Saturday, August 31, 2013

Tamagotchi P's(ミ・。・ミ)

One of the favourite toy when i was a kid.
Tamagotchi. i always wish to have one original Tamagotchi since i was....,like....6 years old??
But my parents won't buy me one because at that time,quite expensive and they said it is a waste of money because something only caught my attention 
for like,3 weeks? After that,it will be kept in storeroom or in some boxes under my bed.
And now,Mr Hubby bought it for me.
It is Tamagotchi P's pink version which you can get it from the TOYRUS outlets. Or bought it online from here.

Bought this really satisfied me and i was like feeling so so so blissful. Maybe is because it is something that i super like since i was a kid. Just like had fulfilled my inner-self..OMG! What im typing here...i don't understand either...haha..

A friend told me that this Tamagotchi version had also released some deco pierces which you can plug in and connect to the Tamagotchi. The heart shape in front the Tamagotchi actually can pull out and you can plug in the deco pierce into it. It is like upgrading it,adding some new character to your tamagotchi,some mini games and some foods & items. 

There is this Sanrio deco pierce which certain of the character you raise can change to some Sanrio characters. Of course im also going to order this. Even it need to be ordered from Japan. Yes,TOYRUS not selling the deco pierce. i ordered it from global rakuten, from this shop,click here.

So,the Sanrio deco pierce comes together with 2 sheets that contains all the information in Japanese.
Oh ya,the Tamagotchi also all written in Japanese.
Don't worry or afraid to play it when you heard about this. i also can't read Japanese but there is a lot of helpful website that translate and teach you how to play it. 

Like you can refer to a facebook page called: 
Thai Tamagotchi P's Guide,click here
or Tamagotchi forum,click here
or also refer this.

You can use google chrome to view these sites which it will ask you whether to tranlate to English.
i believe what i can learn and understood from these sites,you also can!

So,after i plug in the deco pierce and learn from Thai Tamagotchi P's Guide page about the ways to connect the deco pierce,and my Tama character already an adult and is Kirakitchi.
If you read those sites i just mentioned,you will know that only Kirakitchi will upgrade to My Melody. If want HelloKitty, you need a male Tama and it is Mametchi. Not very like male character and i think Kirakitchi is cuter. 

im so addicted in playing this and now wanna try raise another Tama character that is Jurietchi in order to get Twin Star,the girl one of course.

Addicted till i had ordered another 3 deco
pierces,that is the ribbon change,baby change and dream coffret. OMG! This month credit card statement need to hide it from Mr Hubby. Help me!Hahaha!!  
Will share again about the deco pierces when they reach me..And also the link so you can also purchase them. Good Night!  

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Sunday, August 25, 2013

HelloKitty Playground(ミ・。・ミ)

Received this ealier this week and now only posted here in my blog. Few days ago already posted in my Instagram. This is Hello Kitty Playground set all the way from Taiwan.

A Taiwan product. Besides Japan, Taiwan always has the best quality of Hello Kitty figurine! So,this set total has 11pcs of kitty figurine.

Each box contains (1) a hello kitty figurine , (2) a rubber type sheet as the ground and (3) a small paper with Chinese words. i think some description about this set.

The back of the box has the pic of the playground that will be formed by the owner..hehe!! Fun part is each of the rubber piece ground is like jigsaw part,which is like you are playing jigsaw puzzle. Fun activity!

Let's have a look at each of the figurine. i had took photo of each figurine so you can have a clearer view.

This is the one i like most. Hello Kitty with a bow trolley and balloons. Omg! So cute!!

After the process of forming the Hello Kitty playground. Here's the final result.

And if you notice,the playground is a hello kitty head shape. How i wish there is a playground just like this in Malaysia. Or is there any in Japan? Maybe there is one in Japan. i don't know,never been there before. Hope i can go to Japan for once in my life time.

You all must be wondering where i got this set. From my Singaporean friend, Shan. She got it from Taiwan. You can add her Facebook account,Shan HK. im not sure she still have extra for this set,but you can try ask her.:)

That's all for today. Mr Hubby is waiting for me for 

Friday, August 16, 2013

Touched Moment(ミ・。・ミ)

Yesterday when i had finished typing this post and posting to my blog, blogpress app crashed. Forgot to save it and now,start all over again! Phew!!

So,school holidays ending soon. How was yours? This school holidays together with Hari Raya,we ( me,Mr Hubby,our daughters,my dad & mom,my brother & his girlfriend) went to Legoland & Sanrio Hello Kitty Town in Johor. It was a 3D 2N trip.

At 1 of the rest station.This photo was captured by the one who loves captured this & that,my brother! Funny me,lolol..

Reached Tune Hotel,checked in and have a group photo. There is a lego Dino but blocked by Baby J. Tune Hotel is 1 of the hotel partner of Legoland.

After that,went to find my sister who is now working in a dessert shop in Mount Austin.Had our lunch and dessert there.

Me with my mom & elder daughter. Do we look alike? A lot of people said that my elder daughter looks like me while im like photocopy out from my mom. Is it really so?

After met my sister,we had went to KSL mall & must not miss shopping trip.

Saw this super big fashion glasses (i didn't buy it) and here goes a photo of me.

My shopping loots! Exclude my daughters'.

Got a hello kitty stainless steel insulation bottle mug and a comb. Also twin star and minion iPhone case. Finally met with the 3D minion iPhone cover. You know,there is a lot selling online but those are normal cover with printed minion images. i don't like that! 3D is much more cuter!

The 2nd day was spent in Legoland. Once reached in the morning,group photo first.

Another group photo with one of the Lego man.

The huge stroller can be rented from Legoland.i rented the double stroller which costs RM45 while the single stroller costs RM35. It is recommended you rent it if you have kids as kids get tired easily,so they can sit and rest in the stroller.

The stroller station. Quite a lot of parents rented it. For small sizes kids,the double stroller can fit up to 3 kids..haha!!

The always humorous one. My pirate dad! Lol...You know how i feel when you have a sporting dad. He is not only dad, also my friend who can give opinion when i need to choose which to buy.

More photos of the trip is posted in my Facebook profile. You can view it there..:)

The third day,after checked out from Tune Hotel,we went straight to Sanrio Hello Kitty Town,Puteri Harbour Family Theme Park and have our breakfast at the Red Bow Cafe there.

Done some Hello Kitty shopping at the Sanrio outlet.

These few items already costs me a bunch. The most i heart is the radio cushion plushie(in the box)

The sound is very clear! And battery-operated. Not a big plushie.Priced at RM149.90.

Shampoo dispenser set! And washing machine cover which im already using now. The design of the washing machine cover is actually same with 1 of my dining table cloth,if you still remember my last time post. i think i uploaded the photo here in my blog.i know a lot kept on asking me for the prices. i don't usually remember and memorize prices but i didn't throw the receipt this time. The shampoo dispenser set is RM99.90 while the washing machine cover is RM39.90.

Another cute item,must get item,limited edition Hello Kitty DIY plushie.

Included are a kitty plush,a bow,a dress,birth certificate card and some cotton. You can DIY yourself and make a hello kitty plushie. The dress even printed the logo of Hello Kitty Town.If you purchase over RM150, you can get this plushie at promotional price of RM58 instead of the normal price RM89.

Months ago before this trip,i had actually tried searching online for a kitty headband. i want to wear it to Sanrio Hello Kitty Town. But,can't find any and my Philippines friend told me that she bought it in Japan during her vacation there. No luck then!

But,found it in the Sanrio outlet in Hello Kitty Town. Only RM19.90,so wait what! Faster grab it and wear it. Hehe!! im always a lucky lady!

Some photos in Hello Kitty Town.More posted in my Facebook profile.

im so touched when Mr Hubby willing himself to wear the Badtz-Maru costume. i never request him to wear it because i think shouldn't ask a mature businessman to wear such cutie costume.

But,when me & daughters were waiting for our turn to put on the costume to have some photography,Mr Hubby told me that he is willing to wear it so that we can have a photo together as memories.

i know im not the most blessed lady in this world,but still, i feel lucky & contented to have a 24/7 hubby who loves me & willing to do anything just to see the smile on my face. Therefore,i will cherish every moment spent with Mr Hubby.

Photos i bought from Hello Kitty Town. Bought 4 get 1 8R for free.Prices for one piece costs RM30 while 4 pieces RM100. i know it is pricey but bought it anyway as memories. Hehe!!

Wow...such long post for today. Thank you for reading my babbling about my vacation. Hope you all have a great vacation too.

Sunday, August 4, 2013


Hello,girls! How are your weekend? Mine is usual one,after cooking lunch for my little family,now im blogging from my iphone,while my Baby J is having her noon nap,Mr Hubby washing the car,the 2 elder daughters each watching cartoon.

Last Friday,went for shopping some new clothings for myself. Im feeling satisfied with my body size now! Finally,i can fit back into a Size S pants after gave birth to 3 kids. My secret? Nah...i just skip lunch. Breakfast can't skip as it isn't good for your health to skip the first meal. i take breakfast & dinner only.

First,when i tried this floral jeans shorts,i requested the salesgirl to find me a Size M.i thought i still can't fit in Size S and it will be super embarrassing if i asked for Size S. People will think i think myself that slim to fit into a Size S??! Then,after I tried it,loose... So,i asked for a Size S very proudly..haha!!

Bought a floral jeans shorts,polkadot blouse spaghetti strap dress and a polkadot jeans blouse which i had already wore it yesterday,hehe!!

Me in that polkadot jeans blouse. Am i slim? Lol...Still have some tummy fat which is smartly hidden underneath my blouse.

The owner have new clothings,so is my iPhone. New case for my baby iPhone.A Hello Kitty die-cut silicone case & Milky girl case.

This is the latest design. So cute,right? How to resist? Hihihi... The Milky case im using now and Baby J got tricked! She saw my iPhone and she thought is some sweet packets. Haha..she is food addicts,i told you. She never stops eating except when she is sleeping.

Oh,ya. If you like both the cases,you can get them from my shop Facebook account. If you haven't add my shop fb account,you can add now: KittyYi SweetSweetshop. Im doing pre-order for a lot cute iPhone casing.For iPhone 4/4s & also the 5.

Recently my Baby J likes to wear sunglasses so....bought a Hello a kitty sunglasses for her from Anakku Disney outlet.

Happy Holiday to you all!

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