Tuesday, August 30, 2016

McD X Hello Kitty Malaysia

When I thought finally no more fast food,
and another round of Hello Kitty Happy Meal toys.
Should I be happy or sad? I still need to consume fast food?

Nope,both my big daughters would like to eat
McD food on behalf of me :)
Surely,I can't NOT collecting them.
I had always like McD X Hello Kitty collaboration,
not only from Malaysia, but overseas McD X Hello Kitty too.

First week released:
Hello Kitty Glider

Hello Kitty Astronaut with cute stickers.
Some of the stickers can be sticked to the Hello Kitty body.

There is a wheel behind its body where you turn the wheel around & around
and then the Hello Kitty will glide.
 I made a short video of it and shared 
to my FB. The video is public view. 
Have a look at my FB.

Don't miss out all 4 of these Hello Kitty Happy Meal toys which started
last Thursday. Looking forward to this week and next week,which will
release 2 in a shot. Therefore,this time Happy Meal Hello Kitty toys
only 3 weeks. Happy collecting!

Sunday, August 28, 2016


Ever since I started using Iphone,
from Iphone 4 to Iphone 6 to Iphone 6+,
I had been collecting endless Iphone cases.

Endless cute stuff for myself too!
I super love this bottle silicone type cover. Huge but cute :)
The planner I just got for myself. Want a small planner now
so it can fit into my handbag and won't feel bulky.
So,the rules is: It must be PINK, it must be CUTE!

And...3 more new cases reached me this week.

Able to get myself #88lovelife book Vol.2 from MPH bookstore online.
Like...Finally! I had been looking for this book locally in Malaysia.
The author is an Indonesian. I like the illustration of the book, the drawings,
the writings, the quotes. Almost like everything about this book 
when it is in PINK,hehe!!

Cooked lunch for my daughters today after long time no cook.
Simple menu only. I'm not a talented chef. I learnt to cook
online by google search recipe. Today I cooked 
salted egg with lady fingers. First try,luckily not fail lol..

Normally cooking my daughters' favourite vegetables. 
I seldom cook meat at home because I am afraid to go 
'pasar' (market) to buy meat. Not me,Mr Hubby too.
We hate smelly smell. 2nd, I don't like handling meat. 

Later wanna go out Pokemon hunt with Mr Hubby ♥
Happy Weekend,friends :)

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Happy Meal McDonald's Malaysia

Last week just finished released 
the Sanrio characters Happy Meal toy.
4 in a set,released in 4 weeks time.

The first one is Hello Kitty Folding Comb
which I already got it from McDonald's BKK.

Thailand McD released this earlier.

The 2nd is Pompompurin Container
with a sheet of stickers.

Not a Pompompurin fans but really cute! 
And I think I shouldn't miss out this if I wanna collect others.
To complete a set.

3rd runner-up:
Little Twin Star/Kiki Lala Toothbrush Holders.

Among these 4 Happy Meal toys,
I like this the most. At first,I thought it is those toohbrush holder that
we suck at the wall. No,it is for travelling use to cover your toothbrush.
Anyway,it is damn cute!

Last but not least, My Melody Photo Frame.
Quite mini size,I think fit 3R size photo.

Finally,no more McD fast food. Not a fast food lover,
so I'm happy finally no need eat McD food anymore after this.

Last weekend went grocery shopping and bought
potato chips as it had been a long long time I didn't consume 
any potato chips. After eat it,diarrhea the very next day :(
I think my body has reached a level that it can't accept junk food.
So, I think healthy food will be my 'junk food' now...haha!!

End today post with my little girl cute posing with her
new school bag. It is like abs luggage type school bag.

Saturday, August 20, 2016


After holidays & packed schedule every weekend,
is time back to jogging. 
Had been jogging once and rest 2 days, so must
force ourselves to jog at least 2 days once.
I jog with Mr Hubby everyday after work.
Main reason: to burn fat so I won't fat :)
Yes, I'm afraid I will be fat as not young anymore,
metabolism rate slower,so will fat easily.

And I still juicing. Thanks GOD that I'm still
using my juice machine. Mr Hubby said I will only
use it for a few months and then it will get dusty,
none will care about the juice machine.

I think my body has reached a level that it can't accept junk food.
Yesterday bought potato chips when we are buying grocery at nearby supermarket,
ate the potato chips after long time didn't consume any, and this morning, diarrhea 😷😢
So...I think healthy food should be my 'junk food' 😂😂 ‪#‎toohealthyisaproblem‬

Kiwi and dragon fruit. Both very healthy food.
And they are so yummy!!

Something to share with you all.

Me from 2007 till 2016.
I think last time my style very outdated,haha!!
Friends said the I look younger now,is that possible?
Haha :P Age getting old but looking younger.
Is it because of the style?

Anyway, just share with you. 
Gotta go bath, and have dinner.
Happy weekend ❤️

Friday, August 19, 2016

Melaka Day Trip~14.8.16

So diligent in updating my blog these days.
Office no more hectic day,so I blog to spend my time.
If not, how to not doing anything till 6pm,off work??!

Last Sunday,I went to Melaka with my colleagues.
Only me,without Mr Hubby & daughters.
It was just a day trip,to enjoy Melaka good food.
And to shop for cheap local stuff from Jonker Street.

We went to Pantai Klebang, and also the so-called 'desert' near 
Pantai Klebang. Not really look like desert in real,
or maybe we didn't go in deeply as we were lazy to walk,hehe
and also super sunny that day.

Realised there is a new statue writing i LOVE MELAKA
in front of Christ Church Melaka. Last time went 
to Melaka with my family, didn't have this yet.
I,who like photography,surely ask my colleague
to help me take photos of me. Coincidently,she didn't like
taking photos,therefore perfect to go out with me haha!!

We tried the famous Klebang coconut shake.
A lot of people there,but just waited around 15 minutes,
we got our drink. 

We also went to Nadeje Cake Shop to try their famous cake.
Ordered 4 pieces and shared to eat.

After that,we went to Jonker Street for some shopping & buying local 
food,souvenirs for friends & relatives. Only for a while at Jonker Street
as we all couldn't bear with the sunny sun. We then went to Mahkota Parade 
and Pahlawan Mall. I suggested going there because I need to 
restocked my face daily vitamin :P
My face cleanser finishing soon that I need to cut open it to use it.
As you all know,my living area doesn't have SK-II outlet :(

Also bought a new gladiator type sandal for myself at Vincci.

Then,we went to 'Famous La La & Si Ham', food stall at the back lane.
In my opinion, still clean as I didn't see any cockroach or mice.
My colleagues all very likes to eat La La(Veneridae) &
Si Ham(Cockles). If the translation to English is wrong,
please correct me :) I googled for the name in English.

I dislike eating both of the food I mentioned. 
Veneridae still fine for me if it is fried. 
But I didn't eat any that day because 
it wasn't fried....yuckss!!

So,I just video-cam them,eating so enjoyable.
Here's a we-fie of me and 1 of my colleague.
If you do noticed,she is always standing beside me
in photos. She is my BFF at work. Hehe..
Same age with me.

Nice food. I only ate the popiah, tauhu rojak & sotong kangkung.
It was really a trip all about food,good food.
We went to Machap Walk,
walk walk,see see & eat eat haha!! 

Ok, arrived home 12.30pm and after bathed,
around 1am only off to bed. 
Tomorrow still need to go to work :( 
This Monday,really Monday super damn blue!
No more a day trip like this,a bit tired
even not driving. 

Thursday, August 18, 2016

2nd Gathering

Our little group of 2nd gathering,
Hello Kitty fans gathering had taken place at
Mini Mini Cafe,Mid Valley.

So...we had used this hashtag #hksgg 
for our group future posting photos to social media.

My 1st time here :)
And I brought along 2 Blythe dolls.

Our group photo. Must-have group photo.
We took a few but just upload the nicest here.
It is funny when all of my friends are long hair except me :P

Nice shot from my friend. 
I'm le President who giving out small gifts for the members.
I had bought the Hello kitty folding comb from Thailand McD
(which is now released in Malaysia too) and the mini hand fan
from Sanrio Hello Kitty House Bangkok.

All photos taken by the pretty babe, Elliana.
Natural photos of me hehe...
Taken when I was preparing my doll for 
photography session. 

Elliana & Eva had ordered picnic set,and when it arrived,
all of us were so busy taking photo of it.
My girls surely enjoyed themselves too.

I got these from them.
The handkerchief is from Ariel who bought it 
at Australia for us as souvenir, Hello Kitty mask
and the candy are from Sp Lim,the youngest among us.
While the phone lanyard got it from Eva.
I exchange my extra blue with her extra pink.

And now,they plan for the 3rd gathering.
Angel,my BFF in this group suggests Full House,
Sunway Pyramid. Maybe will gather in October.
That's my birthday month!! Hehehe...got surprise gift?


That day,forgot which day. Pandora Malaysia organized a competition
which participator just need to upload a photo of their Pandora and 
write why you are a true Pandora fan. Can win the limited edition dangle charm
which is a gold Eiffel Tower. Oh my!! I knew I'm not that lucky because
I never win before in any contest. Anyway, now only I realised 
my Pandora charms is near to complete. Almost full :)

Bought this cute duck pyjamas from BKK
And we,me, my elder & youngest daughter bought the same design.
Except for my 2nd daughter. She bought a floral design,because she 
not very like yellow duck duck >.< Haha :P

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

JULY happening

Last month,my schedule quite packed,hehe!!
And I like it because no boredom strike when
there was a lot of activities.

First,there was farewell party for my office head, Ms Lee.
We went to TakeZen Sushi had our lunch there.

#throwback to my lunch set for that day.

And then the Baskin Robbins cover arrived,and I made a 
matching wallpaper for my iphone.
Ahh...I'm such an iphone-addict.

And got myself a handbag & wallet to pamper myself.
Mr Hubby is so nice enough to sponsor me the handbag
when at first,I wanna bought it myself.
Thought to ask him sponsor me a Burberry instead,haha :P

And I heard my Kitty friends said Daiso Malaysia
now brought a few Hello kitty items in.
So,I went to Daiso at ECM,Kuantan during Malay Raya.

Just got these. These also I had before, Hello Kitty sponge holder,
Hello Kitty magnet clips. But bought them too. Can't resist.
The sponge holder to replace the old one,which was dirty & old.

At ECM before movie,we had coconut ice-cream.
Long queue...

Costs RM9.90 for one,but the taste is soooo yummy!!

Sudden plan! We went to Sg. Lembing on 3rd day of Malay Raya.
To eat their famous mountain water tofu & charcoal roast pork.
My mom went with us only because my dad & brother already 
back to work.

we went to explore the 3D art gallery too.
Not really worth to go in compare to the 3D art gallery in Penang 
or Malacca. The price a bit high,in my opinion, with only a few 3D art provide.

Holidays end and I back to work.
This pink monitor rack finally reached me.
Super match with my pink kitty keyboard,right!
If you want,can pre-order from me.
Oh,by the way,this is my workplace.
So pinky right!!

The Hello Kitty Go Around Malaysia DIY bling picture
finally is framed nicely and back to my home kitty home.
Thanks to Mr Hubby's friend for the clean white frame
and not forgotten Mr Hubby who responsible bringing it to frame.

I'm still thinking where to hang it. A month passed,and I still 
hadn't hang it up haha!!

Good food again! Haha!!
Thailand fried ice-cream.
Never try before even though is near.

I had ordered dragonfruit oreo flavour with green tea KitKat as add-on
for myself while my daughters had banana oreo with the same add-on
as mine & the other honeystar & chocolate as add-on. 
1 word: YUMMY! 

1 of my colleague,who is also my BFF, always share nice 
thing with me,ended up I spent again.
This crystal bracelet can buy from 

I chose this bracelet which has pink quartz, pink chalcedony,
clear quartz & blue chalcedony with a few decoration charms
and the dangling kimono charm.
I had always like kimono,so that's the one reason 
I choose this bracelet.

Pink quartz is known as master of love,have the effect of increasing popularity
contacts, bonding the love relationship between couple,
husband & wife,release irritable mood.

Pink chalcedony release mild and attractive pink light, 
can make people around like you,have a major impact towards harmony and personal connections in the office.Whether customers, between superiors, subordinates and colleagues, 
it can bring excellent auxiliary and improve effect of making human relationships
 more mellow, more buoyant popularity.

Blue Chalcedony increase communication and coordination, 
enhance creativity and wisdom, evil spirits defends.

Clear quartz helps in love and marriage, 
can also increase the chances of fall in love.
I'm not saying that I wear it to get chances to fall in love,
I'm loyal to Mr Hubby. And is there a prove,crystal really works?

Nice? I know so well how to treat myself nicer.
I bought for Mr Hubby too. Got his pair in a discounted price.
aL-ikhsan got 'Raya sales'. 
Mine doesn't have offer,but is fine. 
I like the design & the colour pink so much!
Thought should buy a good sport shoes since 
we are now often going jogging.

And we also participate in a 5km fun run which was held 
at Mentakab. Must join since it is near us.

1st photo taken with Mr Hubby's uncle's daughter.
She is a cute Form 5 girl. Likes to eat.
Very talkative girl. Non-stop talking hehe..

Finish the 5km fun run in 1 hour..
My 2nd 5km run.. 
This one full of excited,scary journey. 
Run through the train railway.When I looked down,
 I saw river & forest only.

My cousin also participated and coincidently,
she was just behind me when we were walking at the railway.
She surreptitiously took photo of me lol..
 And then we ran through rubber estate and vegetable farm!! 

2nd checkpoint.

We managed to finish and get the medal ❤️

I gotta stop now,and start to work.
I'm actually blogging in office haha!!
Recently after Malay Raya,I don't have work 
in office,over free and so,I took 
this opportunity to blog. 

I will continue about the 2nd Hello Kitty Small Group Gathering
in my next post. 

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