Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Pretty Sweet & Co✿◕‿◕✿

Today i wanna story about the lovely gift 
from a California friend.
She is my facebook friend.Who said online friends aren't
reality?? Yes,we all can be best friend eventhough
we never meet before.
So,i knew earlier that she will give this pressie for me.
It is an Iphone casing.Handmade by herself.
After i chose which design i like(of course there is a hello kitty)
she took a picture of it and inbox me the picture for me 
to have a look.
One word to describe it : SUPERB
With all those MAC cosmetic charm,flower cloth,
pearl,hello kitty charm and pastel pink cream.
There is my nickname too,KITTY YI. Aww!!!
~Yummy + Girly~
Then yesterday,i received the parcel.
Already waited 10 days for it to reach me
(as it is from California),
i am actually quite excited and anxious to unpack
the parcel.

The real of the casing is now already 
in my hands,my Iphone is wearing it.
It is definitely the same like the picture 
she sent me.i strongly recommend her
to all my beloves friends if you all wish to find 
a good quality and nice handmade creamy casing.
You design it,and she will bake the phone case for you.
Any handphone models also can be made.

You can contact Bianca Tapia via
Do support her if you want to get a case for your handphone too.
She is nice and friendly,and also a responsible seller. =)
Sweet dream to all of you ♥ ♥

Friday, March 23, 2012

i ♥ McDonald's✿◕‿◕✿

Hi,i am here again. These few days i am super
dilligent in updating my bloggie.
Tonight,i will be sharing about 
Hello Kitties from McDonald's.
This is last year(2011) McDonald's China Christmas Kitty figurine
Released by McD China.
There is (from left)
♬christmas kitty santa
♩christmas kitty tree
♬christmas kitty snowman
♩christmas kitty snowflake
Among all 4,i ♥ the purple(christmas kitty snowman).
While this is McDonald's Hello Kitty Winter 2011 Holiday Set.
i am not sure whether it is released by US McD
or Singapore McD.Some of my friends said this is from US,
while another some said it is from Singapore.
Maybe both country selling them.
i got these from a supplier.
Top from left:
★Snow Tubing Hello Kitty
☆Snow Hello Kitty
★Holiday Fun Hello Kitty
☆Hello Kitty Calendar

Below from left:
★Winter Hello Kitty
☆Snow Boarding Hello Kitty
★Ice Skating Hello Kitty
☆Hello Kitty Sleigh Ride

The 8 of them have special function.
Let's have a look at each of them.
Snow Tubing Hello Kitty.
There is wheels below the kitty.You can move
the kitty.

Snow Hello Kitty.
This do not have any function,just consists of some 
kitty stickers at the back that you can use it.

Holiday Fun Hello Kitty.
This is the one i most like.
You can twist the back of the kitty head
and the hula hoop will spin.
How cute!!
The picture above is when the hula hoop spinning,
and i took the picture.

Hello Kitty Calendar.
Which you can set the date and month.

Winter Hello Kitty.
Nothing special...just the pink and pastel blue at lower part
can be taken out.It is a bangle.

Snow Boarding Hello Kitty.
When you move the kitty,
her head will like 'boink boink'

 Ice Skating Hello Kitty.
This is also cute.As there is nothing holding the kitty,but
she can stand firmly.i think there is magnet at the top and its head.

 Hello Kitty Sleigh Ride.
When you move it,kitty head will turn left and right.

That's the 8 of them.
i am very happy that i managed to collect 
McDonald's X Hello Kitty toys from other countries.
And i wish to collect more! Hopefully i can.
Thanks to Mr Hubby who always support me.
Gotta stop now.Tomorrow see you again! Nite Nite!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Mrskitty Yi's Iphone✿◕‿◕✿

i am very lucky to have a great Mr Hubby
helping me with some of my household chores.
My only sister who also helping me with another some
of my household chores and my online business.
Therefore,i can steal a little bit time to update 
a new post about my Iphone.

This is NOT my latest Iphone look.
It is a front sticker and back cover set.
Whee...Sweet sweet in pink colour!
i like everything in pink!
Hello Kitty riding on an airplane plugy for my Iphone.
Story about my collections of hello kitty plugy.
Let's have a look of a few new plugy of mine.

Hello Kitty X Nojomi Tsuji plugy.

This plugy among all those is my favourite!
i like kimono and all about Japan.
Isn't she cute,holding the umbrella,a tiny lil figure?

My another Hello Kitty 3D Iphone silicone casing.

And this,Hello Kitty Plushie Iphone cover.
The one that catches most attention when you are using it.
It is like you are bringing a plushie like those little gals
hugging their teddy bears.Hehehe...! So childish of me,
a mom of 3 kids,still using this plush cover.

So,for my below sharing is all about Iphone theme.
Please take note,your Iphone need to be jailbroken if you would like
to have the same thing like mine.
 i am currently using this theme.The HTC weather and time widget
in left side picture,you can download from www.joyiphone.net.
There is quite a lot of stuff that can be downloaded there but unfortunately,
all in Chinese.i can't read Chinese too even though i am a Chinese,because 
i studied at English primary school.
So,everything also by guessing and clicking everything to see what is it.
The other picture,you can get the clock widget image from
Princess Panya,my new friend!
She is so friendly and kind to share with me.
So,you can refer to her bloggie for further details about how to set the clock.

Okay,below left side picture is my new closer button.
Hello Kitty wearing sunglasses.
While the right side picture is the pink bow closer button in the part when
we double click the home button.
Above left side picture is the X button which is now a hello kitty in
a pink heart.And right side picture,my new Hello Kitty sunglasses slider.
So,if you want the slider and also the kitty closer button,

Ooh...now you know why i am always looking at my Iphone.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

kitty instax✿◕‿◕✿

Hello all my lovely friends.
Sorry for the delay of updating my blog.
My lil baby J is very naughty recently.
i need to 'entertain' her until i do not have my own private time
to drop by here. :(
i am really really afraid to babysit little baby.
Frankly speaking,i am not that fond to little baby.
My 2 elder daughters was babysitted by my mom
till they reach 4 years old,then only
back to my side.Therefore,i really not very expert in caring
and babysitting a little baby.
Mr Hubby helped me a lot,but still,i am 
really feeling i do not have much freedom 
when i am with a baby...>.<'''
This is actually a gift from Mr Hubby that i received
on 1st Feb this year.At that time,i am wondering is it
a Valentine's gift for me??
But,i already got another Vgift from Mr Hubby.

This is Hello Kitty instax mini 7s gift set
which consists of 
★Mini 7s
☆Hello Kitty close up and self portraits lens
★Hello Kitty film
☆Hello Kitty strap
★Free Hello Kitty pouch (which i am not very like the colour)

i am not a very profesional photographer but
because this is a product which hello kitty co-operate
with instax mini,i think i should have it.
i very like the close up and self-portrait lens actually.
As there is a kitty head shape.Aww!! Too cute to resist!

Actually i have so many stuff,girly talks to share with all my readers,
but i can't make it in 1 post only.There is just a lot! i think i will try my best
to update my blog everyday(if i can,as a mother of 3 daughters)
Till here.Bye.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Holiday Kittylicious✿◕‿◕✿

i am currently at Kuantan,
my parents' home sweet home.
School holidays started and i also have my holidays.

Today i wanna share about my purchase at Parkson
Sunway Pyramid during Chinese New Year this year.
So,i had got myself a Hello Kitty rice
dispenser tupperware. At first i wanna use this to put
the washing powder but at last no,because better to use it to put rice.
Even though i seldom never cook,
but maybe in the future i wanna make porridge for Baby J.
i already left school long long time ago.
But still,this cute
 Hello Kitty mini pencil case with pencils,eraser and small memopad
i must grab it for ......myself.
It is really in a mini size.So cute,okay~

i just got myself 2 items from Parkson.
As most the items selling there,i already got
from online purchase.
i had purchased a very very cute Hello Kitty umbrella
from a seller in facebook.
Fully in pink with Kitty face at the umbrella.
Must get umbrella for every hello kitty fanatic!
Suitable for 1 people use.As not a very big one.

i also ordered this,Hello Kitty book stopper 
for my daughter,Daychelle,who is also a 
Hello Kitty fans like me,her mom!
So,if you all wish to order these both items,
you can get it from De Sweetie
Pre-order,so you need to wait.
Very long time..about 2 months then only 
i got my ordered items.
Till i forgot about what i had ordered.. :P
i also got ordered a very cute big die-cut hello kitty mirror
from her and already waited for about 3 months.
Haven't reach...:(

Till here,loves! Happy Holidays!!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


i am now giving my little boss,Justina a noon nap.
She is in her hammock while i typing the laptop's keyboard 
as fast as i can to update my bloggie!

She is now 9 months old.What a big boss look...>.<
Still,not a tooth comes out yet.
Just a little tiny white spot spotted.

This 3 Hello Kitty T-shirts are from my only sister
to her 3 nieces. Cute right?
i have also bought this at a local shop for my little Justina.
It is Hello Kitty cloth basket.
i use this to put Justina's clothes when we
back to Kuantan,my parents' home.
New Hello Kitty toothbrush holder to replace
the old ones.And this is of course cuter!!
Another item for my lucky Iphone.
Hello Kitty solar charge eco,which uses
sunlight to charge your iphone battery or
can also use the normal charger to charge this first
before charging your Iphone when you are outdoor.
Convenient stuff and must haves for all Iphone users who is also 
Hello Kitty fanatic like me!
My Justina haven't sleep...~.~'''
She is playing inside the hammock.
Gotta sing her some lullaby...

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Kittylicious Iphone✿◕‿◕✿

As promised,my next post will be
about my lucky Iphone.

This is my Iphone theme.
So pinky and kittylicious,isn't it.
As those themes provided at Cydia which
you all can download is really not cute,
not enough pink and not kittylicious,
therefore,i had explored myself the ways
to make and modify the theme.

1st pic:Statusbar:kitty carrier icon,pink battery icon,kitty 3G icon,I ♥ kitty as carrier name,pink love battery percentage (Can you see i ♥ hello kitty 100%)
Hello Kitty & Pink Bow page indicator,pink love icon set,hello kitty weather icon
 and hello kitty pink leopard wallpaper.

2nd pic:Hello Kitty Dialer with words.

3rd pic:Fully in pink navigation bar & background.

4th pic:Peek-a-boo Hello Kitty keyboard,Hello Kitty upload photo icon in sms,Kitty cupcake sms background & sms bubbles box

You want to download the themes?
1st,your Iphone need to be jailbroken.

2nd,you can download some of the stuff,like icons set 
weather icons set,badges,carrier icon and etc at

3rd,you need to download Diskaid

4th,the theme or whatever stuff you download from both 
recommended website,you need to extract the file first.

5th,after extract,open Diskaid and connect your 
Iphone.Then click Root/Library/Themes/
and then click copy to device.
Click folder.And then browse for 
your downloaded and already extracted folder
and click it to sync it to your Iphone.
Enjoy your themes!
But,if some of the things you download 
not working,please don't ask me.i also 
have no idea why it don't work.
Maybe because of Iphone version not the same.
And also some like,the pink navigation bar
modify by myself...So,not included in those theme you download. :P

Pink bling leopard skin notification centre.
i actually update my Iphone to IOS 5 that day
and jailbreak it myself.So success! What a genius ~.~

Pink facebook Iphone apps..
i hope facebook will change the blue colour to pink

My Iphone twitter theme...^^♥

All in pink! i ♥ it!!!
Green whatsapp you are using??
Haha...mine is pink too!! 
i am a real pinkaholic ^^♥

Gotta go continue my DIY job
making something for my daughters' room.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Anteprima & Samantha Thavasa✿◕‿◕✿

Friend,sorry for the long holiday!
My kitty blog is all filled with dust.
Recently i am busy with exploring my Iphone theme
and all those apps.
So,maybe next post i will share out my
fully in pink and kittylicious Iphone.

Today,i will share out my latest handbags.
Anteprima X Hello Kitty 3D bag.
i bought the smallest size.
As,in my humble opinion,
i think the big one quite ugly.
Small is cute!
So,this bag quite heavy itself before 
you put anything into it.
Therefore,if you bought the big size,i think 
you will be like holding a few kg when you use the bag.
Got a lot of attention when i used this bag.
i love attention actually!!

And my most fave handbag for the moment is
Samantha Thavasa X Hello Kitty Liberty Print Shoulder Bag ♥ ♥
My sister saw this shoulder bag and she didn't know that
it got hello kitty printed all over the bag.
When i told her,"You see,how cute is the hello kitty 
all over the bag!"
She told me she now only realised.If i hadn't told her,
she do not know about it...
Anyway,even though the kitty isn't clear enough 
for others to notice,i love this bag to the max!
Only for the moment.In the future,maybe got another 
kittylicious bag will replace this. =)
Gotta go have a sweet chat with my mom!Bye!!

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