Thursday, June 21, 2012

Bling Chouette iphone Theme(ミ・。・ミ)

im back.And just to share my new iphone theme.
Do you know the Chouette X Hello Kitty LED watch?
Oh my gosh!! i love that watch to the max,The hot pink colour.
So,it is in my wishlist too.Am wondering when Mr Hubby will be able to 
realize my this wishlist?? Haha...hope he will read this.
But,he doesn't know English...>.<''' i should have write in Chinese,
but again,i don't know Chinese.i study English school,for your information.
It's okay then. Let's have a look.

The lockscreen...This is the watch that i mean.
i will use this theme and the lockscreen of the Chouette watch
to fulfil me now that i do not own this watch.
So,you will need to download Slider Pro Settings from Cydia
that enable you to hide the lockscreen clock easily without the need to respring
and also to easily on the lockscreen clock back.




Ok,the site to download this cute theme.
It is an open site.But,restrict that we cannot send or share to others.
So,im not going to share or send you by emails.So,please don't ask.
For all my themes creation,you can download from my iphone blog,

This theme is from a Chinese website.
but don't ask me how to register or how to download the theme.
You need to understand Chinese or you can view in google chrome
as it got translator. Last advice from me,you need to explore yourself
and you will learn from it =)
As you can see,i also do not know Chinese myself,
but i manage to download the theme.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

My Kittylicious Days(ミ・。・ミ)

Hi,all. How are you today?
im superly fine. Everyday is kitty day for me.
Today is Papa Day.
Wish all the papas in the world have a blissful papa day.
i wish 3 of the greatest man in my life a Happy Papa Day,
my dad,my pa-in-law and also my Mr Hubby. Hehe...

They really support me,even support my hobby in
collecting MORE Hello Kitty stuff.

Hello Kitty Premier Toilet Tissue Roll.
Available in every supermarket like The Store,Carrefour,Giant & etc.
Actually only the outside packaging is hello kitty.
The toilet tissue roll is the normal one,without any hello kitty print.

3D Hello Kitty card all the way from Taiwan.
My supplier went to Taiwan for his holiday
and bought this for me.

Hello Kitty pink polkadot face shape pillow.
i ordered 2 at first,for me & Mr Hubby.But Mr Hubby don't want.
Haha...Of course he does not willing to use it.So,the other one
i took it out for sale. This pillow is available for pre-order at my online shop.
As the only one ready stock already sold out.

Hello Kitty die-cut paper clips in various colours.
i like all my stationery in hello kitty.
Cheer up my work!

Hello Kitty earcap/plugy.
Unfortunately,i lost the Kitty Lady Liberty.
i don't know where i drop it..:(
The Lady Liberty i got it from my supplier in case you 
are interested from where can get it.
While the other left side,i bought it at a local gift shop 
near my living area.

Gotta go take my noon nap.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Busy Kitty(ミ・。・ミ)

Hi,today will be a post with photos and no long story.This is because every year,getting into the month of May & June,i will be super busy. My clerk and also the accountant firm is chasing me for all Mr Hubby's business invoice,payment slip and all the receipt,bills & etc. im Mr Hubby's top secretary,therefore i will be super duper busy handling all these..>.<

Hello Kitty lunchbox bag.

Hello Kitty 3D face shape mug + cover.
Chose the red one instead of my favourite colour,pink because 
the pink one looks so dull. Maybe because of the colour like fade.

Hello Kitty solar figurine toy.
For my lil car. 

Hello Kitty silicone suction cup/mug cover.

Hello Kitty ceramic 7 in 1 tableware set.
Adding more plates to my kitchen.

Hello Kitty Tiny Chum mug.

Hello Kitty plush storage box.
And now this is on my hello kitty dressing table
to put all my hairclips.

Hello Kitty big pink dustbin in my bedroom.

Hello Kitty mini cosmetic pouch/make up bag.
It still living in 1 of my dressing table drawer.
i do not know what to keep.
i never make-up,so no make-up accessory.

Do you know what is this?
Every month,there is a time you need this.
Yes,it is Hello Kitty pink plush sanitary pads holder.
Maximum 3 sanitary pads it can keep.Hehehe...

That's all.Gotta continue my never ending work...:(

Important annoucement before i forget again.
For those who would like to download my iphone themes,
it is not available in this blog of mine.
i had separated it from my kitty blog.

Some themes are free while some need to pay.
Really gotta stop here. BYE!

Monday, June 4, 2012


My holiday is all about shopping. Shopping and shopping! i love shopping so much. i had went to Mid Valley on last Saturday to have a look at the Mickey Mouse. Okay,there is so MANY people as it is a public holiday and i not really taking any photos of the Mickey(maybe because it isn't hello kitty :P)

Lucky i still have something to bring back with me besides a few shopping bags of clothings,bedsheets,some cute lil stuff and daughters' shoes. i had went into Swarovski outlet,and of course drag Mr Hubby into it.He knows nothing about there is a very cute Hello Kitty crystal pendant necklace. And i knew about it long time ago,as that is my wishlist too! i showed him and kept on saying how nice and cute it is.

Guess what...He bought it for me! Early birthday pressie?? Haha...

Finally. Finally,the Swarovski Hello Kitty Crystal Pendant Necklace
is in my hands. Thanks so much to Mr Hubby. He is the only one who always
make my dreams come true! Mostly all my dreams come true!!

So,the addiction towards Hello Kitty is really totally over,
till Baby Justina pacifier is also Hello Kitty.
Hello Kitty Baby Pacifier.
And also
Hello Kitty Baby Pacifier Holder.
Too cute,isn't it??

This is a photo of  Baby J when she was 9 months old.
And till now,she is still using this kitty pacifier holder.

i would like to say sorry to those who haven't get invitation to my 
already private blog posting all the iphone themes.
i really need to private it and invite certain people only.
The one i trusted only due to there is a girl using my themes to make money!
And another sharing out my themes without my permission and never mention
me as the theme creator. What make me angry is she sends out my themes
via email to others. So,if you really wish to view my
please follow my Instagram,let me know who are you.
Or you can follow my Twitter if you have Twitter account.
 i need to be friend with you,getting to know you,
then only send invitation to you.
Sorry for that,but hope you all understand.
i need to private my blog to protect my themes
from re-distribution!

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