Saturday, May 31, 2014

SK-II DAY(γƒŸ・。・γƒŸ)

Received SMS from SK-II promoter saying that yesterday the 30th is one day offer which you purchase RM1500 & above, you can get free SK-II products worth RM1500 too. Great deal ,ikr!!

As a smart consumer😁😝😜,i should purchase on this day when there is some of my daily skin care almost finish. Besides,also 5x BonusLink points & 2x Parkson vouchers.The vouchers can use to buy Father's Day pressie for my dad & my father-in-law.  Mr Hubby 's money flies flies again lol...

So,i bought facial cleanser,whitening spots specialist and whitening source derm-brightener. But this 3 items cannot reach RM1500. I get another extra cleanser as can use too. 

Here's the free gift i get.
Cellumination day surge UV (the white long bottle) My UV protector also almost finish but i didn't buy it because i know the free gift include this day surge UV for free! 
Signs uplifter(the red bottle one),i need this as I'm really really adraid i will look old,wrinkles everywhere and lack of firmness/sagging skin 😭😭

8 pcs of facial treatment mask,2 pcs of skin signature 3D redefining mask,skin signature eye cream and sample sizes of facial treatment essence-eye, clear lotion,repair C and facial treatment essence. 

All these add up my existing SK-II can lasts for over a year,i bet!!

Don't say me oh...every girl likes to be pretty,isn't it? There is a saying: there is no ugly girl but only lazy girl in this world. I totally agreed πŸ‘πŸ‘

Surprise again from HongKong McDonald's.  
Starting this 5th of June, release this World Cup plushies set.
7 plushies altogether, the orange head is limited edition.

And lucky you, Malaysian Hello Kitty junkies,I'm doing a quick pre-order for this set.  You may LINE/wechat mrskittyyi to ask for the price. Pre-order will close this 3rd June and NO REPEAT ORDER. As once the set releases, the price will be extremely high due to market demand high. So,i won't be doing repeat order. 

Will get a set for myself too ✌

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Asus Memo Pad(γƒŸ・。・γƒŸ)

Recently my iphone kept on acting up. 
Like when i was enjoying viewing Instagram, suddenly force quit itself. Sometimes,Facebook app kept on crashing, not allowing me to enter! It is something with the jailbreak,but i can't update it because i will lose my jailbreak.  Waiting to buy iphone 6. 
Therefore, i kept on complaining to get a 5s instead. 
Mr Hubby advised me to be patient. So,he had suggested to 
get Asus Memo Pad HD7 because of the reasonable price
& also quite a good device. Had been online reading some of the review regarding this device. Cheap device and of course performance not the greatest but for me,i consider okay.

I used it to view Facebook and Instagram,play games and watch movies. The screen is bigger than Note 2 hehe.. 
Few colours available for this device. Definitely go for pink but I'm always not the lucky one. Pink out of stockand if i really want,i need to wait for a month. I'm the kind of person who can't wait. So,Mr Hubby is super sweet,super generous to buy the white one for me. He told me if i really can't accept the colour and still want to get the pink one, i can order again.
In the meantime,playing with this first while waiting for the pink. That's a good idea! I can online now without all those force quit problem. 

The white still ok for me. This is android based device,so it has Play Store. After i use it a few days,i realized a good point. I can straight watch movie from site via Google Chrome using this Asus Memo Pad. Tried before my Note 2 but can't.  Haven't try on iphone because the screen too small but ipad tried and tested,can't too. My ipad belongs to my younger daughter now...>.< She doesn't allow us to use it. Ah...nowadays kids.

Must decorate it  as cute as possible..hehe!!
Bought the pink long fur from Daiso,and it looks perfect with my Memo Pad. The reason not to buy ipad: we already had one, not to buy Samsung Tab: we had Note 2,although it is not tab series,but it is the same brand. China brand,Lenovo quite popular,but not really like its design and doubt about its functionality.  Therefore, decided to get Asus as my brother bought one for his girlfriend earlier and from her,i know it is quite a good device! She got the pink one *jealous die me*

But if i really want to get a new pink,Mr Hubby is fine with it. So,i still can get a new one. Decision in my hands. Hehehe...
Besides, i get to decorate this device sweetly. I made a wallpaper for it too. If it is ipad, need jailbreak only can use theme. Quite bored actually. 
The clock is live clock. Clock widget download from PlayStore.
Icons are from Mocmoc Go Launcher theme.
Wallpaper by me. Feel like a wall background with a big photo frame hanging there. Super like the wallpaper that i also made it for my iphone. 

I'm taking request making this wallpaper.
Head over to my iphone goodies blog for more details. I can make the wallpaper for any devices.
My blog link is in 'SHOP' under my photo at the left sidebar.

Monday, May 12, 2014

HelloKitty Bubbly World(γƒŸ・。・γƒŸ) getting super fed-up with my 'old' iphone 4.
After i updated it to IOS 7, it is super lag and slow.
Shouldn't have update it to IOS 7.
i really got a rush wanna get the 5s NOW.
But i really need to hold myself,control myself because
i want to wait for Iphone 6 releases and see how it looks like.
So excited to wait for Iphone 6 and can i sleep now?
Wake me up when Iphone 6 is release...

So,every Malaysian Hello Kitty junkies are so excited about the Hello Kitty Circus Set 
from McDonald's Malaysia released starting 1 May.
i had the full set & also
 the limited edition Jumbo elephant,hard cover book
and 26 pcs of alphabets card. 
All from Hong Kong McDonald's last year.
Malaysia McDonald's is always slow...

When everyone is busy collecting the circus set, at the same time,
Singapore McDonald's is the first country to release the Hello Kitty Bubbly World set
in celebration of Hello Kitty 40th anniversary.
Hello Kitty is dressed up as her friends and appearing for the 
first time shaped like a balloon.

Luckily,my Singapore friend(who wished to stay unknown)
had managed to help me order 1 set. Actually i had asked her to help me get 2 sets,
as i thought i,maybe,able to sell the extra set since everyone is 
so desperate to get this bubbly world set.
But,once the website, starting to receive order,my friend couldn't 
buy for me too at first because she said the page kept hanging there.
Fortunate enough,she had asked her sister to help her and so my set is safe.
But not extra set. i can only get 1 set. 

Super happy to receive it today.
Monday Blue?? NO ANYMORE!
They are nicely kept in a white box printed with
Hello Kitty 40th anniversary logo.

The 6 of them ♥ 
Hello Kitty is dressed up in My Melody,Pompompurin,Kerokerokeroppi,
Osaru No Monkichi,Tuxedosam & Bad Badtz-Maru.

Back of the boxes.
My favourite Sanrio character besides Hello Kitty is 
My Melody & Badtz-Maru.

The certificate is kept in this hard file.

Certificate of completion lol...
If you are my Facebook friends or Instagram followers,
you can view the short video clip of this collection.
i already posted in Facebook and Instagram.
Sorry for not posting the video here because video uploading in blogger
is slow and like forever not uploaded..haha!!

Last Saturday,i had went to Johor attend my cousin's daughter's wedding dinner.
And so,it had been quite a while no taking photo together with Mr Hubby.
We are like always together,so seldom take photo.
Do we look like dating couple? Hehehe!!
Mr Hubby is 35 this year while I'm 30.
We look young,ikr..haha!!

Like photostate? Haha!!
Everyone said my youngest daughter looks like her father.
I'm a bad mom as i forgot to take photo of my 2 elder daughters.
Busy chatting with my relatives and also my sister whom i 
can meet her now. She is not living with me anymore.
She is now working as a barista in Johor.

Do we look like couple more than sisters? hehe...

Not to forget my 2 dollies.

The restaurant quite dark so all the photos come out 
not so nice. Dark face lol..but i like this photos so much!!
She is my only sister. What i can say about her is
she is the bestest sis in this world and i feel blessed to have her 
No words can describe how great she is!! 
i will love and support her forever!

Thursday, May 8, 2014

New Blog Look(γƒŸ・。・γƒŸ) you think about my blog new 'look'? I think it is simple and sweet. I think I'm really really grown up now! Feel that my blog previous look so 'crowded' and full! Too many cutesy till it didn't look any cute. So,I had spent nearly 2 of my rest days in decorating my blog's look. Why I say my rest days?? I had fallen sick these 2 days. Cough,flu and sore throat. Therefore,feeling kinda bored resting at home,think of revamping my blog.

The most special part of my blog that I like most is the chatbox hidden. You can leave a comment to my chatbox by clicking at the cute Hello Kitty hanging at the corner left side. And the chatbox will appear. How cute! But,haven't figured out how to close the chatbox..>.<

The BIO and TAG word can press it and will appear my short biodata and my posts' tag. Entry refering to all my posts. Stuff..? I haven't decide what to put yet..haha!!

I seldom blog but actually more often story telling in Dayre. If you have free time and willing to read my story, can by clicking the cute Dayre icon at the left sidebar.

My online BFF, Meijoyce went to Japan. (How I wish I will have the chance to go to Japan someday) I had requested her to buy this Hello Kitty nanoblock once I saw she uploaded the pic of it in her Instagram. Lucky she got bought extra.
Okay,as usual,a few of souvenirs for me! Why she is so nice one leh...hehe!!

KitKat in different bean and also the one in green colour,not sure is what flavour(I think is green tea) but Mr Hubby and me super like all of them! Blogging this time about this,the KitKat already been finish consumed by us.

Milky Peko X Hello Kitty candies. 
My daughters' super like the candies. Thanks, Joyce babe. I tried one too and it is sweet,not bad..hehe!!

Hello Kitty Tokyo Skytree charm. 

Some Universal Studios Japan envelopes.

The nanoblock I finished built.
Cute cute and also cute right? Hihihi...
I need to go zzZ now as the medicine I ate give effect now..sleepy~

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