Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween(ミ・。・ミ)

Before the month of October
(my birthday month) end,
gonna force myself to be diligent in updating this post & also next post of my Hello Kitty purchases! Seems like im not buying any new Hello Kitty stuff..No way,im still buying them. If you are my Instagram followers, you will know..hehe..

Today is Halloween. Not really celebrating this festival due to not very popular at here,my living "small town". But i enjoy friends from worldwide posting pics of Halloween ghost make-up. Nice!!
Halloween gift from Mr Hubby! Haha...some of my friends said i get gift too for Halloween day?!! 

Actually,not really a gift from him. 
He is my financial support,so whatever i get also from him. Therefore,can called as gift right? Hehe...then,seems like everyday im getting present ♥

A Halloween comic version of me.
Recently this app called 魔漫相机 very very popular. It conquered the whole Facebook news feed. You can download this app from AppStore for IOS users or Playstore for android users.
For those of you who doesn't know Chinese,can straight copy this: 魔漫相机 and paste to AppStore/Playstore.

i have a weird thinking. i think i look prettier in comic than in photo...@.@ Lol

Mr Hubby spoiled me again!
My daily facial Vitamin SK-II haha!!
Bought this last week when i went back to Kuantan,my parents'home.

Ok,let me split the items inside the above pic to a few pics.So,you won't feel confuse which i bought & which is FOC from SK-II ♥
i bought the festive aura set which consists:

 ~SK-II Facial Treatment Essence 215ml
    ~SK-II Cellumination Essence EX 50g
~SK-II Cellumination Deep Surge EX 50g  ~SK-II Whitening Source Derm-Revival Mask 1pc 
And got a SK-II box free. Can use it to keep my accessories..hehe!!

Because this aura set only RM1288 & not yet reach RM2k(if i purchase RM2k & above,i can get a SK-II Stempower Rich Cream 50g,that's actual size which selling price is RM519 for FREE!!), & also some of my SK-II products near empty bar,so, i restocked now.
What products near empty bar? 
~Facial Treatment Gentle Cleanser 120g
~Whitening Source Clear Lotion 150ml 
~Whitening Source DermDefinition UV Lotion 30g
So,bought these too but also owe RM85 to RM2k. Then the salesgirl suggested to take Facial Treatment Mask 2pcs which is RM50 for 1pc. Yippee!!
Guess what? Bought during my birthday month,i got double points for SK-II member card. And also 5x bonuslink point & double Parkson voucher. So many benefit,right? Hehe..i got RM330 Parkson voucher which already used to buy my 3 daughters' clothes. Told you,they are blessed than me as they wear a hundred ringgit dress whereas mine not even reach hundred for 1 dress...>…<

So,i got the Stempower Rich Cream 50g for free because i purchase over RM2k.
And good news,i got also the Skin Refining Treatment for free too! The actual price for this is RM428 & now is FREE!!
Also the LXP Ultimate Perfecting Cream for me which i can get for my birthday month from the voucher book.  

What's more!! Also 5pcs travel set size for free!! And also the kind pretty salesgirl giving me some free sample ♥

All these can last me for 1 year ++.

Not to forget about this.
SK-II Swarovski Crystal necklace & earrings set free for me,hehehe..

Therefore,after this,now starting to eat Maggie mee and bread everyday...haha!!
Just joking.

Restocked this too!!
My daily intake of CellLabs Sheep Placenta.
Now you know the reason i look young! Haha...
Yes,im a regular user of SK-II & sheep placenta. Had been consuming sheep placenta for 2 years plus. Not only it makes my skin smoother & fairer,it also makes my body healthier,not to mention about younger looking face...hehe xD

Super love this comic version of us ♥
Our journey to everlasting love.
Whenever im tired to walk,
Mr Hubby will carry me on back..
We had been together for 10 years(never apart before) & still counting our days together now ♥

To end today's long post with a pic of me wishing you all Happy Halloween & also Happy Deepavali day to all Indians..
Hope you have a great weekend!
*fyi,im wearing the Japanese Harajuku Style Tattoo Tights which i had ready stock for sale. You may LINE/Wechat(mrskittyyi) me if you interested to buy.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Welcome Blythe!(ミ・。・ミ)

As promised in my previous post,
wanna blogged about my new Blythe doll.
She is Takara Tomy 
Blythe doll Simply Guava + Dachshund Dog.
The cheapest one,actually..hehe!
Not that i can't afford to get one not labelled as the cheapest one,but not willing to use that amount just to buy a doll! So,i had chosen one that had the pink hair,my fave colour...xD

i named her Cindy 心仪.
Cindy's birthday is on every 12the October,which is the day i bought her back with me. Cindy means light. She tends to have a deep inner desire to serve humanity and to give to others. She tends to be leaders rather than followers,with powerful personalities.
Bought pink curly wig for Annabelle.
She looks so kawaii now,agree?
Agreed! ♥

i had googled for ways to make sleep eyes for Blythe doll. Quite a lot of Blythe collectors give tutorial about how to make close eyes for Blythe doll.

My first try was on Annabelle.
She is not a Blythe,she's a Jecci Five doll,
but same,still works perfectly!
And now,she can sleep..Haha!!

Cindy too!
i also coloured their eyelids myself.
Annabelle's eyelids,soft pink while Cindy,hot pink to match her hair.
Realised Cindy's lip colour is too light.
Mr Hubby said always looks like she is in sick mood,therefore i dare myself to colour her lips too.
She looks greater now!
Sweet in pink colour.i quite satisfied with my own work..Haha!!

Both of them are spending a lot recently. With those new clothes,new shoes,new handbags & etc...Need to count how much they had spent. So,stand by calculator,pen & notebook. 
Fyi,that's my Hello Kitty re-ment collections. Fits perfectly for my dolls to play..
(im such a big kid,lol)

Last Friday,i went back to Kuantan.
Brought the dolls too..hehe!!
Here's my comic 2nd issue featuring Annabelle & Cindy.
Title: Short trip to Kuantan.
Mad in love with their floral luggage!
i also want the same floral luggage for myself...T.T

Oops! Oh,ya. Here's the 1st issue of my comic. Recently,photo comic are so popular.
i had made mine too,hehe..The 1st issue featuring Baby J.
Title: Eating Cupcake on Bike.

*If you wanna make your own version comic,you can download halftone from Appstore for the comic bubble message =)

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

World of Friendship(ミ・。・ミ)

2 weeks of no updating my blog. Well,my birthday just passed(it is on the 15th) & got surprise gifts from online friends.
Friends i never met in real person,friends i known through Instagram & Facebook. can find quite a few sincere friends from social network..xD

Here's the lovely  kitty gift from my BFF,
Hello Kitty 1st ever comic titled
"Here we go". You can buy this comic at Kinokuniya. (Meijoyce told me,hehe)
The most excited point about this comic is inside the comic,no words,talk & speeches.
Reason? Because Hello Kitty has no mouth,lol...

Hello Kitty decorush also from my sweet friend. She knows me well. Am actually searching for these..which can only bought from Japan. 2pieces from her! i like it!!

And also McD Chicken McNuggets food magnet,haha... So real & cute ♥

The 2nd gift i received is from Crystal.
It is Tamagotchi's covers.
Actually,she had told me earlier that she wanna gifts me Tamagotchi P's cover and had asked me to choose which i like.

i had chose a creamy yellow big ears plushie cover & another is pink crochet with laces at the side. They are super adorable when put them on my Tamagotchi...♡
She also DIY a bling My Melody charm which is sticked on a box. Im using the box now to keep all my Tamagotchi's decor pierces. Hehehe...

Received also a lovely Korea birthday card from Vivian babe,whom i got to know from Instagram,the iPhone jailbreak community.
She is also 1 of the iPhone themer from Singapore. A sweet kind girl. She had also gifted me a Hello Kitty ring in gold colour,so sophisticated ♪♬♩

Thanks to all of you for the super lovely gifts,& also to all who wish me.

Ah...and also here are some of the photos of my birthday celebration at Secret Recipe.
Surprise!! Annabelle is the one with pink hair. i bought her the pink wig. Looks kawaii on her! So,who's the one with long brown hair??

Enjoying their kitty brunch ♥

Annabelle is soooo like me. Snapping pic of the their food!

Isn't she lovely? i will blog about her in my next post. My new Blythe doll ♥
Stay tuned ♡

Saturday, October 5, 2013


Today's post not about Hello Kitty. It is about my daily facial skincare product.As you all know,i had already used SK-II for about 3 years(if im not counting wrong) and now still using. 

So,the story like this.i received a sms from SK-II that i had been selected to join SK-II loyalty program for ther month of September. Not really know what is it all about,so i went to Kuantan ECM Parkson SK-II counter and asked them for further details. im so happy to know that i will get a voucher book which entitles me to get free SK-II product every month for 1 whole year. Wow!! Just like SK-II half sponsoring me...Haha!! 
SK-II is just so amazing to have such program for their loyal customers. i can feel they really appreciate their customers and wanna show them their appreciation by giving this. 
The voucher book i received from SK-II.
At first,i thought i will need to buy till certain amount to redeem the free SK-II product.But,the SK-II promoter told me that i can get the free product even without spending. Yes,every month,just tear 1 of the voucher according to the month printed on it and give it to SK-II counter and i can redeem the product.

The first SK-II product i got for the first month(September) is SK-II Stempower Rich Cream 15g. This small one enough for me to use for about 3 months as i use it on night time only.

This month,October i just redeem this~
SK-II  Skin Signature Melting Rich Cream,
also 15g. 
There is also another one which i can redeem this month because October is my birthday month. i can get SK-II LXP Ultimate Perfecting Cream 15g for my birthday month. The voucher already given to the SK-II  counter because they lack of this product and will give to me once arrive. 

Every pages of the voucher book.
Therefore,i say,just like SK-II half sponsoring me.Mr Hubby so glad that he can save more for a year...xD 

June & July next year can get more than 1 product. Isn't it just great?? And im so lucky to be chosen to have this voucher book..Hehe..

This is for birthday month which if you spend RM2000 & above,you can get this SK-II Stempower Rich Cream 50g for FREE!! This one selling price is RM519. Means if you spend RM2000 & above in your birthday month,you can get this for free. 
Means you spend RM2000,you can get RM2500 products. Wow...Mr Hubby promise to spend over RM2000 this month. Some of my SK-II products almost finish,so need restock too..♥ 

The result of using SK-II facial skincare.
This photo just taken last month when i attend Mr Hubby's friend wedding 29 years old this year.In the photo,i didn't put on any makeup and also no edit of the photo.
 Because 1st,i don't know how to makeup and i don't like makeup either.
Makeup can only let you look pretty temporary not permanently. After you remove your makeup,your face skin is in even worse condition due to continuous makeup. Therefore, natural is always my best choice. That's my opinion only..Everyone has her own choice.

For me,i think SK-II products really can give me crystal clear skin. After using it for a month,Mr Hubby noticed the difference of my face skin condition. Before this,he said my skin is dull and coarse. Now,he can feel it is smooth and also crystal clear,not to mention fairer. Crystal clear like there is no any spots on my face. i had used several branded products before this but none can achieve this result. SK-II is the only brand that im now still using and using the whole set without using other brand. My face skin condition really improve a lot.

Therefore,you can give it a try if you want to have crystal clear face just like me..hehe ♥♥♥

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