Monday, July 30, 2012

Hong Leong Junior(ミ・。・ミ)

im thinking now should i share this good good news with all of you?
Share or not to share?? i think im gonna share.
Till now,this news only my own family knew about it.
For the next next month,i will be retire.
OMG!! im only 28 this year.Retire??
Yes,can i use the word retire?
Mr Hubby decided to stop his business in Temerloh.
The shop is our own,and we will rent it to his brother.
So,the same shop design is there,just the boss change.
Mr Hubby need to help handle his father's business,while i,
will be unemployed. My branches still there.i mean my shop's branch.
They are taken care by my mother and workers.
Totally a good news for me,as i can relax(sleep more,haha)
doing my own preferably work(my hobby)
and i can spend more time with my kids(teaching them their school works) a full time mommy who doesn't know how to cook~ Haha...>.<
Fits me.

Okay,stop the crap.Have a look.
Last Thursday,Mr Hubby went together with me to the Hong Leong Bank.
Already knew about this Hello Kitty Junior Debit Card from Hong Leong Bank
catalogue which they sent to Mr Hubby.
Went to open an account for my daughter to get the debit card.
Hehehe...So,now,i have the pink one for myself and daughter had the blue one.
But actually it is me who wants the blue too! It stayed in my wallet now...:P

i didn't know the minimum of amount to open this junior account,
because Mr Hubby puts an amount to fixed deposit and the staff there
said is ok,and saying nothing open this account and then gave me the card.
So,it is better you go to your nearest Hong Leong Bank for more information
if you wish to get this card too...=)

Okay,i want to continue play my ipad games.
Good Night,TaTa!!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Instax Frame(ミ・。・ミ)

My most blissful decision that i ever made
in my life is married to Mr Hubby.
He not only is my financial supporter,but also
helps me with taking care our kids.
Some guys are overly man-ego.
They thought taking care of a child is the responsibility of woman.
Men are not suppose to do household chores.
But,Mr Hubby doesn't have this kind of thinking.
He helps me care for our kids,he does the feeding in the night,
he fetches both our elder daughters to school in the morning
before the sun rises.
He washes their school shoes and iron their school uniform.
Telling out,seems like im a bad wifey and mother. Hehehe...:P
He seldom goes out with his friends during the night
because he said it is very dangerous for us(only woman & kids)
in the house without a man.
Wherever he goes,he brings me.
The most important things is during festive seasons,
a husband should be with his wife.
We,Chinese have a belief. If during Chinese New Year,
your husband not around the house with you,that means
you are sharing your husband with someone else.
The someone else maybe is your husband's first wife.
On such big day,everyone,no matter how busy
will also take this chance to go back to their homes,
celebrating with their family.
Therefore,i feel really really lucky,
not only i felt it,everyone around us
(my relatives,his relatives) also said that
im lucky to have him as my hubby!
And now,im uodating my super cute blog,
he is taking care of Baby J..=)

Hello Kitty & Hello Mimi Instax Holder.
Ok,so...anything that has hello kitty with it,
i will consider buy it.
Bought this from Kenny Yong
A very friendly seller.Selling in reasonable price.

The mini scissors and calculator are not included in this set.
They are my re-ment toys which i add to them
and they fits perfectly to their tiny hands.

Bought this last month,therefore im not sure whether 
he still have stock for this.
But,you can try your luck,shoot him a message.
So,wanna go take my bath and prepare out to dinner 
with my in-laws. If you are also Temerloh people,
you will spot us often having our dinner
with Mr Hubby's parents.
i love them! And i am getting very well with them.
Not like those rumor that always said 
a mom-in-law is always an enemy to her daughter-in-law.
Really gotta go. Bye,wish you have a nice day too!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


im super fed up!
i care about you,that's why i will scold you if you did something wrong.
But you never change!
People who don't admit their wrongdoings 
but kept on debating or just say sorry 
or even said,"yes,im useless" will forever USELESS! 
Instead,try change yourself or 
motivate yourself to be a better one to prove to those said you!
You always said i often scold you.
Like never give you another chance,but
do you deserve another chance?? 
Do you really change your attitude?
Sometimes,i don't want to say out all these,kept
them in my heart because i know no matter
how many times i speak out,the outcome is same.
Never ever change,but will just kept on saying,
"im useless,sorry!im not as clever as smart as you".
All these nonsense.
If im wrong in saying you,then you should start have a think.
Do your working attitude correct? 
Let me ask those who read my blog.
Friends, how do you think a person in her working hours,
playing ipad and mobile phone all the time untill finish working hours.
Is this the CORRECT working attitude? 
You receive salary from others,means you 
need to work for them.
You receive salary but not working,is this correct?
You work with ipad and mobile phone because
the only thing you do is face meeting with these 2 devices.
Am i blaming you or i said the truth?
i already said a lot of time,love towards your lover isn't the only thing in this world.
There is many other things that we can do.
We have family,we have brother and sister and we have friends!
We need to eat,need to survive,so we got our own life.
im also a teenager before.i had been to the same situation like you.
But,i never overly concentrate in love towards lover only.
Maybe there is once,but not as serious as you.
Just hope that you can have a thought at what im trying to let you know.
i don't care who you wanna be with,i just care you do your work
properly and seriously.

*Don't think not saying Mr Hubby! 
He is the most greatest man that i ever met.
Just someone who is very close to me.
i don't want to see her living unmotivated the whole life.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Follow & unFollow?(ミ・。・ミ)

Refering to my post title today.
i really hate or should i be polite to use 'dislike' this word
to describe my feeling towards those people
who follow and unfollow? Follow you in Instagram,,blogger,
tumblr,wordpress and etc. and then unfollow you again.
What for??! If you know that you will unfollow,please don't start to follow.
i would rather you not follow me!

Another funny incident i always encounter.
People always said my the other blog:
(specially for you all to download iphone/ipad themes)
CANNOT VIEW. For the hundred thousand times i repeated,
it is OPEN TO PUBLIC.No need any password.
2ndly,some people said my FREE themes cannot download.
Need to pay! It is FREE,so it is FREE.
The download link is in the post.Please do open wide your eyes
and see carefully,look for the 'DOWNLOAD' word.
Or the other option is,go to the optician to check your eyes.

Just to share all these funny weirdos people. Hehehe...
Today wanna post some purchases that i got last month
(if im not wrong) from Living Cabin.
Hello Kitty Contact Lens Case.
i can't resisit this even though i have quite a lot contact lens case,
all are hello kitty for sure.
That's why Mr Hubby always said im a big waste..>.<

Hello Kitty Cardboard File

Hello Kitty File Holder

Hello Kitty A4 File

Hello Kitty Mini Memo Pad from Korea.

Mostly hello kitty stationery stuff selling in Living Cabin.
Not many choice..But i will buy if it is hello kitty.
i wanna take a noon nap.

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