
she is too skinny haha!!
My little bee bee eager for taking a photo.
She can be a swimming suit model for The Bees
(My dad commented this at the video I posted in Facebook)
Quite slow loading when i post the video here,so you can follow 
my Instagram if you wanna view the video.
My Instagram is mrskittyyi.

Still have a few Hello Kitty loots that arrived together with 
this Chogokin Hello Kitty and
I haven't share out the pics.
Will share soon and blog here.
Have a nice Friday =)

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