Thursday, July 30, 2009

cUte heLLo kiTTy bathrOOm seT

i had always want heLLo kiTTy bathrOOm set.But,i didn't find any.i knew Parkson got sell but i want to find a more complete set.As i know,Parkson just sell the shampoo dispenser(set of 2) & quite expensive.i do not mind if it is original Sanrio,but it isn't.As original Sanrio costs even more.i found it during my last trip to China & Hong Kong.It is a set of 4 consists of shampOO dispenser,soap holder,toothbrush holder & that things i have no idea what it calls.
You can see from the picture below.

For this bathrOOm set,i decided not to use it.i afraid that if i use it,i will make it dirty & messy.So,i will put it at my kiTTy display rack.My heLLo kiTTy display rack just has little kiTTy things as most of the kiTTy stuff,i use it everyday,sO didn't put at the rack.& almost every part of my home is full of kiTTy stuff as i randomly put them.For an example,my kiTTy rack, i put in my bedrOOm.Kitchen accessories will be in the kitchen.haha:D

In my opinion,the pink colour is a bit dark,which i m not that heart it.But,as it is heLLo kiTTy products,i will collects it till i find the cuter.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

heLLo kiTTy stylus pen...after d.i.m

If you read my post before this,then you saw this kiTTy stylus pen before d.i.m.i like d.i.m. because after i redecorate the item,it looks unique,1 kind & special! i prefer things that are different than others.i add a 3D kiTTy head,a kiTTy riding a horse small doll & feathers.So,when i use this stylus,i can always see heLLo kiTTy.

clOser viEw


Sunday, July 26, 2009

lego set

Our trip to China included buying toys for our 2 daughters.i had bought 2 set of copy lego.My daughters felt excited when i brought back to Kuantan for them.They stayed with my parents during my stay at China.So,we played with them & helped them to built it.At last,we finished!

& this is it...

lOOks sO reAl...

this is my younger daughter's set.The doll's hair lost dy.i also didn't know when it gone!& 1 of its hand also lost.Children,children...That's the behaviour of a child.

Friday, July 24, 2009

cUte heLLo kiTTy stylus & pen

This cUte item is heLLo kiTTy stylus & pen too.That's 2 in 1.If you want to use it as a stylus,you just need to change its point.& when you want to use it as a pen,change it to pen point.So easy...!

a kiTTy pen

a kiTTy stylus
But,i use it as stylus.For my heLLo kiTTy head handphone.Really suits my cUte handphone.
My life really happy as i can see my heLLo kiTTy stuff everyday,every night.i seldom feel sad,feel unhappy as there's nothing make me unhappy.i always is an optimistic person...(oh..what a narcissistic girl!) hehe:D
Sometimes,will feel sad because can't find the outfit or shoes or kiTTy items i want...
But,the problem will solve sOOn as my parents & my hubby & my sister & my brother will help me to find it....That's calls FAMILY!!
For example,that day,i really wish to have a heLLo kiTTy stylus.i don't know where to get it...My hubby comforted me that he will help me to find it..So,he did it!!! At last,i had a kiTTy stylus.In addition to it,it is a pen too...
You like this?Where to get this?At bubbles.Will be arriving soon in mid-August.

sUet yI n3w heLLo kiTTy 3D speakers

i had always want a kiTTy speaker.But,couldn't find 1 that is cUte enough to satify my need.At last,i found this.Isn't it cUte?Love at first sight!It can be connect to laptop
or handphone or even mP3 to let out the sound...haha:p
Try it liao...The sound is ok...Erm..talking about the sound system,
i m not that expert.For me,what matter is it can use,got sound &
the most important,it is heLLo kiTTy things!!!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

cUte heLLo kiTTy persOnal ATM...

23rd July 2009.i m back to Malaysia.Miss Malaysia,miss my blOg so much.Couldn't sign in to blogger when at China & Hong Kong.Many people also had this problem.Haiz....!
But,now i m here.I got buy this cute things when i was at Hong Kong.Really cute! It is battery-operated.heLLo kiTTy persOnal ATM where you can deposit money into it and it can keep track of the money you deposited.When you want to withdraw money,you have to put the kiTTy ATM card and insert your password,then only enter the amount you need to withdraw.

heLLo kiTTy persOnal ATM

the coin slot where you deposit coin.

heLLo kiTTy ATM card.

the screen and the keypad.

will open when you enter your password correctly.
Want to see more kiTTy stuff,feel free to viEw at my anOther blog, click here
Feel happy as i got lots of kiTTy stuff from this trip....especially the heLLo kiTTy messengers which i collect from McDonald's at China.You can view it at my kiTTy blog...

Monday, July 13, 2009

d.i.m bathrOOm~

above:~ bathrOOm mirror
below:~part of my bathrOOm

Yesterday,i had just finished decorated my bathrOOm.i sticked heLLo kiTTy stickers in 1 straight line so that it will look like divider...The stickers are specially for sticking on
smooth surface like mirror,mosaic or even on car.

pic above & below:~part of my bathroom
That's my kiTTy shower cap!But,seldom use it...hehe:p

far view of 1 side of my bathrOOm wall...

Sunday, July 12, 2009

kiTTy pen...

This kiTTy pen is my favourite...for now!hehe:p If i can find another 1 which is more attractive,definitely will post for you all to have a look! i had re-decorate this pen.Actually,i m wondering if i m the kind of human being who like to re-decorate her belongings.Another d.i.m project of mine!! i had added a pink fur,ribbon and a sweet with rose to the pen.How sweet & cUte!!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

anOther d.i.m project...

the bAck cOver of mY samsung Omnia i900

This morning,as i was opening some new stocks,i took some time to re-decorate my PDA Omnia.i had chosen the most (can say) cUte design sticker for my phone.This is the new design which includes a small mirror.So,when i want to use the mirror,i just have to take out my phone...haha!!
This picture was taken by using Samsung Omnia,(5 mega-pixel) and looks clearer than my sis phone.At first,i was using her phone but the picture came out not clear,a bit 'blur'.So,i thought of taking out my Omnia cover so that i can use its camera to take a picture of my d.i.m. project!
i had add a kiTTy 3d sticker,a tote,lipstick,perfume and also a high-heel shoe sticker so that it really look girlish....with mirror there...The flowers came together with the stickers..Have a look!!

right side of my Q laptop

If you see my older post about my laptop,then you sure can know the difference today!i had add a cute little girl and also a doggy to accompany kiTTy.That day,kiTTy was holding a bouquet of flower,but today,she is holding a giant purple sweet...sO swEEt!!!
i like seeing my belongings cheerful and in 'pink' of health...!haha:p

left side of my Q laptop

That day in my older post,i didn't upload this side of my laptop because of i haven't think of any idea to decorate it...But,at last,the idea came!Came because of the appearance of the this sticker.There are handmade butterflies and 3d flowers,also a cute hedgehog walking when it is a sunny day.i like the 'sunny' word and its colour! Colourful...
Feel joy when using my laptop everyday as i can see my own decoration,not black anymore!!Eeikk...i dislike black,dull & boring...!

Monday, July 6, 2009

heLLo kiTTy diAry ❤

My heLLo kiTTy diary...where i write my everyday to-do & to-spend list.And also where i can jot down special event or date to be remember such as someone's birthday or anniversary.
It has a lock came together for you to lock so that none will have the chance to see what
you had jot down.But,i didn't use the lock as i didn't write any secret in it.There is also
a pen FOC.i didn't use the pen too as i had kiTTy pen jor...
The first time i see this diary,i didn't have the urge to take it.
What i like this diary is the pages in it.So cute...After seeing the
pages in it,i decided to take 1.(not buy,take from my shop..hehe:p)

...a few pages in it that consist of memo,My favourite,
Yearly plan,Monthly plan,Weekly plan...

my n3w pAssport cOver

...front viEw... ...back viEw...

hUrray....i got a new kiTTy passport cover for my lovely passport.Actually there is 1 already but the design is not that nice if compared to this.i think this nicer and cuter!With its head which is bigger than its body,so looks cute!!!And kiTTy has a bag too,which means she is travelling too like me....i m wondering what will be the officer's response when he/she sees my passport cover!
Last time,during my last trip to China,the officer which is on duty at the custom,noticed my passport cover when i gave my passport to him.He smiled at me and complimented on the passport cover. How sweet!!

Excited to count each day passing by...

Friday, July 3, 2009

A paiR Of Q earring~~

That day,when i went to KL to take some stocks for my shop,as usual will go to the regular shops i used to go.i went to the shop which sell jewelleries.When i finished buying the stocks,the salesgirl,named Michelle who i knew long time ago since the first day i co-operate with her,gave me a pair of cute earring as a present for me.It was a hat that decorated with crystals and a pink ribbon attached to it.So cute and special!!
i am wondering next time i should buy a present for her too....hehe:p

Thursday, July 2, 2009

cHibi Maruko chAn

This is 1 of my favourite handphone string too.This is a funny cartoon about the everyday life in school and at home of a little 9 year old girl with a great imagination named Chibi Maruko Chan.

Maruko spends most of her time daydreaming in her 3rd grade classroom rather than paying attention to her teacher. In her class, has many friends including her best friend (Tama-chan),a rich kid who lives in a mansion, a weird kid who lacks friends, and many more.
At home, lives with her parents, one older sister, and her grandparents. Whenever she has a question about something, would ask each of her family members but they are not always free to answer her.

She can becomes best friend with heLLo kiTTy...

fresh bAke bread & cAkes

Nyam Nyam....Looks delicious!! i wanna tell all of you something. Bubbles sell hand-made bread and cakes.

How come the doughnuts got words written on it?And you see the bread,got smiling face somemore? Omigod!! This is not real bread and cakes.Actually it is a decoration.Something like handphone string and keychains...

<<closer viEw>>

Got tarts,"pau", and "mantao" too....Really proud of the manufacturers.They can make something so real even though it is fake!Wondering what ingredients they use to make this!

When i m hungry, and i look at this fake bread,really have the rush to eat them...! Besides look real,they smell nice too.Smell like fresh bake bread! Wow...

dO-iT-mYself prOject

This is my 1 and only 1 favourite heLLo kiTTy calculator.Used it for about a year liao...So you can see the numbers also gone already! WuWuWu!!! But,i m very happy today as i was very free and i had done some d.i.m to my calculator....(wondering sometimes my things will feel happy to have such a caring owner...) "perasan" haha!!
Continue our story today...Can you see that?i had stick my name and heLLo kiTTy...and there is also bliNg bliNg and a big ribbon attached to it.Also a big pink love....i like ribbons especially in pink colour!

...closer viEw...

End of stOry...

A new story...This is the stylus which i use when i m using my kiTTy handphone...
The stylus also a d.i.m project which i did today.i stick beads all over the stylus to cover its original white colour...And then,i stick a kiTTy small dummy on it! There is also a kiTTy face.This kiTTy 3D sticker is from Korea.i got sell at my shop too...hehe:p

And this is my kiTTy handphone which i didn't lose the chance to decorate it too..Can you see that?There are strawberry,heLLo kiTTy,pink cake,3D flower & a pink ribbon! i like the most!!!
TA-DA......My new heLLo kiTTy handphone....sO nice &!Again and again i praise myself....sOrry!!

Story really ends now...Thank you for viewing!!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

d.i.m laptop by sUet Yi

i think if i didn't say what is this,all of you can guess what is this?Sorry for taking the pic so fit that you really can't guess!

This is my d.i.m laptop.It is full of bling bling crystals...& 3d flowers..^-^
i also attached a lOlitA kiTTy on it and pink pink fur behind the kiTTy..
All is do-it-myself project by sUet Yi..

And this is the laptop screen.Can you see that?There is a girl and heLLo kiTTy beside her.
The girl actually represent me,hehe:p
heLLo kiTTy and me always best friends!

And this is the keyboard with keyboard sticker.

This part is my favourite part as there is a kiTTy sticker.
With flowers,apple,butterflies and some bling bling...

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