Wednesday, September 28, 2011

More to come✿◕‿◕✿

Hi,i had done my job as a mother.
Baby J already slept and also
finish doing some of the house chores.
Therefore,now have a little bit alone time
to update my blog.

i am a super mom? Hehe...Handling 2 kids and a baby
and at the same time 3 shops,and
also my online store business,
i still have my own private time
to do my own stuff,like blogging,
updating facebook,sometimes twitter.
Actually,not a very super mom.Credit to
Mr Hubby.He is the one helping me quite a lot!
Really feel blissful to have him as my hubby.

Okay,back to our kitty story.
This is Hello Kitty laundry clothes pegs.
A pre-order item which i had waited 
for a while to safely arrive me.
While this is Hello Kitty big paper clip.
Buying both items for collections.
They are just way too cute,that
i can't resist not owning them! XD

My sister just back from holiday.
During her trip of holiday,
she bought me this,
Hello Kitty 3D Iphone cover.
The colour is sweet.
Thanks to her many many!!!
See ya tomorrow!
Want to offline to accompany Mr Hubby
watch movie...Bye!

Monday, September 26, 2011


Yesterday till this morning,
i was so moody,no mood..
Seems like everyone is hurting me..!
Not because i quarrel with Mr Hubby
(i hope to quarrel with him,but never.
He is so tolerate towards me)
Maybe because of every month
will experience the same situation,
mood swing just like 
But,till just now,Mr Postman
arrived with a parcel for me,Mrskitty Yi
written on the parcel.Putting this nickname
and i knew it must be my hello kitty stuff.

Not this,hello kitty whistle.This is from
my own shop.Maybe will try upload tomorrow 
if i am free to be here! ^^
Hello Kitty diy 3D puzzle
which kittypiggy helped me to buy.
Thanks,my dear kitty friend.
Hope will have chance to meet her in reality^^
This pic is after i finished diy it.
Hello Kitty Silver 92.5 bracelet for my Baby J.
Straight away grabbed this for my 
Baby J when i saw my Silver supplier
got sell this.My shop got sell too.
That's for today~Have a nice day,
all lovely loyal reader of my blog!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Hello Kitty knife✿◕‿◕✿

i almost forgot that i had just purchased
this hello kitty knife last month.
But because of now using Iphone,which
makes uploading photos to facebook is easy,
i do not copy all these photos to my laptop.
And then,that makes me couldn't remember
which i had blogged about,which hadn't.

So,about this kitty knife,i had
searched everywhere for it.
Ebay and other online stores also 
do not sell this.Not even in pre-order album.
But lucky me! My Korea friend,Hyeon Jong
sell this.Therefore,order from her
and you can be as lucky as me...XD
Ok,gotta chow first...because wanna 
continue my games playing...Bye!!

Saturday, September 17, 2011

everything about HER✿◕‿◕✿

Hi,my dear!
How are your days?i am super fine
and happy too! Okay,for the hundred 
thousand times i am saying that i am happy.
But,REALLY...i am happy.i am optimistic,that's 
for first.Secondly,i lead a healthy happy life
accompany with the most important people by my side
everyday,that's Mr Hubby,for sure.
And also not forgotten my parents,parents-in-law
lovely friends and also maybe there
is a few tiny lil' enemies?? Haha...
Everyone has enemy.But it depends on 
how you treat them.i treat them nothing.
Means i do not call them as enemy or friend
(they are not willing to be my friend),it's okay.
So,just treat them as NOTHING! Blank...

So,i collect other cute stuff too besides
hello kitty.These are strawberries series
that i got from 100yen.
There are berry pail,berry bath tray
and berry bottle tray.
So,these add up to my collections of
berries stuff.(Remember i have berry stool
and berry water bucket ladle)
My daughters' simple bedroom.
Still a long long way to go.
Will add more hello kitty stuff 
in the future.
My 2nd daughter chose Powerpuff Girls
bedsheet set instead of hello kitty.
It's ok,it is up to them.While my elder
daughter likes hello kitty too.Just like me.
The most favourable item is the 
hello kitty wallpaper.Isn't it cute???
 Hello Kitty curtain.
But not kitty wardrobe...Too bad.
But Mommy promise to get you both a
hello kitty wardrobe if there is one nice!
And their own bedroom's bathroom.
Very simple,still need to add more kitties.
The lesson here is don't buy a big house
as you need to decorate so many parts of your house.
My home sweet home has 3 bathrooms,
means i need to decorate for 3.
If there is any new updates,will share it here,k?
See you guys and gals!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

switches switch✿◕‿◕✿

The many hello kitty switches in my 
home sweet home.. 

For the switch border,i can't find hello kitty.
So,Marie the Cat will do the replacement.
These hello kitty switch stickers,my 
shop got sell and it is super fast selling.
Especially those in pink colour.
Mostly are sold out,but some designs still 
have stocks.Surely,i will take for myself
the first they arrive.
Last Sunday was my bro-in-law
(Mr Hubby's big brother)
We all had a great party
and let's have a look at the bride 
and bridegroom.
This taken Sunday morning.
When the bride is picked up 
back to the bridegroom's house.
After all the ceremony of serving tea to
the eldest,we had a family photographing 
Mr Hubby and me.
Our dress-up to the dinner
at the restaurant.
i was wearing a simple leopard print 
black dress.
Above pic:from left,the bridegroom,the bride,
my sis-in-law(Mr Hubby's younger brother's wife)
 & ME...
Below right pic:My daddy-in-law with Daychelle Jaychelle.
So,now all of Mr Hubby's brothers' married
left her only one sister who is still single.^^

*Psst,actually you all still remember i promise
to post about my daughters' bedroom?
Hihihi...i think i will make it in the next post.
i m such a forgetful.Everytime update,
forgot to update about that!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


i just realised it already pass a week that i didn't update 
my blog.Baby J is back to my side.
So,will be a bit busy as there is a small baby around.
But,luckily,i still have Mr Hubby and my sister.
They helped me a lot in taking care 
if Baby J.Especially Mr Hubby.
He is the one who help me to take care
of Baby J at night shift.^^

This is hello kitty magnet which i add bling bling
on it.After finish,i stick it to my car stereng wheel.
And my car brake pedal and throttle is also 
hello kitty bling bling.i am not going to step on it wearing 
shoes or sandals.i wear the indoor plushies slipper when driving.
Means i take out my shoes and sandals,
and wear the kitty plushies slipper when i am driving.

So,i have a bit online purchase.
Some arrived.Like this,hello kitty car
seat belt stopper clip.
Bought this kitty which is not wearing ribbon 
is because the flower is in pink.
i love pink not red.While all the seat belt stopper,
hello kitty is wearing red ribbon.
Therefore,i chose this.
Mr Hubby promise to bring my car 
to the profesionals to have a 
pink tint.Pink like Pink Panther.
Yeay~Finally i will have a pink hello kitty 
This is hello kitty non-slip mat.
A set with the kitty car seat safety belt buckle.

At first,i thought it can be put into the buckle strap
to replace the normal buckle.
But,actually it isn't.
It is just like the above picture.
Very useful to stop the seat belt alarm
when it is unnecessary to fasten the safety belt.

And a pinky elegant chair for my kitty and
a doll which represent the owner of the kitty car,
that is me!!!
That's all for today's sharing.
My car will be adding more hello kitty 
accessories which i had ordered 
but not yet arrive.
Wait till it arrive,i will share it here.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


So,the month of 8 already pass.
And every hello kitty lovers surely got 
grab these lovely cutie Hello Kitty watch
distributed by McDonald's Malaysia.

Me too! i have collected all the four
and also each got extra pieces
for my daughters.Besides,
act as standby to replace the one
spoilt.All 4 designs,love them!! <3

During Raya,Mr Hubby didn't bring me to anywhere.
But,it's okay,we already planned to
go back Kuantan,my parent's home.
This time,my sister,Akira also with us along.
As our shop at Temerloh is close for a day.
Photo taken at East Coast Mall.
Mr Hubby bought for them each a pink
Barbie sunglasses.(They already
had a pair,i think..they still want to buy another!)

While this photo is taken while we were waiting to
watch 3D Final Destination 5.
My daughters didn't follow us as it is for 18 years
above.They followed my parents.
There were 7 people altogether,
me,Mr Hubby,my sis,my bro,my 3 workers.
Waiting time is bored so,sis
took this photo and also this,
Mr Hubby is nite-dreaming.
i was so crazy smiling,right??
i was really so happy that day.
Feeling like a teenager.Hehe...

My Hello Kitty stuff for this week is
Hello Kitty mini size food bag storage clips.
Actually i want to buy the pink one,but when i 
had decided to buy it at ebay,it is sold out.
So,after a few search,i took this.
This also ok eventhough in red.
It is in ribbon shape.
Ok,that's for today...
Hope you all have a nice happy 
great day!!

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