Saturday, January 30, 2016

New Year 2016

It is getting to the end of January,the first month of 2016.
This post had been postponed for almost a month!!
Chinese New Year is around the corner,so I'm busy with all
the pampering works actually hehe...
Getting my eyelash extension done again, permed my hair
and dye it to grey.But fail!! I already bleach it first
to light blonde colour so that the grey colour will
easily dye on to my hair. Dye it twice but the colour turn out
not grey>.<

What do you think? What colour is this? Haha!!
But I quite like it. Mr Hubby said I look like a doll now
with that curly hair colour. Okay,great!! That's what I like.

Am I look great!! Hehehe...
Here's another 1 photo of me after the eyelash extension.
Now I'm used to having such nice eyelash haha...
When it drop till no more,I feel weird looking at myself.
Not a good thing. This makes me wanna always do eyelash extension
when it drops out all. For me,I can maintain it over a month.
So,I think that's okay...Another expense once a month haha :P

So...on the 2nd day of New Year,I
went to Bentong Walk have a look with my mother,my brother & wife and
my little family.

Not many stalls there. And I was quite disappointed because 
I thought it had a lot of stalls selling various things just like what I saw
from Facebook. No,only a few stalls and mostly selling foods.

Must try if you drop by Bentong. Bentong most famous ice-cream & ABC ice-cream!

 How is your preparation for CNY?
Have you bought new clothes,new shoes,new bags& everything new? Hehe..
I had done my shopping. This year,I had  got mostly of my apparels from
H & M. My daughters too. See this little one waiting for the fitting room.
I said she can try at here since she is just a little girl,but she didn't want.
She told me later people see her body,haha!! #justlikeanadult

My New Year gift from Mr Hubby.
I'm a happy lady πŸ˜…❤ 
SK-II Flawless Beauty Set. Lolol..just to restock back my daily face vitaminπŸ’Š 

Buy at the right time,got free a love shape tin with Famous Amos cookies inside πŸ˜‹
The packaging is so romantic.

There is a story actually. When I was a teen,1 of my many many wishes is can use 
SK-II as my daily facial skincare products.
Therefore,5 years ago when I started using it,I was so happy & till now,
every time buying it makes me feel so excited haha πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ 
I know I sound a bit childish but 
I believe there is a child living in our heart & 
it will only appear when you are with your loved one ❤

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