Wednesday, March 31, 2010


i wanna make it short for today.Mostly to promote my shop,bubbles's products.The sales for these few items are still ok.i also had took each design for myself.This time not for collections,but i am going to use them.i had always wanted to find a nice,cute & in the designs i like Photobucket towels & face towels.

This is heLLo kiTTy handkerchief.

While this heLLo kiTTy face towel.

The other design,heLLo kiTTy face towel.

And this is heLLo kiTTy bath towel.i like this the most.

The other design for heLLo kiTTy bath towel.
If you all kiTTy lovers out there are interested with these,you can visit my blog shop for a look.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Cosmetic shaver

i am back after i let myself take leave for 3 days more.Actually not because i am really so busy,also not because i do not have any Photobucket Photobucket stuff to share with you.But,i am just feeling lazy.Very lazy,frankly speaking.To update my lovely Photobucket.Suddenly don't know which directions winds blow to here till so many people like .PhotobucketBut,some of them are just following the trends.When the trends is over,they will stop likingPhotobucket .But,i am not the one following the trends.
i will still loyal to my Photobucketeven the trends is over.i think i am brave to say i won't change my mind to like/collect other cartoon characters.As in my opinion,i just lovePhotobucket like i love my hubby.My love towards Photobucket will not change.Loyal mah..!It is a good news more & more people falling in love withPhotobucket.That is why there is Hello Kitty Junkies.Photobucket,stop the long crap.Straight to the point.

Sanrio Photobucketcosmetic shaver with pink pouch.
i had bought this agesPhotobucketseems like i am SO oldPhotobucketPhotobucket.Not really,actually bought this about a week ago.Now only i share it here.Saturday & Sunday,i feel very lazy.i just want to sleep.Sometimes i will behave like that.My hubby said i am like a lazy sleepy pigPhotobucket.
Then,todayPhotobucketMondayPhotobucket,sudden plan.My hubby has planned to fetch his brothersPhotobucketthat's my brother-in-laws,totally 2 of themPhotobucket to the airportPhotobucketKLIAPhotobucket.i followed too.You know,this coming July,wePhotobucketme+my hubbyPhotobucket will go to China and Hong Kong together with my 2 brothers-in-lawPhotobucket.The four of us really get along very well.Run out of topic again.Photobucket Photobucket,back to our topic.

i bought this at ebay.i like the shaver holder the most.It has a Photobucketwearing a hairband on its head.Pink hairband.And also a duckling there.Yellow duckling.

While the shaver has written words of .Hey,pink shaver too.That's my favourite colour wor...It included a pink pouch too.But,i am not using the pink pouch to put this cosmetic shaver.i use the pink pouch to put myPhotobucket when i go out.It really makes a cute sling pink pouchPhotobucket.

Friday, March 26, 2010

heLLo kiTTy daily use part III & 1/2

Why called part III & 1/2??Because this is really a lil' things.Can't count even as 1.
Like you all see,this is no wrong,it is a pink ball shape ring.
There is 2 rings actually that my hubby bought back for me.The other is a big pink strawberry which really can say huge.It cover almost 2 of my fingers if i am wearing it.Ehile this one quite cute with its ball shape.With Photobucket words written on it.Which is the reason my hubby said he brought it back for me.

This is the other way i Photobucketsnap piccy of it,so that you can see its shape.So,the story will end today.No more part part lor...Photobuckethaha~.~

Thursday, March 25, 2010

heLLo kiTTy daily use part III

Part IIIPhotobucketHe-hePhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketActually not many i got from his business tripPhotobucketBut,just wanna do it slowlyPhotobucketIf too fast,you all can't digestPhotobucketRight??

Among all thePhotobucket goodies i received,i favour this the mostPhotobucket
This is Photobucketporcelain mugPhotobucket

The back of the mug is written PhotobucketPhotobucket
i had same design like this mug but it is in plastic(is it called plastic?)PhotobucketThat means even you drop it,it won't breakPhotobucketBut,this will breakPhotobucketThen,have to be careful not to drop it to the floorPhotobucketBut,this looks cuterPhotobucketAnd biggerPhotobucketAfter 1 full mug of water,sure feel fullPhotobucket

i even grab an opportunity to Photobucketsnap a piccy with Photobucket porcelain mugPhotobucket
When i am drinking Ribena,which is my favouritePhotobucketPhotobucketThis piccy is taken when i am relaxing at my Photobucket at night,wearing long pyjamaPhotobucketNo focus on my face as looks messy that timePhotobucketBy the way,i am not the point of attentionPhotobucket

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