Monday, November 30, 2009

heLLo kiTTy figures figurines set

Photobucket Hi.Today Tonight, i can't sleep.Normally,around this time,i feel sleepy.Maybe too tired?? So,still remember the info i share with you all yesterday?My hubby rent the shop at Mentakab.i am so happy happy.(Actually,i am happy everyday as i am a happy-go-lucky type of person lah...) Photobucketeleh..The shop will be open at January 2010.Ok,stop the crap,Suet YiPhotobucket

i like collecting Photobucket stuff,no need to tell that,ok?All my friends knew about this.Especially figures figurines.These is actually Photobucket keychains which i took out the chains from them.i like to put them at my Photobucket display rack as figures figurines.The picture above i edit with purpose so that looks old and classic.Which i like the most??
The Photobucket in the Photobucket.So cutey neh..And also the Photobucket with a big pink hairband.And the Photobucket sitting on a green bench too(but,why the suppliers wanna make the bench green in colour??)The Photobucket sitting,biting a finger is cutey too.Aiya..i am saying all cutey dy.Photobucket,wanna sleepPhotobucket

Sunday, November 29, 2009

U need this!

Suddenly,i do not know how to start my post today.Maybe the idea haven't arrive.Maybe i am too bored at my shopPhotobucketTomorrow my workers will be back after such a long holidays.
(screaming i miss all of you so much.) Therefore,i wanna go shoppingPhotobucket after a few days only at shop.i wanna share this first.So,Photobucket,you have to wait,ok??
Tomorrow,my hubby will bring me to Mentakab to have a look at 1 of the shop there.We plan to rent the shop to open another Photobucket bubbles branch.But,this time not a Photobucket gift shop.My hubby is going to open a PhotobucketboutiquePhotobucket for me.yea yea!(dancing now)Ladies' paradise,i named it.Where there will be selling not only Photobucketclothes,but jewelleries,Photobucketladies' accessories,Photobucketbags and shoes too,to name a fewPhotobucket

This is Photobucket cotton buds and facial squares cotton organizer.The cotton buds and facial square cotton is not inPhotobucket shape,it is the normal dePhotobucket.Only the box has Photobucket.This is also 1 of the fastly sold items in bubbles.Photobucketas it is now out of stock jor.
Photobucket,gotta go now...

Saturday, November 28, 2009

heLLo kiTTy plUshies


Cutey Photobucket in bee costume.Doesn't she look cutePhotobucketWith the fat fat face.You know,i had the rush to pinch its face.

And also this little Photobucket indoor slipper plush handphone charm.Too cute to be a handphone charm.So,i think of taking Photobucket to put it along with my Photobucket collection.Or it can be used as little doll's slipper.Wah,that's too cute neh...Photobucket
Gotta go now.Shop has some customers.Had to start work nowPhotobucket

Friday, November 27, 2009

heLLo kiTTy shOes

i am most afraid of holidaysPhotobucketOthers like holidays but not mePhotobucketAs traffic jam and have to take care of my shopPhotobucketRaya Haji,my Malay workers want holidaysPhotobucketIt's ok,i give them permission because they seldom take leavePhotobucketSo,let them Photobuckethappy happy lahPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket

Yesterday quite busy at my shop,so no bloggingPhotobucketToday's item is Photobucket shoesPhotobucketi likePhotobucket wearing this kind of shoes.PhotobucketComfy comfyPhotobucket.It has pink Photobucketribbon and some white net decorated under the ribbonPhotobucketCutePhotobucket

The back of thePhotobucket shoes is also decorated with some net,lace,Photobucket and a white bead which add all together equal to a cute kawaii Photobucket shoes.Will others said Photobucket looks like a kid wearing this kind of Photobucketshoes??! Actually,i won't care and can't care much about what they are going to say.i think what matter is we feel happy and satisfied with what we are doingPhotobucket
In my opinion,it is better to be ourself rather than wearing a mask.

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