Monday, August 31, 2009

heLLo kiTTy persOnal diAry + lOck

i m here wishing all Malaysians Happy Merdeka! Today is Independence Day.It's a holiday.But,i still have to work.As usual,more customers during school holidays or holidays!So,we can't close our shop,right?If not,no earning lol.No earning,then no money to buy helLO kiTTy stuff.If do not buy heLLo kiTTy stuff,heLLo kiTTy will angry lol...HK angry

Today's on the stage item is heLLo kiTTy persOnal diAry + lOck. Photobucket

It has a hard cover to keep the diary in it.There is also a lock which you can lock it,so,none will have the tiny little bit chance to peep what you wrote in there.i like most is the pages in it.Every page is in different designs & colours.

sOme of the pages.

sOme of the pages.

& sOme of the pages.
This is a small giftPhotobucket from my brother-in-law.He is a gift shop supplier.So,sometimes he had some heLLo kiTTy stuff which is cUte.i haven't had a chance to use it.As my old diary haven't finish all the pages.So,i keep it as my collection.Besides,'rasa sayanglah' to write on it...hehe:P

Sunday, August 30, 2009

wOw,heLLo kiTTy Oscillating fan

First,i had this....

Then.i got to know this.And now,i favour this most!!!As heLLo kiTTy is in PINK(most important) & looks real...!Besides,this is bigger.i wish i can have the biggest like most of our home owned the normal one,stand fan...hehe Hk happy

Its head will oscillate from side to side when it is switch on.That's cute,isn't it???Photobucket

Besides that,you can use USB power or battery to operate it.But,i prefer USB power as no need to change battery often.i use it when i m sitting in front my cute laptop.How cute to see its head oscillate from left to right,then back to left,& then to right again...Oops,have to stop that...hehe!

back vi3w...
Advertisement time...
More details about this,can view bubbles' shop got sold this!!!

i m going back to have my nap....zZzPhotobucket

Saturday, August 29, 2009

SpeciaL thAnks to R ling~&~glazsliper aka ida

Overly highly happy and excited i am...This is because my sister,R ling had helped me made my blog to 3 column.^^ To glazsliper,ida who had taught me how to put AdiWidget. They,the 2 of them,really expert in this high-tech things,in my opinion.Contented to have baby milo lover as my sister!!Glad to know you,ida, as 1 of my dear friends!! So,my new blog look...!

Yesterday,my sister went to the ekspo(near my shop) to buy this heLLo kiTTy button for me...She,nice oO??
When she got to know from my Malay workers about heLLo kiTTy buttons selling at ekspo,immediately she went there with 1 of her friends.The 3 most cute she bought for me!!!

This another 3 i bought at 1 of the stalls in Kuantan Parade.3 for RM10,if i m not wrong!
i seldom collect buttons.i use this buttons to stick it at my cute laptop.i will d.i.m by taking out the pin.So that,i can stick it to my laptop.

back vi3w...
HK cleaning That's for today!!!

Friday, August 28, 2009

heLLo kiTTy plAying cArds

heLLo kiTTy plAying cArds

The most interesting in these kiTTy playing cards are each of the cards have different heLLo kiTTy picture.1 of my kiTTy collections' item.i seldom(Oops,not seldom,not even) play it.If really play also during Chinese New Year lol...with my hubby & his friends.But,not playing with money lol...So,no need report police,ok?? haha:D


Thursday, August 27, 2009

heLLo kiTTy fOrtune wheeler..

A heLLo kiTTy a day,keeps me & you happy always!!!

Ha..Ha..Today i m going to introduce to you about this...Set of heLLo kiTTy fOrtune wheeler.A bit late updating my post as there are some stocks arrival,but not heLLo kiTTy stuff.It is some wrappers,gift boxes,paper bags & cards.Mine is a gift shop.So,gift shop should have sold these!After opened all the stocks,then after having my dinner with my hubby,daughters & my parents-in-law,i came back to shop immediately,update my post...Haha!!!

i like this the most as...yup,it is in PINK!!!My favourite colour.Peach versiOn.There are some beads inside the fortune wheeler.How to play this??

Whirl it till you get the bead.After 3 times you had collect all the beads,go see your results at the bottom of the fortune wheeler.

There is 1 lucky bead which looks like a kiTTy head.So,if get the result like mine,first 1 lucky bead & the other 2 are normal beads,then your lucky rate is 100%. Hehe...!

Orange versiOn.When you whirl the fortune wheeler,the kiTTy head will going up & down.

Lemon versiOn.Can you see that?Once you see her,then she is gone!!

Another 2.Lime & apple versiOn.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

heLLo kiTTy mAkes m3 haPPy!!!

Why i say heLLo kiTTy makes me happy??As i get to know more friends who had the same interest like me.They are also heLLo kiTTy lovers.They are Julia,Rara,Wanihani,Lisa Dearlova,Syaza & also Lisa.(click their names if you wanna see their blog) i like being their friends!!!They are so friendly lol..Some of them even say about me in their blog..(shy*shy) Thanks for all your compliments towards me...!i cherish it!!!
i really should thanks Julia as i knew her first,then only i got the chance to know more friends!!!About Rara,i saw her before.She came to my shop the first time was last year Raya Haji.She borong so many HK stuff.Wanihani,a cute girl!i like her,like my sister.Lisa Dearlova & Syaza also bubbles' regular online customers,HK lovers too.Lisa,even though new,but she is nice & friendly!Hope we will all always keep in contact....!

Actually,this photo took before i went to Kuantan yesterday.But,forgot upload to share with all of you.You see,i m getting fatter,isn't it?WuWuWu...i eat uncontrollably.i like eating junk food when i m watching my favourite drama with my hubby!That's the result!!

Wanna let you all see clearly what i m wearing for as my necklace.i like heLLo kiTTy so much till i will wear its necklace,bracelet,watch & even ring when i m working at my shop.Frankly speaking,i do not care people saying me like a kid,even had become a mother myself,still wearing little children accessories.i dislike gold accessories,as i think looks like a-MA...

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

haPPy dAy...

Sorry,girlz..for late updating my post today.i m now at Kuantan.Fetching some new stocks to my branch.Normally,will do my posting in the morning as soon as i open my shop.But,not today.Sorry keeps you all waiting.i updating my posting as soon as i reach Kuantan.hehe:D
Happy as i got the chance to drive my own kiTTy kenari car to Kuantan.Every time,me and my hubby went outstation,he was the 1 in-charge of driving.Not me...Even if we use our kenari car.After much persuasion,he decided to let me drive this time...So,a HAPPY day!!!

a pair of cUte heLLo kiTTy earring.

i like this earring.But,the only worst thing is it is the kind of pin earring,which means you did not pierce your ear,you can wear this earring too.At first,i would like to keep it as my collections,but,i really damn need to wear it out to let people see how cute it is! So,decided to d.i.m. Project starts again...
Ingredients that we need is : 1 Super Glue(any brand)
1 pair of pin earring or 2 pairs,3pairs & etc.
old unused earrings.
See picture below for clearer view of the ingredients.

i wanna d.i.m. this 2 pairs,so i need to find 2 old & unused earrings.Then,i had to pluck out the unused earrings' stick to replace it to my heLLO kiTTy pin earrings.The same goes to the pin earrings.Pluck the pin out.Next,use super glue to glue the stick to the pin earrings.At last,my kiTTy earrings is ready to meet you all,beloved readers!

Monday, August 24, 2009

heLLo kiTTy toys

Oops...! So sorry as today late to update my cute blog...As i was busy updating new arrival at my shop de blog this morning.After that,had to go took my lunch,& then fetched my beloved daughter,Daychelle to her piano class.Wow,that's busy,right?After my dinner,then only i have the time.

5 colourful toys,still in plastic cover.

Actually,this is something from the, to describe it??Something like a machine that when you put 50 cents or 2x50 cents,you turn the knob,and something like an egg will come out from the hole.HAH...till here,you all sure know what is this!So,the story is like this.An uncle who owns these kind of machine,put it at our shop to attract little children.So,he will give us commision for letting him to put the little machines at our shop.Every month,i am so excited & can't wait to see when he changed the items inside the machines.
There it is...Last month,he came and put this heLLo kiTTy toys in it.But,with your luck using 2 x 50 cents,see whether you can get this heLLo kiTTy toys.Not all inside are them.So,i tried 2 times,my hubby tried 1 time also of no avail.
At last,decided to wait till this month,when the uncle came to change new items into the machines.HaHa...He already came,and my sister told him that i wanted each different colour one.(hehe:D i m not at the shop around that time,afternoon.Sleeping soundly at home)He felt weird.Then,my sister told him that me,likes heLLo kiTTy sOOO much...What kind of things which is heLLo kiTTy,me,will collect it! He smiled and agreed to give them to me....haha:P
See video below the pilot kitty will move...!

Sunday, August 23, 2009


Guess what is inside this pink box??A beEarly birthday present from my sister too.

TA-DA...It is heLLo kiTTy Oven + cOffee & brEakfast mAker.So long its name!Today will be more picture upload for you all to see clearly this cute little pink oven,to named it.Can you see that?kiTTty has becoming a chef to help me out.i m bad at cOOking,really really bad.As i dislike cooking.Even frying eggs i also do NOT know.i m telling the truth.You must haven't see a girl or lady who doesn't know cooking.That's me!Ok,stop the crap..

clearer vi3w..kiTTy said,"YUMMY!"

a small tray inside.

cOffee maker,which brew coffee automatically.
i seldom drink coffee,my hubby didn't drink any,not to say my 2 little princesses.So,i think seldom use it,except maybe sometimes to make coffee for my dad.He likes to drink coffee so much!!!

2 pictures attached together.

Yesterday,when i got it,i was truly 100% excited.Wanna posted at here eagerly.Couldn't wait anymore.But,i tried my best to be patient.haha:P
Then,at night,my hubby went to The Store with me.We chose The Store as it is near our shop,opposite our shop.We went to buy some foods,actually Vitagen for my daughters & also Mantou Pandan.That's the ingredient for my oven.i wanna try it first,see whether it works.

OMG! Even this picture also upload??!

This the picture when it is working.

When it can be served.Looks delicious??Nyam..Nyam...!
i think will seldom use this kiTTy oven as very lazy oO!!! OmiGOd!!What is this kind of girl??^^
So,just keep it as 1 of my heLLo kiTTy collection!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

hAppy beEarly biRthdAy!!!

Happy beEarly birthday to suet yi.i never heard of beEarly birthday before this.Happy belated birthday is what normally we greet our friends and relatives if we forget to greet them on their birthday!This is the first time i ever listen and ever receive a present from my belOved sister.What is the present??A heLLo kiTTy lamp,which is battery-operated(4 battery using).Frankly speaking,i like this lamp long long time ago..But,i wonder if i m to take it,i seldom use it.Fortunately,my sister decided to give me as a present.She has not only this for my beEarly birthday present.There are more!But,she gave this first to me yesterday!

heLLo kiTTy lamp

instructions printed on the box.(i didn't understand even a word as all in Japan!^^

If we switch on the light by pressing the pink rectangular button,kiTTy will pull the rope which is attached to its hand.And,the light is on.That goes the same for switching off the light.i like this lamp most is when kiTTy pulling the rope.i had uploaded a video by myself to share with you..Hope you like it!!

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