Friday, October 26, 2018

Hello Kitty Stuff Added!

Long story must made it short!
I had ignored my blog for such a long time. Wanna update here but time don't allow me.
I'm busy with works and also busy going here and there non-stop.
Weekends should be at home but I had went back to Kuantan, KL and just 
2 days ago to Genting Highlands. Phew!!

So now, share my new added Hello Kitty collections which some had been in my house 
for months that I didn't manage to share it here.

Nivea X Sanrio Characters Limited Edition Deodorants.
All 3 designs included Gudetama but I grab Hello kitty & My melody only.
I'm not Gudetama fans :P

Hello Kitty Tapes Dispenser.
Where to get it? DIY myself lol. 
Using Hello Kitty Wet Tissue Lid (from my online shop) and stick it to
the tapes dispenser.

 Finally decided to change all my pretty clothes' hanger to Hello Kitty
(this happened on August'18)
Straight ordered from my supplier and changed all of them!

I had chosen soft pink instead of the rose pink.
Too cute!!

Lock & Lock brand Hello Kitty Water Bottle.

Hello Kitty Wash Basin.
Quite big in size.

Hello Kitty Plastic Wrap Suction Cup Holder from Japan.
I use this to put kitchen sponge and it fits nicely. 

Toilet Brush with stand, also must be Hello Kitty.
U know what, luckily I have an understanding husband.

Seldom in love with red Hello Kitty.But this Hello Kitty rubber slides just nice for use in office.
Brighten up my work days wearing this inside office.

Not Hello Kitty :P
My Melody pencil case. There is Hello Kitty version but it is in red!!
Don't like it. So, I got My Melody for myself.

Hello Kitty Student Scissors for me, not a student though,haha!!
Bought from local gift shop. Not original but can use.

Must-haves. Hello Kitty Table Mirror to replace the old one.
This one is from Miniso Japan, if I'm not wrong.

Hello Kitty Lip Gloss from Sasa Hong Kong.

Hello Kitty U shape Pillow.

No kidding! I'm bringing this when I travel.
Mr Hubby use that toothbrush when travelling :P

Hello Kitty Water Scoop from Bangkok.

Hello Kitty Kitchen Timer or timer for just anything which can get from
my online store, My Kitty Store(facebook page)

Hello Kitty Staplers Collection.
The one with backpack is the cutest,actually. But keep for few years already became yellowish :(

When I took a selfie of myself wearing this Hello Kitty sleep wear, Mr Hubby asked me do I really need to selfie with sleep wear. Haha!! I answered, yes!!

Got this quite cute sleep wear from shopee. Pre-order not ready stock,
waited for 1 week if I'm not wrong.

Thursday, October 4, 2018

Hello Kitty Kitchen Stuff from Thailand

This post is all about the Hello Kitty I managed to get back from Bangkok.
The one I had wish to buy long long time ago.
I knew there is a few seller doing pre-order for this and also some have ready stock.
But they are selling too expensive. So,I wait till I have the chance to go Bangkok again with Mr Hubby to get it for myself and alsodoing pre-order for this.

This Hello Kitty Electric Thermo Pot can get from Big C Bangkok.

OMG!! This design is too cute! Hello Kitty wearing kimono.
I like this design a lot.

The 2nd item I had wanted for a long time is this: 
Hello Kitty 2 layer Dish Drainer with Cover.
Not really Hello Kitty branded, it is just a normal dish drainer in pink,
and stick with Hello Kitty decorations on it.
Anyway, it is better than those selling in local supermarkets here, 
combination of white & grey colour. 

Hello Kitty Water Dispenser,especially sell in Thailand.
I like Thailand Hello Kitty stuff. They are all in reasonable price and the quality also not bad.

Hello Kitty Jug.
With mom's herbal tea haha :P

My kitchen is now so pinky ♥
My kitchen is simple actually. No cabinets.
But is okay as it is all with Hello Kitty stuff ♥

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Hello Kitty from Bangkok

Super sorry for the late post!!!
Went to Bangkok on June'18 but now only sharing here my Hello Kitty collections from there.
I will divide it to 2 posts. Another posts will be the bigger Hello Kitty stuff :)

These are the Hello Kitty that I carried back with me.
Some I shipped back together with my stocks.
Really a crazy shopaholic to ship back her shopping stuff! Haha!!

My most loved item from BKK:
Hello Kitty Steam Iron. I had always wanted a Hello Kitty iron and saw from my fb friends,
I knew this cute iron is from Thailand. The 1st time to Bangkok 2 years ago, I didn't manage to grab this. I'm so stupid that this is selling in Big C. I went to Big C to buy local snacks but didn't go upstair to electrical department to find this! 

So,this time going to Bangkok with Mr Hubby only, I must get this for myself FIRST!!!
Thanks Mr Hubby for always fulfilling my wish. I wanted to go to Bangkok to have a good Hello Kitty shopping experience and also to bring in some Hello Kitty stocks for sell.

How sweet in pink to be use together with my pink polkadot iron board.

Hello Kitty pump from MBK Center, Bangkok.

Hello Kitty figure with clothes from Isetan Bangkok.

Hello Kitty Sanitary Pads.
Just the packaging of the pad is Hello Kitty.

Hello Kitty long ruler from Big C.

Hello Kitty Melamine Bowl from Big C too.
Bought 2 sizes only. Too cute in face shape,so I think must buy!

Hello Kitty Cleansing Sheets + Case from a shop selling cosmetics in MBK Center.
Looks like I'm pretty good in finding Hello Kitty stuff in Bangkok,right?
Yes, and Mr Hubby's eyes are very sharp too.
He kept on noticing Hello Kitty and let me know,hehe..
Really grateful to have a supportive husband  ♥

And below is the Hello Kitty I grab from Sanrio Hello Kitty House, Bangkok.
The only Hello Kitty cafe in Bangkok.

Hello Kitty Cardigan.
OMG!! This is really to-die-for.
Super nice in real! And it is in pink too.

Grab this Hello Kitty planner in good deal.
It is in promotional price. But till now, I still hasn't start using it.
It is A5 size. My last planner was A7 size, so I'm a bit not used to big size planner.
I should have find myself an A6 planner instead.

Inside view of the planner.

Just bought 2 items from Sanrio Hello Kitty House as some I had already,
some like not worth to buy(pricey a bit) which I can get it from my supplier too.

So,next post will share about the Hello Kitty bigger stuff, mostly kitchen stuff.

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