Friday, June 29, 2018

McDonald's Malaysia X Hello Kitty 2018

Super late in sharing about this which the last one ended last month, May'18.

McDonald's Malaysia released Happy Meal Hello Kitty toys.
The first one is Hello Kitty Glasses released on 26th April 2018.
Yes,Malaysia released new Happy Meal toy every Thursday.

Hello Kitty Ribbon Headband, which comes with a blue ribbon Hello Kitty head charm that can add to the headband. or clip it to bags.

Hello Kitty Purse with Memo Pad & Sticker released on 10 May 2018.
Ribbon shape memo pad, how am I going to use them? Not really using them. Will keep them in display rack till dusty haha!!

Another Kittylicious Thursday, 17th May 2018.
Hello kitty Perfume Bottle Sticker Dispenser.
Not really got perfume, but got fruity flavour. It also comes with sticker inside.

Finally, the last one to complete this set from McDonald's Malaysia.
Hello Kitty Ribbon Container with Mirror.
And also comes with stickersss...♥♥♥

Girls' Best Friend

Omg!! I had negelcted my blog for over 2 months.
I felt sorry for my blog readers. Truly sorry.
These 2 months had been my busiest month. Heavy workload at office.
MIL had opened a new branch and I was busy doing all the accounts work at office.
This year had also been my busiest year ever, compared to last year.

So,now I'm gonna update about what is a girl's best friend.
Diamond!! Isn't it? For me, yes! I love diamond!

Got a new diamond ring for my index finger :)
Thanks to Mr Hubby ♥

And this year Valentine's gift, Mr Hubby got me a new gold pendant which is his name, Chai.
It means 'wealth'.

Also my best friend, Pandora.

Thank you to the only one who always spoiled his wife, me!
Latest Pandora charm, Bella Bot and Disney, Mickey Climbing Safety chain added to my 
Pandora bracelet.

My sister was wondering my Pandora bracelet still have space to put new charm? 
Yes as the Pandora staff was so expert in arranging the charm. I let her arrange for me.

And I had gotten myself such a cute casing for my Iphone X.
Yeah, I super like DIY stuff. Especially phone casing with my photo & name.

Just to show the furry ♥ in my shirt same with my phone casing. Haha...

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