Monday, November 24, 2014

Marc Jacobs(ミ・。・ミ)

Erm...I think I don't have anything to blog
about my shorttttttttt trip to Langkawi.
Actually it is just a short getaway for
family bonding time. Everyday,my parents and my sister
are busy with their works. Not much time spend together.
Therefore,we plan to go Langkawi to relax and bonding time.
The front beside my sister is my aunt(father's elder sister).
She also followed us to Langkawi because she seldom meet with
my father,so...also take this chance to have a long chat with her brother :)

Well,my 3 daughters were super excited. The 2 elders were very happy
as this is their very first airplane ride. While the youngest daughter was
a bit scared and kept on ranting she doesn't want to ride the airplane.
She wants to take bus instead haha!! 

I didn't buy a lot of things from my trip. 
Mostly selling there are perfume,chocolates,wine & cigarette.
Duty-free :)  
I decided to get myself perfume.
I'm not a perfume-holic, and never once use perfume before.
But,these Marc Jacobs perfume bottles caught my attention LOL!
So,I need to get used to putting on perfume now :)

Finally,my first few Iphone 6 covers reached me.
Super love the custom made photo covers. 
I had chose to put me and Mr Hubby's in comic version 
and the other one is my selfie photo...hehe!!
If you interested in any covers in above pic,can contact me.
I'm doing pre-order for all those covers :)

My only sister now had been transferred to work in Singapore.
Yeah!! Higherrrrr salary. She bought all these Hello Kitty sticky labels for me.
Very very useful for me for the moment,because I can use all of them
 for my Kikki planner. She always has my heart.
Whenever she sees any Hello Kitty item which I don't have,
she will buy for me :) But,I'm stingy haha!!
I think I seldom buy for her :( 
But,is fine lah...She never complains. Hehehe...

Sunday, November 23, 2014


I'm back from my short vacation to Langkawi
with my beloved family.
Will update post about the trip,maybe in my next post.
And I got sick after came back :(
Not only I sick,my daughters too. The weather there is hot,
not much rain and maybe seldom drink water.

Today wanna share about the items I got from Zalora.
-Shimmer tank and skirt suit set from F Block.
-Angel Wings sandals from Koumi Koumi.
(i haven't hear before this brand,haha!!)

I personally super like this angel wings sandals.
Cool!! Fashionable right?!

Photo of me wearing the sandals.
My legs so small hehe!! Too slim,I think ;P

So,you can drop by Zalora site,
to have a look,maybe some items might 
catch your attention..:)

Friday, November 14, 2014

Iphone 6~This & That(ミ・。・ミ)

I'm a happy girl lady...AGAIN!
I got my Iphone 6 last Saturday.
I didn't expect they do delivery on Saturday :)
Actually I'm quite disappointed with Maxis customer service.
I like using Maxis but they should improve their customer service.

I called 123 and ask the exact date when I can receive my Iphone 6.
They cannot tell and can't even give the tracking number!
You bought cheap stuff online,and you have tracking number for it.
This is an expensive stuff(Iphone 6) and you told customer
How to make customer not worry!!

I can't stay at home everyday till I got the 6 right?
Then, if I need oustation how?
Luckily I got my 6 on last Saturday. 
Saying no 3rd party can represent to
sign the package,but guess what??
Mr Hubby signed it for me! 
Ok, anyway,it reached me safely and I'm happy lah...=)
So,don't wanna complain.

This is my earliest 11th wedding anniversary gift from Mr Hubby ❤️

As told in my Dayre earlier, I had chosen the 6 instead of 6+.
It is because:
1. I think the 6+ too big for me.
2. I think the 6 not too big and not too small.
3. Bigger space or bigger screen? I choose bigger space.
Because if I want both bigger space and screen,it costs more..:(

It is super SUPERRRRR GREAT!!!
No complain towards Apple.
Lol...I'm a die hard fans of Apple xP
No other smartphone can replace Iphone,that's my opinion hehehe...

Ok,back to my cute collection story.
Another new Dream TOMICA car added. It is My Melody.
My online friend,Meijoyce had helped me bought this during 
her trip to Hong Kong. She has always being so sweet and kind to me.
I don't know what to say.

As usual, a lovely Hello Kitty mini card with message written.

Also some cute stationery stuff for me this time.
She knew that I had a planner now,and think I need all
of this cute Hello Kitty sticky notes and stickers.
Red packets which is Hello Kitty themed and a magnet.

Some of the stickers :)

Cute sticky notes, accessory clip rubber
and a super rock Hello Kitty X Tokidoki pen.

The only blue colour tank top that I ever had.
Not a blue fans myself, but....this tank top really caught my attention!
Wanna wear this to my next week short vacation to Langkawi :)

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Sandals~ My Choice

Today I wanna share with you all about the types of footwear.
There is high heels,wedges,flats,flip flops,sandals and etc.
Wearing high heels and wedges may look pretty 
and boost our confidence level in front of others.
However, it will be more satisfying for women to wear some flats or flip flops 
as an alternative choice of footwear to match with their outfits. 
Unfortunately, flip flops may be comfortable to wear 
but it somehow gives you that sloppy lazy appearance
and not too feminine,in my opinion. 
You don't pair a flip flops with skirt,right?

So,which footwear that not only can give you comfort and style
but you can also wear it to almost every kind of apparels?
I think sandals will be the best choice.
The definition of sandals:
Sandals are an open type of outdoor footwear, 
consisting of a sole held to the wearer's foot 
by straps passing over the instep and, 
sometimes, around the ankle.

There are various types of sandals for women to choose from 
to fit their own personal fashion taste such as gladiator sandals, 
platform sandals and even strappy sandals. 
Women can select from the wide sandals collection sold 
and start matching it creatively with their outfits. 
For the ladies who love the edgy design of the long gladiator sandals 
can match it with a dress or denim shorts. 
Expose the high strap gladiator sandals on your beautiful long legs while looking stunning as ever. Meanwhile, if you are more prone to the simple classic pair of gladiator sandals, 
it can be match with almost anything you wear. 

Some photos I got online :)
 Gladiator sandals,not only comfortable to wear,but is stylish too.

You can wear it with a simple dress :)

On the other hand, women who still want an extra height without having
 to bear the pain of high heels will definitely love the platform sandals. 
Platform sandals are designed with a 2 to 3 inch shoe sole 
to give women the feeling of being tall like a supermodel. 
Women can now switch the platform high heels with the fancy platform sandals which are comfortable to wear all day long. 
The best way women can pull off the platform sandals look is by pairing their women sandals with jeans for a tomboy character or a pencil skirt to look more feminine.

This can substitute the high heels.

Women who are looking for a more simple choice of footwear 
can opt for the normal pair of strappy sandals. 
Compared to flip flops, strappy sandals have buckles for you 
to have it grip well onto your foot perfectly. 
The strappy sandals can be worn with a dress, leggings, maxi skirt, 
jumpsuit and more without ever looking weird. 
The versatile strappy sandals for women are definitely one 
of the must-have pair of shoes to add into your fashion closet. 

Are you interested to get these fabulous pieces of sandals collection for women? 
I just need to share with you all about this fastest growing online retailer in Southeast Asia,
Have you heard about them? I believe a lot of you had heard about this online store.
Selling from clothing,accessories,bags and shoes to Muslim wear,
definitely your one stop for the latest styles and brand.
Check out ZALORA as it offers an extensive selection of sandals online at affordable prices.
You can even get RM20 off if you subscribe to ZALORA newsletter.

I'm shopping online there now,how about you? 
Don't wait,hurry to ZALORA online store. Hehehe...
After I receive my purchases,I will share here again with you :)

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Hello Kitty From All Around the World(ミ・。・ミ)

Happy Birthday to my beloved Hello Kitty!!
I didn't celebrate Hello Kitty birthday. 
Staying at home during her birthday
yesterday. Didn't have chance go to Singapore for the
Hello Kitty run
(I'm so envy my online friends who went to the event)
also didn't go to Sanrio Hello Kitty Town in Johor.

Anyway,I managed to get the Hello Kitty 40th Anniversary Music World 
figurines set from China McDonald's.

From left:
Hello Kitty Maraca Player
Hello Kitty Saxophonist
Hello Kitty Vocalist
Hello Kitty Guitarist

And I'm doing pre-order for this set of 8 
 40th Anniversary Collector's Edition Gift Set Hello Kitty toys 
from USA McDonald's.
They are SUPER CUTE!!!
I'm surely get 1 set for myself too.
Had always been a loyal collector for Hello Kitty X McDonald's 
toys and plushies.
When I get hold of these,I will share pics here :)

You know....finally I get to complete this
Hello Kitty Tokidoki sets.
10pcs of them can get from Shell Malaysia
(not sure whether now still available or not)
and the rest are from 7-11 Hong Kong year 2012 if I'm not 
remember wrong. They sit perfectly nice in the display box.
Luckily I bought 2 of the Tokidoki display boxes from Shell.
If not,sure not enough space for them xP

Didn't get the super limited edition ones but it is fine 
since I dislike black as the few limited edition ones are in
black and gold.

Updates for this week purchases:
Hello Kitty luggage

Purchased this over a year ago from a Facebook seller: De Sweetie.
Now only mount it to the wall :)

And a very HAPPY news! I successfully pre-ordered the Iphone 6 
from Maxis during its online launch on 31st Oct.
Now wait for delivery starting 6th Nov. 
Can't they make it faster? Can't wait to get my brand new Iphone 6 hehe...
I had been using the 4 for the longest time (4 years?)
and now I know,for the 6 too..
Think I won't change phone till maybe...maybe
the next Iphone release? :P

Monday, October 27, 2014

Kikki K(ミ・。・ミ)

As told earlier, I had ordered a Kikki K time planner
for myself! It is for year 2015,but I can't wait for next year 
to use it. So.....I had done some changes,which I made my own
'weekly view' for the month of October,November & December 2014.

And now,I can use my Kikki K planner!!
You can buy this planner here:
The reason I'm not choosing the leather planner
(there is pink leather planner selling at Kikki K too) 
is because I want to get use to planner.
I'm afraid I will use this only for a WHILE!!
I always like something but for a short time only,then get bored
and there it is,sitting under my bed!! Full of dust xP

So,I had got myself this time planner,which is not leather material.
It is like cloth, but I super like the front cover design.
The quote ♥

Back view.

Inside of it. And now I had decorated it myself.
Adding and modifying...

Dashboard is of a Hello Kitty quote!
And added some lace to the Kikki K pocket.

The 'monthly view' tab.

The 'weekly view' tab.
I personally so ♥ this tab.

Also my favourite tab! 
This is my diary corner.
(If I ever left out this Kikki,means people can READ my diary too!!)

I changed the tab to the one I use often.
It includes pages for 'Shops & Restaurants' but I think
I don't use this pages. Therefore,I changed it to diary.
Also changing the 'To-Do List" to Recipes.
Because I often write To-Do in weekly view pages.
I'm satisfied now because I had joined my planner,diary
cooking recipes I got online,expenses,reminders
and notes all in just a book.
Means I just need to bring my Kikki out.
Am I not clever!! Hehehe xD

Recipes tab.

Finance tab.
Not fully decorated.

Bank accounts tab.
Jotting down own bank accounts number in case
customers need it.

Expenses tab also not fully decorated.
Still lack of idea.
Maybe will decorate when there is juice of creativity.
Oh...ya! And I had ordered a lot of cute washi tapes,masking tapes,sticky notes
all from eBay. And now waiting them to reach me safely.
(Recently so addicted in all these cute stationery stuff)

I had posted a short video of my Kikki planner in Instagram
and Facebook too. But,the pics here will be more detailed, because
I use meipai app in iphone and it only supports up to 6 pics in the short video.
Ya,I knew a lot using Flipagram. I didn't because no nice song in Flipagram
and meipai got a lot very happy,relaxing or romantic tunes.

Updated of last week what I do & what I had purchased :)
Last week,I spent quite a few days doing these,
decorating,scrapbooking a photo album of
my birthday celebration this year. Almost done,left last 2 pages.
And today already is Monday, back to school day.
Therefore, a bit busy fetching my daughters from and to school
and  tuition classes.

Finally,this 2 tier wooden shelf is mount to the wall.
I bought this over a year,and now only hang it up.
Don't know what to put,so, I put all my nanoblocks collection.
Looks nice too ♥ ♥ ♥

Thanks for Meijoyce sharing about this Choroq X Hello Kitty minivan
in her Instagram.
If not,I don't know got this super cute minivan.
Bought it from global rakuten. 
And now,wait for the cutest Takara Tomy My Melody car
to join the neighbourhood. 
Meijoyce helped me bought it back from Hong Kong.
She is really a berrrry NICE girl ♥
The My Melody car is a souvenir for me.
I ask for the total to pay her,but she declined.
Another AMAZING friend of mine.
Thanks GOD for providing so many GOOD & NICE friends
around me! I'm so blessed to have them :)

Monday, October 20, 2014

My Birthday 2014❤️(ミ・。・ミ)

Last year birthday celebration was a simple one
held in Secret Recipe. Only celebrate with Mr Hubby and the little one
as both her sisters went to tuition classes.
This year birthday celebration with my 
beloved family at French-themed resort 
settled at 2700 feet above sea level.

Yeah,Mr Hubby brought us to Colmar Tropicale French Village
& Japanese Village. We stayed there for a night.
Such lovely memory ❤️

Some of the photos from this short vacation.
Uploaded all in my Facebook. You can view it there if you are my
Facebook friends. Add me if you haven't.
Selfie first in the hotel room hehe..

She enjoyed herself too :)

Have no idea why I look so 'long' in this photo.

Missing me? I'm the photographer LOL...

Selfie in the bathroom too because I so like the bathroom tiles.

At night,having our dinner at 1 of the restaurants there.
(Sorry,I forgot about the name as almost all restaurants' name are same
except for the first word,La.... or Le..... xP

Brought the birthday cake from Secret Recipe hehe!!

So,a Facebook friend noticed that my youngest daughter is more interested 
at the cake..xP 

Selfie of me and Miss Lucy.
Is there something at the left side that caught her attention?

Went to Japanese Village the next day after we checked out.
I rented a kimono as I like kimono so much!!
The kimono rental is RM20/pax and only for a while,like...maybe 15 minutes??
Not even an hour haha!! 1 of my Wechat friends thought for an hour.
I wore before a kimono,yeah...when photo-shoot for wedding album.

Family photo...
And after Japanese Village sight-seeing,we went back home.

Forgot to mention my birthday present from Mr Hubby this year 
is....................a CAMERA!!
At first,I want to buy Nikon J1 pink edition.
But,after consideration of some friends' opinion,
at last I changed to this: Casio ZR1500.
Can selfie too whereas if the Nikon J1,can't lor,
as cannot rotate the screen 180 degree.
Besides, Nikon J1 is not the latest model already as already out till J4??!
So,my opinion lah...the price a bit high for an old model haha!!

Finish this post with some updates of my recently
[ Tight on budget :( ] Anyway,I had ordered a Kikki K planner 
for myself. A birthday treat for myself :)

Floral madness

This not purchases lol.. Just sharing my 
Hong Leong Bank Hello Kitty debit cards collection.
I have all the 6 designs released. *proud*
The latest is the top right side(Hello Kitty 40th Anniversary)
Among these,only 3 can use. 
1 is mine,1 is Mr Hubby's and another one is my daughter's.

My friend,Angel had went to China. Work trip.
And she is so nice to have buy this Hershey's X Hello Kitty as souvenir
for me! Sent together with a 'love letter' to me ❤️❤️❤️

I'm so blessed to have so many amazing friends around me.
Some I never even met before. But,they are super sweet and nice to me.

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