Short Biodata

Name: Turn Suet Yi 
Known as: Mrskitty Yi
 Age: 32 years old
States: Pahang
Country: Malaysia
Fav. Colours: Soft Pink,Pink & also Pink.
Language speak: English,Chinese(Cantonese,Hakka,Mandarin),Malay.
Language read/write: English,Malay.
Hobby: Shopping, Online-ing, Blogging, Sleeping, Reading 
Fav Quotes:  Whoever said MONEY can't buy HAPPINESS,simply didn't 
know where to SHOP. ♥

♥ Hello Kitty
♥ Blythe
♥ Iphone
♥ Potato Chips
♥ Ice-cream 
♥ Sleeping
♥ Shopping
✖ Drama Queen
✖ Liars
✖ Bragger
✖ Chocolates

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