Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Tiny Lil Things(ミ・。・ミ)

Yeah...more goodies for my dolls.
i bought 3 sets & the seller free 1 outfit for me.
That's so good!

In case anyone here needs her details,you may add her Facebook account.
There is also her LINE username. She is from Thailand & she ships worldwide too.

#1 Chilli red gown.

#2 Minnie hairband & princess tube dress.

#3 Simple blouse & boot cut jeans.

Free outfit from the seller! Quite funny overall...lol..
Don't you think? If it in human size,i think i not dare to wear it out.

IKEA furniture set for 1:6 size doll. That's include for Blythe doll too.
This set include a pink sofa,a yellow plastic chair,a green plastic table,a white display cupboard,
a red heart shape pillow,black & white stripe carpet & also some clock,vase,fruit bowl,sparrow all 
in cardboard material.. Seen a lot Blythe collectors also had this IKEA set. 
Yes,because in 1 set of furniture,the price is reasonable. Costs me RM80++ like that.

Bikini set also for my dolls. Earlier bought 1 bikini set which is in red polkadot.
While this one is pink polkadot & also a beverage bottle which the size suits my
dolls perfectly. Except the sunglasses included...too small for my doll. i think it suits Barbie doll
more...because Blythe's head is bigger.

Guess what is this?? Hehehe...

This is super cute! Fashionable pink sunglasses for my dolls.

Annabelle: Who can help take a pic of me wearing the new sunglasses?

Annabelle is feeling so annoying with Cindy who continuously playing with her iphone & ignoring Annabelle.

Just a comic version i made about them.

More updates post in my Dayre actually..
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Here's the link: http://dayre.me/mrskittyyi

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Sanrio Gift Gate(ミ・。・ミ)

Last Sunday i followed Mr Hubby to KL to fetch
his brother to KLIA.
There is a little bit time before we head to the airport. i suggest to 
Sunway Pyramid because i knew Sanrio Gift Gate shop there had just opened.
Hehehe... Mr Hubby told his brother that if we went there,few hundred ringgits GONE.

This will be the 2nd round Christmas gift from Mr Hubby 
The 1st round is also Hello Kitty loots which i got from Pavilion HK fair.

i seldom buy Hello Kitty bag,unless it looks special & rare.
But this,i need to get it because it is the 40th Anniversary design.
Celebrating Hello Kitty 40th Anniversary next year =)

 the repeated print so much.

Besides the shoulder bag, this My Melody calculator also i like most!
Cute right? How can i stop myself from buying this?! i know i already had a few calculators..
but,adding 1 more, won't hurt...hehe :P

Another Hello Kitty Dress-Up Figure.
i got 3 earlier from the HK fair in Pavilion. And according to Meijoyce,
there is this 1 more. Now,i had it too! But, *heart attack* Meijoyce said there is another
1 more design...>.< Still searching for it..That one is wearing polkadot dress.

Jewelpet candy watch. Available Hello Kitty design too,but not really 
fond of the dark blue,dark red & dark green colour of the bead for the kitty design,therefore
i chose Jewelpet. This colour looks sweeter..

Hello Kitty Nerd Pen Stand.
i had 1 pen stand which is Hello Kitty Leopard design.
Also think i can't miss this too. Adorable!

Hello Kitty hair pin for me? No..no...It is for my daughters,but they don't want to
wear it. They said kinda childish! Oh-My-Kitty...how old are they to say this childish?
Nowadays kids are so so so mature..:P
So,will be for my dolls' hehehe..

Only bought this from Sanrio Gift Gate. 
i will visit the shop again to see got any new arrivals.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Sanrio Goodies(ミ・。・ミ)

Today's post is a repeated one which i already posted in Dayre app on last week.
You can view my Dayre http://dayre.me/mrskittyyi
by using web browser too. i update in Dayre almost everyday.
Received this last month from Meijoyce
i like receiving parcels from her. Because of the kittyfied decorations of the box lol..
Makes me not going to throw the box.

i had asked her help to buy the Hello Kitty nanoblocks sets which are selling 
in Kinokuniya KLCC. Hardly go there. And she is super sweet to send me 
all these cute Sanrio goodies..
See how blessed m i! All these are gifts from Meijoyce. Okay,don't get it wrong..Some people
are just so thick face. They asked her to give some free for them too. We always exchanging gifts.
i always receive but i will give too! Therefore,don't misunderstand that people always sending gifts for me lol.
That's because i sent back to them too =)

i must say,i super like all the Sanrio stuff she sent me..She knows me well.
#1 My Melody plushies

#2 Lovely memo from her,as usual..& Little Twin Star notebook, a Hello Kitty 
Nerd Magnet which is now already sticked at my fridge.

#3 Some Hello Kitty 'angpao'(red packets), a postcard & this is what i like like like the most,
Hello Kitty Kimono 2014 calendar.
i had one for the year 2013 as well,also from Meijoyce. And for next year now...What can i say now? 
im indeed so blessed with amazing friends around me!

#4 And i totally forgot about this. The Hello Kitty origami she got it from McDonald's.
My living town McD doesn't have this!! She promised to share me a few pieces..haha!!
i think my origami is quite bad..not look like kitty >.<

#5 The nanoblocks that i bought.
All 3 sets of them.

What i like about Japan product...they are so detailed. The nanoblocks
have extra pieces..If Made in China,you will risking lacking some & not extra some..
heheh...*just some only,not all.


5th December, McDonald's Malaysia released the last one,the singing bone
from the Fairy Tales Set.
i lack this one..& now i have the most complete set of the 
Hello Kitty fairy tales set combination from Hong Kong & Malaysia McD.

Also a hard cover story book =)
There is total of 7 of them.
Am i correct? 
From left: Wizard of Oz,
the Frog Prince,
24 Hours McDelivery Witch,
Wisdom Owl,
the Ugly Duckling,
Little Red Riding Hood
 and last but not least, the singing bone.

Not only completed the McD plushie set,
i also completed in collecting the Hello Kitty debit card from Hong Leong Bank Malaysia.

A lot curiously asking me the same question regarding how i can collect so many debit card?
1 account can have so many cards? 1 person can open so many accounts?
Ok,i will repeat the answer here again.
The first one i got from my account is the pink white stripe one.
After that,my hubby open a new account & get the red one for me.
So,the red one is from his account.
Then,i opened junior account using my daughter's name to get the blue one.
That one need you to have a junior account only can apply.

After that,they released the pink winter one. 
i super like it because fully in my favourite colour.
Got that using my own account. i just told them i had lost my debit card.
And made the new one just by paying RM18 for the card fee & bank in RM300.
That's why you see the previous pink white stripe card still with me without any cut :)

Lastly,they just released the new black one this month. i went to get it too using the same excuse 
by saying i had lost my card. Actually they won't say anything or not allow you to replace a new one.
They want money only lol...They charged me RM18 again for replacing the new card & also need to bank in RM300 to get the new card..Hehehe...am i not smart?

Therefore,the stripe & the winter one can't use because already blocked.
Just keep them as my collection. So,now you know what to do when Hong Leong Bank release new design again...Haha...!

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Blythe Cindy(ミ・。・ミ)

Hi,my blog readers! Hope you all fine & in the pink of health. 
Have you all download Dayre app? 
Is okay even you don't wish to download it.
You still can read my post there by visiting
You can view it using web browser too.
i will be updating my daily happenings in Dayre. Because it is so convenient to write there..=)  Some of the post i posted there will not be repeat here..as im quite lazy to write my diary twice the same...haha!!

Anyways,today i must share about my doll here. Remember Cindy,my blythe doll? She is back finally... Received her yesterday.
Fyi,i had sent her to a Blythe customizer 
to customize her face. 
If you have Blythe doll,& you desperate to find one Blythe customizer,you may find her. This is her site: http://www.nanopicodolls.com
She is Avalie. She is friendly & also kind.
Willing to share me (newbie in Blythe world) info about Blythe.
She will try her best in making your doll beautiful & unique.

See how lovely my doll now!
i had even requested to add a mole Under her right eye. Feel that girl with a mole under eyes look cute! Hehe...

i like Avalie's customize style. You can view more of her work at her site. Any question,don't hesitate to ask her.

First photo of me with Cindy ♥

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Personalized Stamp(ミ・。・ミ)

Halo my blog lovely readers!
Have you all download the latest popular app: Dayre ?
Yes just search Dayre in Playstore(android) or AppStore(ios). This is an app which you can post status,photos,stickers & videos. Just like blogging & it is super convenient,all can be done with your smartphone. 
Starting to love this app.
You may follow me. i will follow back=)
In case i will be seldom updating my blog here... Dayre will be the place for me to share my daily happenings. My day-to-day activities ♡

As promised,to share about this Hello Kitty Personalized Stamp from EZStamp.

There is 2 different Hello Kitty designs available. i got both of them. And also Twin Star,because of its sweet pastel colour.
There is My Melody design too but it is in red colour. Why not pink??

You can choose what to print. Your name,nickname,any details you wanna put. Also can include a hello kitty logo or any Sanrio characters. There is a chart for you to choose. Over hundred designs of only hello kitty icons...

The price also reasonable. RM18 for each stamp..not inclusive of postage,of course..
So what to wait?? Go grab yours! Hehe..

Remember to follow my dayre ♥
Just search mrskittyyi 
Thanks again for reading! Sayonara!

Friday, November 29, 2013

HK Fair(ミ・。・ミ)

Last Monday Mr Hubby brought me & daughters to KL. It is an unplanned trip. i told Mr Hubby that there is a hello kitty fair held in Pavilion. So,Mr Hubby decided to take a day off from his work & bring us to KL...=)

Luckily im not late! Still get to buy the hello kitty figures that i saw my friend posted in her Facebook. Left last 2 sets. i bought a set & coincidentally the last set was purchased by Meijoyce (my online kitty friend).
The hello kitty fair was held in Pavilion for 3 weeks,starting from (i don't know the exact date) but will end on 1st December.
Hello Kittysss that i grabbed back home!
im happy again because Mr Hubby didn't nag me this time & allow me to grab what i wanna buy. Hehehe...he said not often shopping a lot for hello kitty these few months(he didn't notice that i was buying hello kitty every month from my supplier,hehehe)

These are the Hello Kitty Dress-Up Figure that i saw from my online kitty friend,Yvonne Tang. Commented at her Facebook photo & she is kind in sharing telling me where to get these. 
According to Meijoyce,there is total of 4 different designs. But the HK fair only selling these 3..:( Who knows where can get the other one? Meijoyce is also finding & promise will help me buy if she can get it. Thanks so much for always helping me ♥ 

Hello Kitty Pretty Peony 3D bath & shower gel. This looks super sweet right? With the rose on its ear,ahhhh...cuteness overload!

Welcome Pretty Peony to 3D bath & shower gel series. And now,i have a total 6 of them. i saw there is another design in sports costume but already sold out. There is also one wearing cowboy(i think so) costume,i didn't buy it because it costs RM69.90 each. Woah..the price. Last time i bought the 5 from Singapore. Not really remembered the price but is cheaper than RM69.90.

im still a kid, a big kid lol..
Hello Kitty Dress Up plushie.
Include another black dress & a tote.

Cute not? 

The 3rd item i bought was this musical jewelry case. i had always wanted a music box. But normally selling is the one with a ballerina. 

Finally saw one with Hello Kitty & also in my favourite pink colour! The melody playing for this music box is the 
★Twinkle Twinkle Little Star★ song.

Lastly got Hello Kitty hair adornments.
The clips are just so cute! i seldom put on clips, so this will be for my daughters & my dolls!! How lucky to be my dolls...haha!!

The salesgirl suggest me to get the Sanrio Fans Club Member Card so that entitled to get a 10% discount when i purchase next time in any Sanrio Gift Gate outlets. 
You will need to spend at least RM70 and then add on RM15 to get this member card.

And also a free Hello Kitty watch.

It is in red. My 2nd daughter wants it. Therefore,we had a look for another watch for my elder daughter.

She chose this herself. She is just like me,loves everything in pink ♥ 
and also Hello Kitty. 

After that,had been shopping in Pavilion.
It is just a day trip. We went back home at around 6pm. Reached safely Temerloh,Pahang at about 8pm like that.

im so satisfied with the hello kittysss i bought. Like them so much & nicely display them in my hello kitty corner.. Ahh...speaking about that corner,still in construction. Work postpone due to haven't install the lamp. Waiting the wireman to install this Saturday the Hello Kitty ceiling lamp. Yeah...bought it from my supplier..=)

When everything is ok,i will share the pics here ya..so stay tuned yor...♥
Okay,tomorrow if im free to drop by here,i will share about the customized Hello Kitty personalized stamp which i wanna share when i got them but postpone postpone & postpone..haha...there is so many things that i wanna share with you all,loves!
Hopefully tomorrow i can continue blogging...hehehe...

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