Saturday, July 6, 2019

Hello Kitty Car Accessories

Oh my, recently had been very busy with my online shop.
It is kind of like an addict. Addicted to order a lot of Hello Kitty stuff for sale.
As I got to order for myself too besides ordering extra for sale.
A lot of new Hello Kitty purchases which I would like to share with all of you here but time just don't allow me to do so. :( I need more time,please!

So,this is my first Hello Kitty stuff in Mr Hubby's new car.
He wanted it black as it looks rocks,ok!
Hello Kitty Car rearview mirror from Japan.
The price is also nice :P
But since it is Mr Hubby's treat, that's fine haha!!

Next item to be in his car is this: Hello Kitty Car Perfume decorated with pink fur 
and full of bling bling. Too cute! This one I insisted pink, luckily he is okay with that.

Hello Kitty Car Decal Word Sticker :)
The Chinese means, Tiger don't get angry, you think I'm Hello Kitty.
Hope I won't translate wrong haha...
So,local people saw this sticker surely know it's my car, haha!!
The Hello Kitty freak!

Hello Kitty 3D car emblem from Japan.
This one I die die also must get it, the price is nice but worth it.
As it is super good quality since it is original Sanrio.
And it is super cute, needless to say.

Just a few item added to Mr Hubby's car.
Less, simple is nice, don't you agree?

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