Thursday, March 14, 2013

My Passion(ミ・。・ミ)

Hello,long time no see! Hehe...
So broken English,my bad...>.<
Nowadays,big company like Guardian,Watsons
and even Sasa released or selling HelloKitty stuff too.
How lucky are us,hello kitty junkies!
But compared with overseas country like
Hong Kong,Taiwan,China & Singapore,
not to mention Japan,they all have loads of 
kitty stuff everywhere on the street.

In Malaysia,you can only see kitty goodies in Parkson,
100 Yen shop and Daiso. And online from my shop...Haha...xD
Got these from 100Yen shop in Kuantan few weeks ago,
but i forgot to upload and share it here. Forgive me,my bad!
There is comb,transparent mini pouch, plastic plate and bowl for Baby J,
bunny series tote bag and non-slip bath foam.

While these from Watsons.
Mini travelling set and a cosmetic pouch.

im certified an iphone-case-holic.
Still staying with my iphone 4.
Last month,ordered total of 5 new cases for my baby iphone.
3 reached me. There is still another 2..xP
Silicone or you call this: rubber-type cover.
My favourite: HelloKitty & MyMelody.
i can't believe i had chosen to use the MyMelody first.
Well,i love pink colour more...hehe!!
How sweet my iphone has become.
Okay,i got asked a lot what apps i use to edit all my super-kawaii
photo decoration. i use Whatifcamera from AppStore.
And all the HelloKitty,MyMelody and LittleTwinStars frame & stamps
pack need to purchase. But they are all not expensive.
Only $1.99 (something like that)
Guess what,crazy me! i bought all of them!!

The 3rd iphone case that i received! Super like this!!
Go follow @mykawaiiphone (Instagram) 
She handmade super kawaii phone cases.
Or you can visit her site here:
i had ordered this pastel rainbow gradient with built-in lipgloss
iphone 4 case. im very satisfied with her service and also
the case. It is so sweeeeeeeeeeetttttttttt!!!!
Arh,forgot to mention,the blue kitty face is the lipgloss.So cute,isn't it?

Oh-La-La.HelloKitty USB LED light.
Got this because i can't resist not buying it.
Cuteness overload~
i saw this LED light from an Instagram friend profile.
Asked her where she buy,but she doesn't share with me.
Is okay,i know i can find it. People who is SELFISH
can't really make me mad! 
Finally,i got this from my supllier.
When there's a will,there's a way..=)

Yesterday's purchase.
Got 2 compact version of Holy Bible for 
myself & my daddy.
im gonna take the light peach colour 
while daddy the maroon one.
Very convenient for traveling.o(^_-)O
im happy as now i have a pink bible.
If it not so pinky,at least it isn't in dark colour.
i hate dark colours! 

That's for today's sharing.
Hope you enjoy reading =))

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Love Present(ミ・。・ミ)

Sorry for kept on postponing updating here.
Busy nothing,but i had a new hobby.
Yes,if you knew me long,you know i 
had always enjoy making iphone themes.

Yes you will need a jailbroken idevice if you wanna use themes.
Not only themes,after jailbreak,you get to have so many features.
You do it and you will know..=)

So,i have added a button at the right side,
just under 'more about Suet Yi' section.
Click it and it will bring you to my iphone theme site.

i had asked a good (not selfish) friend to help me buy this
hello kitty dictionary from KL. Why i said so?
Yes,in this big world,not all are friendly and selfless.
SOME whom you might meet is soooo selfish.They won't 
help you buy eventhough you pay them. 
They don't want you to have the same thing with them.
They feel proud they own it but you don't. i met a few of these people.
But,i will try my luck,ask other friends to help me.
Luckily,i have quite a lot GOOD friends,MORE than these so-called selfish friends!
How cute this dictionary.It is a product of
HarperCollins Publishers UK.
You all interested can get it from MPH Bookstore.
And i have another kind friend tells me that you can bought online from 
MPH Bookstore website. im not sure this still available or not.
As my friend helped me bought this,she said this is the last one from 
1U MPH Bookstore.
Inside of the dictionary is all in hello kitty images.
Very cute and with simple explanations. 
It is an English to English dictionary for your information.

My friend,(IG username: meijoyce) who helped me bought the 
dictionary,sent these for me.
We both get to know each other through HelloKitty.
She is also a huge hellokitty collector.
Who doesn't love present? i love the most!
And i feel that im lucky to get quite a lot present
from the people around me.
Thanks GOD for providing so many ANGELS & not DEVILS
by my side....Amen!

i super love the HelloKitty die-cut 2013 calendar.
i believe it is from Japan.She bought that during her Japan trip.
You see,she is so kind and sweet.
Willing to share with others. i also got some
hellokitty sweets,a face shape container case & a kitty with bow magnet.
Also a lovely hello kitty printed letter with her handwriting for me.
That is so sweet....:)

Always did some shopping during the weekends.
Shop till Mr Hubby drop.Haha...No,not that many.
Got the HelloKitty Bath & Shower Gel from Sasa.
And some of my friends share to me that Sasa has released
some hello kitty stuff.My mom already helped me
asked the worker at Sasa and they said not yet reach Kuantan.
FYI,my living area,Temerloh don't have Sasa...What a small town.
So,mom had also tell the worker there to call her once the kitty stuff arrived.
Oh My!! i can't wait!!!

SO,what happen these few days??
Mr Hubby's cousin wedding.i attended that day with this look.
Just a simple long blue dress.
i feel satisfied now with my body shape.
Not too skinny,not too plump...
With 3 kids,i still manage myself to have this body shape,
i guess im better than mostly the ladies out there..xP
The above pic with Mr Hubby's another cousin
from Ipoh. While below the right side is Mr Hubby's only sister.
Taken during the wedding dinner.

Another celebration just happened is mom-in-law's aunt's
granddaughter full moon party.
She is Mr Hubby's aunt's elder daughter.
Seeing her grew up & of course getting prettier each day.
Time passes really fast and that means i age.Haha!!

Remember to drop by my iphone theme site if you have
a jailbroken iphone.
Good Night!

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