Tuesday, April 30, 2013

My Sweet Pink Laptop Theme(ミ・。・ミ)

Today im gonna share about my laptop theme.
i got asked from a lot how i install this and that to my pinky laptop.
Ok,my laptop is running Windows 7 currently,so the stuff i download 
suitable for Windows 7. Others Windows version,im not sure whether it will work.
But...you can have a try. No worries!

A video i record about my laptop homescreen.
The wallpaper is actually an iphone wallpaper custom made by 
my friend, Gabbell for me. Go follow her instagram: gabbell.
She is also an iphone themer. 
i edit the wallpaper to suit for laptop size.

All the stuff inside my laptop are downloaded 
from deviantart. Ok,so,i know the next question will be,
'can you share the link?' You all can't find it. im sharing the link here lol.

So,the clock widget(animated) located at the top left side,
i get it from here
The next question you will ask is:'How can you understand the language?'
i use google translate. 
To use this,you need to download and install rainmeter first to your laptop.

For the moving text located below,with a bear moving its head,
download here.
This need Xwidget installed to your laptop for it to works.
Therefore,next time,any Xwidget you find can straight use after you extract the zip file.

For the cute girl shortcuts,where the shortcuts can hide by clicking the girl,
download here.
Also use with Xwidget.

Finally my laptop icons set can also be found in deviantart.
Sorry i don't have link here because i had downloaded them a few months back.
And i didn't keep the link. But, if you dilligent like me,
searching patiently in deviantart,surely you will find them =)

im using Plump Pink IconPackager which you can get it here.
You will need to install IconPackager first to get this working.
Google search will do.
Good Luck and be more dilligent!

Monday, April 29, 2013

McDonaldLand again??(ミ・。・ミ)

So,i actually got this news about McDonald Malaysia
will released HelloKitty stuff end of April.
Sorry as it is confirdential that i cannot spread this news.
So,i had waited for what is itthe hello kitty Mcd Malaysia
is bringing us...Too bad,is McDonaldLand.
Not that i don't like them,don't misunderstood.
It is because i already had the full set from Hong Kong McD
2 years ago...Why they don't release something that i haven't had in my collections??
Let's have a look.
i even have the memo pads,shining card and the recycle bag.
Full set,i think you can only get the plushies from Malaysia McD,
not the bag though...>.<

Guess who arrived earlier last Tuesday?
Another item in my wishlist striked.
Congrats to myself finally managed to collect this 
Hello Kitty Tokidoki from 7-11 Hong Kong year 2011.
And recently 7-11 Singapore also releasing this.
Malaysia?? Huhu...don't know will or will not.
They aren't full yet.
Still got a few more to collect.im gonna find those 
to complete my set. Bless me luck!
Oops...forgot to mention,how i manage to get them
like im staying in Malaysia but always manage to get other country's stuff?
Some people had asked me about this.
Mr Hubby's help. He always asked his business friends to help me buy them.
Sometimes,will also buy extra set and sell to those close friends of mine 
who had earlier booked with me. So,if you are interested,you can add my facebook account
and contact me.i will inform you once there is any new releasing from other country's Mcd or 7-11.

Cute lil pie for you to enjoy~
She requested me to snap her pic when she is posing like this.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Cupcakes Donuts(ミ・。・ミ)

Helooooooo there.
Again,updating my blog at Mr Hubby's brother wholesale shop.
Why im always here? As im waiting for Mr Hubby doing his work.
So,in this time,im free with Baby J by my side.
For sure,she plays around in the shop with dozens of toys.

See what i spotted?
Cute lil nail polish.
i heart them! And for your info,
you can get this from my shop.
Yes,i had brought them for sale.
Cute,isn't it??

i love collecting cute lil stuff like these cupcakes lipbalm.
Added the donut lipbalm to my collection.
i want more of them,but Mr hubby not allow me to buy them because 
he said i didn't use them,it is a waste because i bought them out of their cuteness.
Yes,i can't resist the cuteness! All those cute containers...Arghhh!!!
im gonna go buy more without letting him know...Haha..

Hello Kitty Takara Tomy figurine car from Japan.
i bought this from a Singaporean friend.
Regarding the price,im not sure how much already.
Think is around SGD16 like that.

Searching for this false eyelashes case for ages.
And now im glad that im able to find it.
First time saw this in a friend collection's album.
She mention that her friend got it for her from Japan.
im sad! How am i suppose to buy from Japan when i do not have
the chance to be there for the moment?

Mr Hubby helped me again. He always is.
Thatnk so much for bringing me everything,dear!
i had no idea how he got it. Maybe asking his business friends helped 
him to buy it from Japan?? Haha...Not sure too.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Last Friday i had went back to Kuantan,
my parents' home. The purpose back as always the same.
Visiting my parents,of course. And also to have massive shopping trip!
Bought all these from Sasa,Malaysia.
Yes,Sasa has hellokitty stuff too! Go grab yours before they are sold out.
My mom had helped me to buy them when they first reached the Sasa branch in Kuantan.
There is the big shower gel,hand lotion,lipbalm and lollipop lip gloss.
The 3-in-1 is lipbalm set which included a free handphone charm as well.

So,when you spend over RM80,RM150,RM300 or RM500,
you can get special gift from Sasa.
i restocked my daily vitamins! CellLabs Sheep Placenta(60+60pills)
which is in promotion price,RM449.
And bought a few hello kitty stuff,so im entitled to get the Methode Swiss eye cream
for FREE!! That is super worth to spend in Sasa...haha!!

Cellumination Deep Surge EX & Facial Treatment Repair C which i got from
SK-II yearly points redemption. Now you know why im looking young! wahaha...

i also bought some apparels and high heels(again) from Padini & Vincci.

My naughty bun,Baby J. Soon in her age 2.
So,a lot asked what app im using to edit this pic?
Is it a computer photo editor like photoshop or iphone app?p
This is superimpose from AppStore.
This is an iphone app.
Search superimpose. Yes you gonna buy it.
You can add image to any pic you want.
Like,any cartoon image you googled in site,save it to camera roll
and then open superimpose and cut out(mask an image) to your pic.
That's how i make the kitty image in every of my pic..=)
Superimpose is really a good app i highly suggested to you all.

Haha...i took a lil bit time in Mr Hubby's brother wholesale shop to update 
my blog now..And now is time for me to go fetch my daughters back from school.
See you next post!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

im everyone's loves,maybe?!(ミ・。・ミ)

Sorry for the long overdue lost-of-myself.
Had been thinking to update new post here a few days ago.
But,laziness surrounded myself..Haha..!
A bad news to inform here.
Still remember this ring? Yes,it is this ring that i lost.
But,i feel better today because Mr Hubby comforted me
will buy a new one for me.. Who don't love DIAMOND?
Every girls love,isn't it? He had promised to gift another 1
which is bigger to this,of course...Hahaha...*big smile again*

Another important person in my life who loves me too.
My dad. He bought this 2 ukulele for my daughters.
My elder daughter & my favourite,hello kitty
while Doraemon is my 2nd daughter's favourite.
This is very very rare ukulele. Mostly of my friends who saw this,
said my dad s so great to get to find these...hehe..

i get another surprise gift from an online friend.
She is Monice whom i met and know from Instagram.
She had bought me souvenirs from Korea.
HelloKitty nail art stickers & Olive Water Drop Essence Hand Cream.
With a note attached on how she appreciate the FREE iphone themes
 that i made & share to her.
i totally appreciate the gifts,not because of the value,but because of the sincerity
people showed to us...=)
Thank You so much dear!! 

Long long time that i hadn't ordered from Singapore.
This HelloKitty Takara Tomy figurine car bought from
a Singaporean, Shan HK. (Her facebook account)
You may add her for special & rare hello kitty stuff from overseas.
How i wish i have the same car,the real car in reality.

Hello Kitty false eyelashes die-cut case from Japan.
Another friend of mine helped me bought this and there is another extra actually.
But,few minutes after i upload the pic to my Instagram,it is SOLD.
So,left mine only which im not going to sell..Sorry,loves!
It can be hang on our handbag. Now my falsies eyelashes are safe.

My latest purchase which i super heart!
Lacey polkadot pink clothes for my pinky laptop.
With HelloKitty ears of course,& also a pastel pink bow.
How cute! Don't you think so?
So,i got this myself from supplier.
i didn't upload the pic to my sweet shop in facebook
because i think,too pricey for just something like a hairband surrounding 
the laptop or monitor if you want.
If price not really what you matter most,you can surely 
contact me for further details.i can pre-order for you.
i just pre-ordered a few extras for my facebook friends who
already made payment and waiting for theirs to arrive..=)

Updates of the latest pic of my 3 loves:


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