Sunday, December 27, 2015

Hello Kitty Go Around Malaysia

My day at Hello Kitty Go Around is just so fantastic.
Truly enjoying myself with the company of Mr Hubby.
There is so many photo opportunity and 
I had already uploaded all in my Facebook.
Here's a collage of some of the chosen nice photos.

Must go if you self-claimed yourself a Hello Kitty fans.
Overall,I had a lot of fun even though I didn't queue for the chance to have 
a photo with the moving Hello Kitty. Just don't have the patient to queue as early as 
2.00pm when I saw almost everyone very 'kiasu'(meaning can't lose) already queueing
and wait till 3.30pm for the kitty come out.
I mean I don't understand why a lot of people complain that it is unfair 
that the organizer allocate 30 coupons only for the photo session with Hello Kitty.
Have you ever think that it is quite impossible for the kitty to have photo with all the 
people who went to the event that special day.If I'm the one who dress as the kitty,
I will die of exhaustion! 
The special day which the tickets we bought at RM85/adult actually means that
there will be Hello Kitty meet & greet session. She(probably a HE because we don't know who is inside the kitty costume :P) came out and meet all the fans whereas if you go at normal days,no Hello Kitty meet & greet session. And I saw some people complaining at the HKGA fb page that
all the games are not child-friendly! Hey,don't you read the terms & conditions?
Already stated that children especially 3 years below are not sugggested to attend.
It is actually an event for us,the Hello Kitty adult fans lol haha!!
Therefore,I didn't bring my girls.Mr Hubby said I will truly enjoyed
without the stress to care them if I really bring them.

I use a coupon to exchange with this cute photo.
You know,I always feel so stress when those photographer takes
photo of me.That is because I wanna buy the photos taken 
to keep as memory but I'm afraid that I looks not nice in the photos.
Luckily,I look fine in this photo lol :)

Mr Hubby too!! He looks so great hehe...
I didn't bought the headband selling there.For me,a simple headband with
a Hello Kitty doll on it selling RM69 a bit expensive.
I brought along my own headband which is the ears of kitty with a red bow.
Wearing this headband looks more like Hello Kitty lolol..
Bought it from Sanrio Hello Kitty Town in Johor for RM19.90 only!!

Even the mineral water bottle is so cute!!

Special Day Ticket comes with : 5pcs Game Voucher (worth RM50), 
5pcs collectable cards, 1pc Tote Bag and a 
limited edition lanyard with Meet & Greet Session.

So,I had double of the items as I have 2 special day ticket.Another one is Mr Hubby's.

I got 2 blue tote bag(I like the pink one but I think no more stock already,therefore
they distributed the blue ones).These 2 tote bag for my daughters so they can use 
it to put some books when they go to school.
The red popcorn tote bag is free from purchase over RM150 in the merchandise shop.
I like the pink white paper bag which I got from my purchase of the 
Black Magic Hello Kitty EDP perfume.
Eyeing this perfume long time ago and now finally it is mine!
Not really because of the smell,but of the cool bottle design.
 There is also apparels in 50% discount.Good deal!
But I just bought 1 only.
Others are T-shirt which I rarely wear T-shirt.
This one a bit fit to body.

Badges we got from the games. Mr Hubby missed out only 1 shot
for the throwing apple,flour & milk plushies and so we got the badges 
as gift hehe... 

Luckily Mr Hubby got a Hello Kitty bolster for me
from the Tossing Ribbon game.

Hello Kitty X Sticky.
Bought for my daughters. They love Sticky LOL!
 Chose these 2 designs which I think nicest.
They take the Sticky,I keep the box hehe...

Hello Kitty Go Around Collectible Figurines.
Too bad they didn't have the gold colour one which HKGA Singapore 
has for sale.

The white edition comes with 4 tiny figurines.

The black edition with a few cute balloons.

The event exclusive wood finish edition.

Got this sticky memo pad for my planner activity hehe...
I can now spend wisely which I didn't impulsively buy all
the merchandise goodies there,like the thermos,pencil colour,T-shirt,
badges,file holder & etc. I think I didn't need them. 
Therefore,I bought what I want. Even I'mnot the one paying,
but also must save right? Save for other big things haha!!

Like...this: Hello Kitty Kids Book Shelf.
But not going to put books. Mr Hubby suggested me
to put my kitty collection. I like this design colour,so sweet in pastel.

And got this pink polkadot cupboard.
The 2 Hello Kitty Foldable Fabric Boxes comes together 
with the cupboard.
My boxing day hehe.
Mr Hubby built the cupboards.

All these are my 12th wedding anniversary gift from Mr Hubby.
No one can replace you in my heart. Love you always.
It had been 12 years we being together. Time flies. 
I can't feel it is this long time :)

So wanted this frame that once the photo taken by the photographer there,
I quickly went to the photo shop and bought it first. 'Kiasu' me,scare the 
frame out of stock haha!! 
If you haven't go,I personally think must go lah..
You won't lose anything just some $$ hehe..

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

23 Dec 2015

Time really flies! So fast already end of year 2015. 2 more days to Christmas. As usual, always looking forward to Christmas. This year, a bit special. I will spend my Christmas with Mr Hubby at Hello Kitty Go Around Malaysia which is held in Viva Home Level 2 starting 19 Dec-16 Jan next year. We will celebrate our wedding anniversary on that day too. Early celebration without our girls ❤️ 
My wedding was on 31st December. 
This year will be our 12th wedding anniversary. 

So...I had bought a personalized photo charm for my Pandora bracelet. It will be the only charm not from Pandora but is fine because it is just too nice! My Pandora bracelet complete soon πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ jiayous to myself heheh..

Mom was so enjoyed last weekend. Went to Temerloh to find me and I had booked earlier pedicure manicure appointment for her. First time doing foot spa and she liked it so much. 😁
I'm actually accompany her but lastly...
have a look:

My very first time manicure. Never done before because I don't have long pretty nails but only short nails. Can't let my finger nails grow longer,if not my skin gonna suffer 😒 If I have long nails, some nights,during sleep time, I will scratch myself unconsciously. Therefore,never had long nails before.
Anyway, the nail art is cute with short nails,right!! πŸ˜…πŸ˜…
I think I won't change my phone cover anymore!! This is such a cuteee cover for my iPhone 😍😍😍 Custom made by my online friend(her IG:nijilok)
Super like the pastel colour she used to crochet this bunny case for me. Now I'm still using it. And whenever I took out my phone, it always catch a lot of attention 😌 
The Hello Kitty & My Melody are keys cover. Also custom made by her. If you like handmade stuff,you can find her. Friendly gal and kind too 😊 She even send the Sonny Angel figurine for me as Xmas gift🎁 Thanks so much,babe😘😘 You truly made my everyday hehe..

And also this girl really did surprise me with all these cuties. 

From my online bff, Joyce
There is Japan postcards,Christmas card,Hello Kitty dress up as monkey(next year is the year of monkey) packet and the Hello Kitty die-cut 2016 calendar.
The Hello Kitty die-cut calendar seems like marking our years of friendship. I received from her the same calendar for a few years already.
Feeling so bad because I didn't prepare anything for her this yearπŸ˜“πŸ˜“ 
I will prepare a nice Hello Kitty gift for her  soon. 😏😏 
Last Saturday, MYFM DJ came to the local mall in my living town. Brought my girls to watch them. They are promoting their new year movie which will release on Chinese New Year. 

Not really know their name..πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘ because I'm not Idol-holic teen girls lol πŸ˜†πŸ˜† 
My elder girl with Jack Lim. 

You know,finally the long awaited planner from Webster Pages is here.
I ordered it in October and received on December..😑😑 I bought from Scrap N Crop website and I don't think they are honest in doing business. This is because I bought it because I saw it is written available instead of pre-order.
I don't wanna wait but after I made payment,then only they emailed me telling me that it is pre-order. That's fine too! Telling me to wait till end of November. But guess what? I waited till December. Luckily arrived safely but there is a bit defect on the planner 😭πŸ˜ͺ 
The packaging box is very nice.

Once I unboxed it, kind of stop breathing πŸ˜† because of the colour and also the transparent paper covering it. Looks so nice!!!
But then, feeling a bit need complain when I took out the Color Crush Light Pink planner.
The defect on the tag itself. A bit of the leather peeled out and white part noticeable. So sad!! Waited almost 2 months and got this not in a perfect condition. 
I will story more about this planner in a new post ok? ☺️ 
End today post with last week fruit juice
Thailand pineapple🍍 + oranges 🍊

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Ipoh Short Trip

This school holiday didn't plan for a long trip, just 2 days 1 night,a very short trip to Ipoh. Took leave 2 days because we went on last Monday πŸ˜†
A trip for me to relax. Work had been quite heavy recently. Super busy!! I need holiday hehe... 

So, I had made nice photos taken during the trip into a collage. If you wanna see all the photos taken, they are up in my Facebook 😁

Went to the famous Concubine Lane and shopping there. A lot of treasure items can found there..haha!!

We spent our night at Lost World Tambun Hot Spring & Spa πŸ›€ We stayed at Lost World Tambun Hotel. Nice hotel, with breakfast included 😌 Too bad,Mr Hubby can't join us for the hot spring because my little girl had fallen sick. Brought her to the nearest clinic and she rest in hotel with Mr Hubby. My colleague said normally taking care of the kids is the mother's responsibility but not in my situation πŸ˜†πŸ˜ Mr Hubby is so considerate! He volunteered himself to care for the little one so I can enjoy myself with my family..❤️ 
That's why I always said, I have no regret being together with Mr Hubby..
He had provided me more than enough πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘
We miss out the 3D wall art at Kwan Yin Cave Temple. We arrived there after breakfast before heading back home,but it is closed because the owner had went out for breakfast. So, I had planned to go again next time when father-in-law back to Ipoh. Mr Hubby's relatives stay in Ipoh 😁😁
Before we went to Ipoh, I went to my classmate's wedding dinner. So happy to join his wedding dinner as can gather with my other classmates after such a long time no meet up.

Mr Hubby went together with me.
I'm wearing a fierce red colour dress, easily can see me πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ as everyone is wearing darker colour clothes.

But I think I look fat in this dress 😭
Let's have a look at my selfie in the car lol...

Back to home,just like back to reality. Feeling so lazy to go working 😡πŸ˜ͺ 
Okay, so now I have this kind of feeling. Last time when I'm not working, I wish so much that I can go to work. And now...what? I'm working,wish becomes true but I don't want to work! Haha πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ That's because after a holiday trip. Still missing the holiday..πŸ˜†πŸ˜… 

Ahh.. Before I forgot to share with all of you this very lovely item.
Something my dad bought from his trip to Cambodia. He will go to Cambodia every year for church mission work with pastor.
This year, I'm so surprise that he got something which I like.
Guess what is this?

Kind of like iPad bag? Or book cover right? It is a foldable backpack!!πŸŽ’
A tribal design backpack ❤️

Thanks dad!! Feeling so blessed suddenly haha... Just a little thing but it can makes me feeling so content. 

After holiday trip with all those sinful food, I need to eat healthy,train mean haha!! 

Back home, I open the fridge to see what I can juice. 
Strawberries πŸ“ & red apples 🍎
Add in a bit sugar if you want it to be tasty. This is indeed a very refreshing fruit juice. I'm trying to juice everyday. Train myself to juice everyday, stop taking junk food(control myself very hardπŸ˜‚πŸ˜…) and jogging everyday too. 
Besides for a healthy body, I hope I can stay slim hehehe 😁😁😁

Ok, it is late, I need to go to sleep. Train myself to sleep early too.. End my post with my act cute(or does it looks noob) selfie πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Heel Pumps

It is no secret that most women adore shoes(I'm one of them too!!).
 Whenever I feel blue, buying a new pair of high heels can be an instant mood lifter.
Whenever I feel bored,I would make a trip to my favourite shoe store.

I know I shouldn't get any more shoes especially high heels as I really have a lot of it
but I just can't resist from buying haha...
I mostly shop online. It is easier,various designs to choose from
and most importantly,deliver right at your doorstep! :)
I think Zalora not uncommon to most of you.
This is one of my favourite online store where I got most of my shoes,
specially heel pumps

I'm not an expert but I can share my 2 cents on how to find fashionable shoes 
that will make you look trendier and glamorous than ever! 
-Like if you are wearing an over-the-top dress 
just keep your shoes toned down. 
-However if your look is low-key then 
you might need to choose one attention getter to add the excitement.
-Never settle for discomfort. 
If you can’t walk in them, do not buy them! 
Limping around in a pair of gorgeous heels is not graceful.
Unless you are trained to wear high heels just like me ;)

Ignore my dry skin legs :(
-Step out of your comfort zone and 
challenge yourself to wear bright shoes. 
They would make a brighter statement on your whole look.
For me,I prefer brighter,colourful shoes than dark colour shoes.-
Say no to stilettos if you are going for outdoor activities. 
First because it will be difficult for you to walk around 
when your heels keep sinking into the ground and 
second you would ruin your precious shoes.
 -If you want to ditch flats and want height 
then wedges are the best option there is. 

Trust me,head over to Zalora. Who doesn't like discount??
Subscribe to Zalora newsletter and you get RM25 off your order.
They are having big sales now too. Discount up too 70%!!!

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