Sunday, February 28, 2010

sticky meMo pad

i bought this Photobucketsticky memo pad Photobucket2 different designsPhotobucketalong with the Photobucketcar anthenna knob.i don't want to use these,as a collection because it is too wasted if drop some ink on it.PhotobucketNooooooPhotobucket...But,i have use a few to write some greetings to Julia & Otata recently.PhotobucketJust 2 pieces,still got a lot,Photobuckethehe~.~Photobucket

i do not know which is the cutest designs,so grab both.If exxy,then i can't grab both lol.Each costs RMPhotobucket. PhotobucketPhotobucket only.i like the face sticky memo pad the most.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

heLLo kiTTy knob knob~~

i wanted to share with you this can say,special items.It is Photobucketcar anthenna knob.i had ask the seller whether got pink but bad news.This Photobucketitems is in red only.Red makes me think of Abby.

Above picture is after i had installed the Photobucketanthenna knob to my cutey lil' Photobucketcar.
i pull the anthenna down so that i can snap a piccy of it.

You see,so cute when it is up there.

More far away piccy of it.i had edit this piccy where i made a circle at the Photobucketanthenna knob.So tiny up there.If it in pink colour,then it is perfect lol..But,never mind lah.As long as it is Photobucketbranded,i take it.My front car Photobucketnumber plate also contains red colour lol...Whenever i or my hubby or my sis speed,i will afraid that the Photobucketknob will come out.But,deep in my heart,i know it won't.i wanna decorate my car step by step,so that the outcome will be a cute girlyPhotobucketcar.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

heLLo kiTTy decO for hp~

i had done this long time ago.But,haven't post it herePhotobucket to share with all my lovely friends.In my free time,i will did some deco to my PhotobuckethandphonesPhotobucket.They will be my DIY victimPhotobucket.For the time being,my LG ice-cream is the victim.

i put a big pink ribbon at the front part of my Photobucket along with a cute PhotobucketKitty-chanPhotobucket in kimono hugging a rabbit.Can you see at the above picture?So tiny rabbit.That's also a transparent sticker which i stick to protect my Photobucket from scratch.

Wo~Hoo.Sanrio PhotobucketheLLo kiTTyPhotobucket jewelry cell phone sticker.
From Strapya World.

Among the many many designs,i chose this.In my opinion,i think this looks cuter,nicer,pinker,lover & many more.Even the casing of the stickers is nice too.

After i had done to my victim.How?Isn't it cute?Fit nicely.
i think i have talent too in decorationPhotobucket.If you are interested,just search with the words,Strapya World.

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