Sunday, July 31, 2011

rug mat✿◕‿◕✿

i am so happy(isn't i always happy?)
to know that my blog,
this very blog has a silent reader!
Yeay!! Maybe there isn't only 1.
There is 2,3,10 or 100??
Just they remain silent and i don't know about it.
That's call silent reader.
So,this silent reader had added me 
in facebook,and told me all about the great 
kitties i have.*blush*
She is Nurzafirah Mzain.
Nice to meet you,my dear.
i know you read this.
i really happy!

Okay,back to my kitty story.
These 2 hello kitty rug mat 
my shop got sell.
i can assure you that it is a really good quality item.
With a reasonable price i offer.

i had chose these 2 designs among the 4 available
for my home use.
As i had said earlier,Mr Hubby and i are now in the process 
of decorating my daughters' room.
We are trying our best to find anything
hello kitty and doraemon.
This is because my elder daughter likes hello kitty
while the 2nd daughter likes doraemon.

Back to the rug mat story.
Sorry,i am always out of topic.
It is attached with Sanrio stamp at the rug mat.
Really want to say it again,this is of good quality
and also can say Sanrio licensed.

(Sorry for not decorating my recently posts with cute emoji
as i am very lazy to make,copy paste them to here.
Forgive my laziness~)

Friday, July 29, 2011

Call Me✿◕‿◕✿

Hi.i just create a new facebook account 
for bubbles.Last time,it was a page.
i think open an account will be better than 
the page,so that i can add various online people
who is also hello kitty lovers.
So,you all can add my online shop here,
i will upload more new arrivals there.

So,this is one of the few new arrivals.
i took one for myself.It is Hello Kitty parking card.
What is the function of this parking card?
It is used for writing your handphone number.
So,when you can't find parking space to park your car,
and afraid that your car block other's car
then you can use this.
Therefore,they can call you to move your car!
Convenient,right? Especially it is Hello Kitty.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

HP charm✿◕‿◕✿

A few weeks ago,i got to know about 
Sanrio Fair at Singapore from a Singaporean friend,
And when i saw she uploaded the kitty stuff that she bought 
from the Sanrio Fair with extremely cheap price,
without thinking,i had asked her to buy for me.
Really kind of her.She helped me bought 
and posted them for me.

Love at first sight towards this
handphone charm.Hello Kitty is riding on an 
airplane.So cute of her!!!

Buying 1 item is like so wasting the postage fee.
So,i chose another handphone charm to accompany
the first one.Hehehe...Hello Kitty is always seen 
with a cupcake.

She is really super good friend.
Supposed i am the one who should send her a gift
as i am asking for her help,but she gifted me
with this cute tiny hello kitty metal box in
love shape.
Sometimes,i felt so lucky to have so many
kittylicious friend who is kind to me.
i am happy to be their friend as 
we used to share so many info about
hello kitty.
You wanna be my kittylicious friend?
Just add my facebook account and also twitter.
See ya there,bye~

Monday, July 25, 2011

Underwear Set✿◕‿◕✿

This is last month story.
Last month,i got this hello kitty underwear set
during my shopping time at Kuantan Parade.
My elder daughter,Daychelle is also 
a hello kitty fans.Beside Minnie and Barbie,
she loves kitty too.So,when saw this underwear set,
after i asked her,"Would you like this?"
She answered in an excited way,"Yes,i want.I want."
It is 3 pieces of children underwear which had a 
transparent pouch to keep it.
My 2nd daughter had chose Princess underwear set.
In the coming next post,i will share about my
jailbroken Iphone new apps!Stay tuned ya,all Iphone user
who is also hello kitty lover!

i just changed my Iphone cover.
That day,i tidy up my work table at home,
i found this hello kitty cover.Forgot that i just bought 
this cover early this year.So,i took it out and 
wear it to my Iphone.
Have a look at the sidebar.There is also a picture 
taken the same day which i had made it my 
facebook profile picture.
The picture taken can't see my face,only the
cute kitty cover and my 2 eyes!Hehehe...

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Everything about hello kitty✿◕‿◕✿

These 2 days i had been busy 
answering enquiries of my facebook friends
regarding Iphone apps.
i told them that they need to jailbreak 
their Iphone first,and then
only download the apps from Cydia.

So,a few more apps to share with all of you.
This is hello kitty dialer.
Therefore,whenever i call a friend,
i can see hello kitty,no more dull normal
Iphone dialer.

While this is hello kitty HTC lockscreen.
You need to download the clock hide before installing 
this apps.So,when you lock your phone,
you will see this lockscreen.
Nice, isn't it??

Last but not least,bean hello kitty closer button
is this apps name.
No more boring minus bars to close apps!
All your cross and minus bars will be replace with 
hello kitty face when you install this apps.
Remember,you must jailbreak your Iphone 
in order to use all these fantastic apps!

 my Iphone more and more,
with all those kitties apps!
Any enquiry regarding the apps,
you can email me,surely i will help you...Bye~

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

the latest ME✿◕‿◕✿

Hi,lovely.How are your day?
My life is super great.
Everyday is great!
i just love being myself.
Born to be pampered by Mr Hubby
and also my mommy daddy.
i have almost everything a lady wish for.
And i cherish my life.
i believe if you treat others nice,
they will treat you back the same.
But for some other people who really
a b**tch,even though you treat them nice,
they still act like a b**tch!!!
So,just ignore and forget about them.

Some of my friends would like to see my 
look after gave birth to baby Justina.
Whether i am plump.
The above picture is taken just a few days
after baby J fullmoon.
Okay~i am happy,full of joy as my facebook
friends comment that i still look the same.
No changes at all.
They asked how to maintain just the same
like before pregnancy? *blushed*
Actually there isn't any method.
Durng my confinement month,i ate a lot too.
Every meal,i ate 2 plates of rice.
Maybe i have a good digestive system.
i am planning to let my hair grow longer this time.
i miss my last time long perm hair!
This is the 3D hello kitty cover that i am
currently using.Bye!

Monday, July 18, 2011

blanket n hood✿◕‿◕✿

i will be very free these 2 months.
As baby Justina babysitted by my mommy at Kuantan.
Mr Hubby miss her so much.So do i.
What can i do?i am not a very great babysitter.
Mommy do it lots better than me.
i will babysit baby Justina after 2 months.
Baby,wait mommy,k??

So,this hello kitty blanket + hood is a gift from my sister
 for baby Justina.
Mommy likes hello kitty but doesn't know
whether baby J likes.

Baby J looks cute in this blanket.
That's for today's chat.
i want to explore my Iphone.
Mr Hubby's friend just helped me
jailbreak my Iphone and now
it looks great.
1 word to describe,FANTASTIC!!!
A lot of fun and if you have Iphone,
you should jailbreak it too.
Last before i sign out from here,
i share with you some pics taken of my Iphone screen.

Do you notice there isn't any line carrier name
but only MrskittyYi?
And also no more battery symbol,just
battery percentage in pink cute font.
Also the status bar had been arranged.
All the icons not in the dull normal position.
i can rotate the icons to whatever angle i like.
Besides,there is hello kitty theme too.

 Do you notice hello kitty slider which isn't
written slide to unlock?But written with
suet yi  chai.

My Iphone have hello kitty pink keyboard
and also 

hello kitty message skin.
So now,my Iphone is special,
different from other Iphone.
i like 1 of a kind! Hehehe...

Friday, July 1, 2011

hello kitty overall✿◕‿◕✿

Today post gonna make it short and simple.
No more fancy fancy icons.
As my baby J is still sleeping soundly,
and i take this opportunity to update 
my blog.

This hello kitty overall for baby J.
Which i bought at a local baby shop at Temerloh.
Can you see my baby J wearing it so cute?
You can click the picture for a bigger view.
The clothes is of soft material and suitable 
for wearing in air-conditioned room.
There is a few hello kitty stuff for my daughter
which haven't share here.i gonna plan my time first.
Schedule with a small baby is tight.><

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